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Once again we get a sense of deja vu at Leaky Towers as another campaign seeks to prevent car park charges being imposed at Fort Perch Rock in New Brighton –  and it would seem anywhere else you might want to park your car on Wirral.

‘The Brand New Brighton Rocks On’ was a winner of a Leaky Award 2015 for Campaign of the Year.Their campaign forced Wirral Council to do a U-turn on parking charges in New Brighton.

However undeterred and looking for a convenient cash cow it would appear Wirral Council are back like ‘The Terminator’ of the traffic world.

The new campaign to prevent the imposition of parking charges is here:

We think it is significant that the campaign has rightly identified where the real political power base lies within Wirral  when it says : ‘The Labour Council in Wirral has scrapped parking charges on some days in Birkenhead but plans to introduce ‘pay and display’ charges around the seafront. This could force Morrisons, the Light Cinema and Bubbles play centre to do the same and push even more traffic into the residential roads nearby. Tell our councillors to treat all parts of Wirral fairly and scrap the plan for charges in New Brighton!’

However what we’re particularly perplexed about is that Wirral Council somehow think that erecting parking meters left, right and centre is a whizzo money making scheme. Surely they must know that powers invested in them under Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 make it illegal for local authorities to set charges in order to provide a source of revenue for other activities, even if the money raised is used to fund transport provision. The level of charges must be based solely on the need to manage parking; if that level generates a surplus only then may it be put to use elsewhere. Having said that we know how lax Wirral Council’s legal department can be when it comes to giving proper legal advice and complying with the law!

So here’s an alternative idea – how about imposing charges on Wirral Council staff and councillors parking outside council buildings and see how that goes down shall we ?

9 thoughts on “Park and Get Taken For A Ride

  1. Old Dazzer Dodd has been prominent on Facebook sticking up for his old, habitually abusive councillor colleagues. Such dedication to the Wirral corporate cause of slapping “Pay us Now” tickets on anything that moves is incongruous for someone posting all the way from West Yorkshire who bailed out years ago. You’d wonder what motivates somebody to do this. Still, I don’t suppose he’ll be a regular visitor to the car parks in question will he?

  2. Hello Wirral Leaks

    Below is the reasoning for the last petition, defeated only 18 months ago. The scheme was abandoned because it was illegal, and it could be proved to be so.

    I have access to all the calculations that show it was effectively a conspiracy to defraud the public potentially out of millions of pounds over the life of the scheme just to feed the Labour Council’s habit of using public taxes they have to support the likes of the Chamber of Commerce, and then charge the public again to make up shortfalls caused by inflated salaries, very suspect payouts and very questionable expenditure.

    Maybe Kevin MacCallum or Mark Smith can provide a copy of the Council report and calculations justifying the introduction of parking charges? For once let the Council put their mouth where our money is!

    The reasoning for the last petition – (they kicked the Country Parks charges into the long grass)

    “Stop Pay and Display Parking being introduced at Fort Perch Rock car park, New Brighton, Wirral, UK.

    The ill-informed and ill-considered decision by Wirral Council’s Cabinet to introduce Pay & Display parking in Fort Perch Rock car park, will clear the way for Morrisons, Bubbles and Travelodge to introduce parking charges in their respective car parks, without opposition.

    Stark illustrations of the dramatic effect of introducing poorly researched Pay & Display parking schemes (ie is there actually a traffic management problem…or, is it a revenue-raising exercise for and by Wirral Council?) include Liscard and Birkenhead town centres.

    The inevitable reduction in visitors will reduce footfall and jeopardise all retail outlets, new and established local businesses, and national high street names. All of these have invested heavily in the regeneration of New Brighton, creating many local jobs, and rely on increasing visitor numbers to survive in the early years, and secure a viable future. It is not possible to turn around 50 years of decline in less than 5 years!

    The last cycle of New Brighton’s degeneration as a popular destination and resort took 50 years – eventually earning New Brighton a national reputation as ‘The Last Resort’. We must not allow Wirral Council to cause History To Repeat Itself – STOP THIS SCHEME NOW! Please sign the petition.”


  3. G’day Leaks

    Fair dinkum Lordy they are going to need all the parks and rides money can buy to get those thousands and thousands of American and Japanese golfers to the new resort.

    Oh Lord, they must have all picked all of their brains out of their massive now empty craniums a la “Ankles” the “ex Dunny Chain Wearer”.

    Oh “Ankles” pick a brain tomorrah……………

    Then they can go over “Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters” and watch their football team with the other half a dozen on the sinking, stinking docks.



    Not in your life time Lordsville XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Does anyone believe this shit?

    That’s after the Commonwealth Games in Liverpool after Uncle Joe has been to Oz.

  4. It’s only astonishing that New Brighton has remained charge free for so long and that, I thought, was due to some sort of covenant involving the Morrison’s site. Anyway, I didn’t realise that charges were solely for the control of parking. If that’s the case why were they ever introduced around Conway Park. They were free until a few years ago and now the parking bays and the adjoining wasteground car park are virtually car free zones. Has no one spotted this and realised it’s a complete waste of time – I’d rather go elsewhere than fill this council’s coffers. Like Ellesmere Port – cheapo parking galore!

  5. G’day Leaks

    Talk about being taken for a ride.

    As “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, Deluded, Lying Barstard Dill” has still not replied to “Highbrow” as he said he would on 19 December, another lie, here is another question from “Highbrow” in the form of an FOI as can be seen on What Do they Know wirral today

    Dear Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council,

    Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council,

    You recently responded to a direction from the Information Commissioner to a request for the Names of limited companies who had received the BIG fund grant.

    What was revealed led to many legitimate questions.

    You have answered a query regarding New Gaming Concept ltd which BIG award had raised legitimate questions re the appropriateness of the BIG award. Likewise another company, Corrin Kenny ltd received an award of BIG funds and subsequently in short order went into liquidation.

    The speed of its subsequent liquidation, the fact that in the public domain its director has been disqualified as a director, the association of its director accompanying Council officers and councillors on trade-seeking missions in the Isle of Man, and potentially in Reno USA,and ,finall,y the studied denial by chief officers at an Audit and Risk Special committee of 8th October 2014, that no other than three companies had gone bust, not including Corrin Kenny ltd not indeed New Concept Gaming ltd, all suggest a breach of the rules governing BIG awards, or worse a potential criminal activity.

    In that context, and in the context that a dissolved company has no privacy rights, I ask for the Grant application, the award papers and the email communications held by the Council on the BIG award to Corrin Kenny limited.

    Yours faithfully,

    nigel hobro

    Chew on that “Dill Brain” as you I believe went to Reno.



    Can you imagine the performance if “Highbrow” or I lied to them?


    • James.

      Junior officer lies to councillor = sacked.

      Junior officer lies to senior officer = sacked.

      Council leader lies to everybody in Wirral = move along.

      Former council leader indirectly lies to everybody in Wirral and directly to an independent investigator – necessitating a further costly investigation and the whole thing running into tens of thousands of pounds foreseeable and avoidable = nothing to see.

      All of the above are the mark of a runaway basket case that is beyond redemption save imprisoning the crooks and the thieves and starting again with a clean slate.

  6. G’day Leaks

    Hey “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, Deluded, Lying Barstard Dill” another day and you, Burgerwiththelotplus27mistakesinsevenseconds” and “AdderleyDaderlelyDooLally” are still living your lies.

    Fess up to Ecca you peanut.

    But, more importantly fess up to the wirral public.

    How did “Humpty Dumpty Ball” survive?



    Liars Liars Pants (from the large mans fat arse shop) on fire.


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