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We don’t know about Wirral Council but it has been a great start to 2017 for us. Leaks galore!  – so we suspect that the year might just be about to turn a whole lot worse for them . However in the mean time we’d like to provide a fascinating insight into our public representatives –  our betters, our role models – and their exemplary conduct.

Whilst we  can only aspire the reach the dizzy heights achieved by that pillar of the community Cllr Steve Foulkes aka ‘Foulkesy’ we are fawningly grateful that this week he provided us with a masterclass in public accountability via the medium of nasal excavation.

Foulkesy showed us mere mortals how to earn those generous allowances at a Merseytravel Committee meeting held this week . Watch as he proudly represents the people of Wirral with his masterful oratory by thanking Merseytravel for ,er , doing their job by kindly letting everyone know that the trains weren’t running to and from Wirral .This seems to be Foulkesy ‘s modus operandi at these meetings  :  a) turn up b) make a fatuous statement c) claim the allowance .

We’d like to reassure our readers that the stills from the John Brace recording of this week’s Merseytravel Committee meeting are not photoshopped. You can see the live action at about 9 minutes in on this video. Don’t have nightmares.



It’s important to be prepared and position yourself to achieve maximum impact. Remember practice makes perfect!.



You don’t get the results you want without probing. Be bold, be direct.



The satisfaction that comes with teasing out what you’ve been looking for






5 thoughts on “Pick of the Week

  1. G’day Leaks

    He must have been the Pride of wirral at the Queen’s Garden Party.



    Oh Lordy pick a boogy today.


  2. I’ll be frank, I don’t like his head. The face itself and its component parts ain’t so bad to look at but i cannot bring myself to like the head.
    As soon as I looked at the image I muttered to myself, ‘there’s something about the head I don’t like’. I’m a reasonable man, one not prone to being overly critical of another’s head but for once I’m going to freely admit, I don’t like this fella’s head. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong in making an observation like mine and expressing an opinion. If you don’t like a head then you say I don’t like the head. This country is still a democracy and whilst we’ve still got it I intend to excercise my inalienable right to express my view that there’s something deeply unpleasant about this fella’s head.
    I mean, it’s not as if I’ve gone all the way and expressed a dislike for the heads face and its component parts. If I’d said, I don’t like the head and anything else attached to or associated with it, folk would be perfectly entitled to moan and say, ‘there’s no pleasing some’. I’ve no problem whatsoever with anything else, and that includes all the bits and bodily parts attached beneath the dreadful head, albeit, it’s difficult to be critical of all the aforementioned bits and bobs beneath the neck because they’re not featured in the image.
    I say, if you can’t bloody see it then keep your opinions to yourself and don’t comment on stuff you know nothing about because, if you do start moaning about stuff like his limbs, that you can’t possibly see, then the Leaks readers will quickly see through you and quite rightly conclude, ‘you can’t bloody see his legs so how can you find bloody fault with them’.
    Course, there’s a few mendacious sorts on these here pages that’ll pick fault with the stuff that the photographic image hasn’t captured and as far as I’m concerned they’ll moan and complain about anything and everything just to be downright difficult and hard to please. My view is stick to what you can see and confine your opinions to what’s on view and avoid being critical just for the sake of it.

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