Crabby : Guilty as Charged


After initially pleading not guilty to offences under the Communications Act 2003 a subsequent change of plea meant that today ex Wirral councillor Jim ‘Crabby’Crabtree was given a 12 week sentence (suspended for a year) plus asked to pay costs,compensation and a victim surcharge at Wirral Magistrates Court . The allegation of his offence was first reported on Wirral Leaks

Dial M for Mute : Update

Dial M for Mute

However for the full shocking story of today’s events in court read the Wirral Globe (you know the local newspaper that Wirral Council want to put out of business!) :

Finally we are able to publish the details of Crabtree threatening to kill Cllr Louise Reecejones if she didn’t pay him £19,000 . This incident happened on the same night Cllr Reecejones’ colleague and friend Jo Cox was brutally murdered.

As shocking as this – sadly it comes as no surprise to us. Not only did we know about the incident but we’ve been well aware of Crabtree’s increasingly worrying conduct over a number of years.

Astonishingly for a man who was once appointed to be Chair of Wirral Council’s Audit & Risk Management Committee, we’ve always known his communications haven’t always been in keeping with someone destined to hold high public office.

Who can forget his response Jim O’Neil the campaigner wanting  to keep Wirral’s libraries open when they were under threat ? :

“Jim, I’m fed up with all your childish crap, please keep it too[sic] yourself and don’t send me any more – I’m fed up deleting your trash.”

Now it would appear that the contempt he had for members of the public also extended to elected members and over time escalated and became much more sinister.

We think the big lesson that needs to be learned from this case that if politicians  and officers think that they’re untouchable this is where it ends up  : Court 6 of Wirral Magistrates Court .

For many years Crabtree was one of the gang , the inner ring that rules Wirral Council. We’ve always maintained that the trouble with the local Labour group is that there is a small cabal of Labour councillors who for far too long were used to getting their own way both in and out of the council chamber  ( we understand that the question ‘Do you know who I am ?’ has got them out of many a scrape ). And of course they had the abiding support of an influential , national political figure in Birkenhead MP Frank Field – someone who has turned the three wise monkey act into an art form when it comes to the conduct of certain local Labour councillors.

The frightening thing is we don’t even think Crabtree was the most heinous member of this cabal . So our message goes directly to council leader Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies  : This is what happens when there are no sanctions, no accountability and nobody takes responsibilities for their actions. You have a duty of care to protect all your party members not just those who are part of ‘the inner ring’….and by protect we don’t mean ‘cover up’ !

Indeed it is highly unlikely that Crabtree would ever have been suspended by the local Labour group if it wasn’t for concerned party members repeatedly raising their concerns about his conduct with Wirral Leaks . No wonder the Labour Party North West Regional Director Anna Hutchinson later decreed :

“That the leadership of the Labour Group are required to undertake training in order to ensure that any future issues raised with them that are of serious concern are dealt with in a prompt and appropriate way “

To which we can only respond by saying that the local Labour group don’t need training when it comes to addressing serious issues – they need a moral compass!

It remains to be seen whether the party faithful will rally round Crabtree after today’s ruling as  Cllr Steve ‘Foulkesy’ Foulkes previously did (see above) when Crabtree was having troubles over his suspension and subsequent de-selection ……

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40 thoughts on “Crabby : Guilty as Charged

  1. Wait a minute, he said he wanted £19,000 from her or he would murder her? What is this money… Council money? Personal money? And what happened to the “friend” who was arrested with him? Will the full story be coming out?

  2. And another thing, he lied. He denied making the threat until… until what? He realised or was advised, he wouldn’t get away with it? He was told a full trial would open too many cans of worms? He wanted to have a nice Christmas playing the victim to his friends and family while the real victim suffered? He doesn’t look too worried in the smiling Facebook pictures he’s posted since his arrest. I guess Jim “the crim” Crabtree doesn’t stand for honesty and integrity… as usual it’s lie and deny… but this time he couldn’t get away with it.

  3. Dear Lord Julian thank you for reminding us of Crabtree’s history of scandals in the past it show that there is at least one bad apple in every barrel, and if it had gone to Crown Court the former councillor might be behind bars instead of a slap on the wrist.
    It does not surprise me at councillor Foulkes comments as controversy has dogged his political life, It goes to show that no matter what the cabal sticks like S++t to your shoe. I don’t think justice was served in court .

  4. If I remember correctly, Court 6 is the small court on the ground floor. This is often the room to which they transfer cases with defendants who are known to have issues with their personal hygiene e.g. fleas and lice. The dock is easier to clean.

    • Thank you Blocky for mentioning head lice, or as they’re known in the head trade, Pediculus Capitas. For they, the head lice, these dreadful parasitical insects are now for poor Jim, who’s begun his journey on the downward steep social slope, are exactly the species of insect that he will become associated with by those who were once his bestest Saturday night drinking buddies.
      Just like the little one in the playground who’s head and thatch of hair has been treated in a dyed purple medicated solution by the Nit Nurse, and who so desperately wants friendship and companionship from the other children, Jim will soon sadly learn that because his head is infested by lice nobody will want to be seen with him.
      This is the way of things. Perfectly natural, and if Jimmy is still sober reading this thread trying to compute the answer to his slide from ‘it’s an honour to meet you’ to ‘fuck off you big ninny’, I want him to take heart and have a little faith in those who you once trusted.You can redeem yourself and get back to the high lofty perch you once sat upon. It is possible. Highly unlikely I know. Nigh on impossible if the truth be known but, seeing as you’re drowning, I’m trying to paint the water shallow and give you a bit of an unrealistic and stupidly optimistic boost.
      I’m behind you Jim. About a hundred and eighteen miles to be exact but though we are separated by this vast distance I do feel for you. You have my best wishes, which include, you grasping the stinging nettle, upsetting the Apple Cart(excuse the pun) and disclosing exactly where the corpses of political wrongdoing are buried and who placed the bodies there.
      My warmest regards.

  5. I think councillor Reecejones deserves something for her ” hurt Feelings ” something more than Emma Degg as her hurt was much, much greater than Miss Degg what does anybody else think as a ratepayer I would not object to this.

    • We think Ms Degg needs to tell us what she got her £48,000 for before we start giving people public money for the failure of local Labour Party politicians.
      See also – Wirralgate.

  6. For a ‘Labour’ councillor, Crabtree’s Facebook account is weirdly full of shares and endorsements of right wing group “Britain First” – which is what Thomas Mair allegedly shouted as he attacked Jo Cox. I thought this might have been referred to in court today, but according to the Wirral Globe, no.

    • Reminds us of the Victoria Wood joke about when she was growing up there was no special needs education there were just pupils sat at the back of the class making things out of raffia.

  7. The Thicker than the Chair, Chair of the Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee.

    Replaced by a lower life form.

    With an audit trail boyo.

    welsh scum bag.

    Other scum bags are available within the party,

  8. The only way to get this lot off the lying band wagon is to put them in a court room.

    That’s why “Sir Git” has a boy barista from London in a Saville Row.

    No one questions the legal bills particularly Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Thornton.

  9. Now that sentence has been passed, will the Liverpool Echo follow up on their original story on this,written when Liam Murphy worked there?

    Nothing’s appeared as yet even though Echo owners Trinity Mirror are an outwardly magnanimous organisation and obviously don’t want anything in return for their generous investments in football tickets, meals, drinkypoos, etc. for local council leaders.

    The rarely-seen cynical side of me is a little bit troubled and is even suggesting that ‘representations’ might have been made in the interim – firmly ‘in the public interest’ of course – to keep this item of unfavourable news hidden from view as much as possible. Particularly given that pesky busybodies sniffing around and asking questions like:

    o How the hell was this bloke given the chair of the Audit and Risk Committee?
    o How the hell was this bloke never hit with any apparent disciplinary sanction by his superiors?
    o How the hell was this bloke deemed fit to meet the Queen as a representative of the borough?
    o How the hell was this bloke allowed such a charmed existence given the litany of outrageous behaviour going back years, decades?
    o How the hell was this bloke repeatedly selected as a candidate by his party?
    o etc. etc. etc.
    o er…
    o …that’s not it.

    Have got 42 more ‘How the hell was this blokes’ here but my keyboard needs a rest.

  10. It says in the Daily Mail that “Crabtree’s drunken message was PLAYED to magistrates sitting in Birkenhead”. If that is true, if there is a recording, why on earth did he think he’d get away by lying and saying he didn’t do it? Is he really that stupid?!

      • The truth is not just something you tell if you think you have no other option. I’m disgusted with the fact he lied and denied to try and get away with (threatened) murder.

        Would he have got a lesser sentence if he had been truthful from the start?

        I still want to know what happened to the “friend”. Was it the same person that “apparently used an obscene phrase” at Holocaust Memorial when Crabby bared his teeth once before?

  11. Well precisely. He wanted 19 large ..or else. A debt, blackmail? Once again my esteemed colleagues in the local press fail to get to the heart of the matter.

      • I agree, you can’t blame the local press but you would have thought that the national press, ie the Daily Mail, could do some digging around instead of just lifting the story from the Globe. The figure of £19,000 was not just plucked out of the air was it!

  12. A hit a palpable hit!

    Seems my expression to the Chair of the Audit and Risk committee 8th October 2014, the Hon James Crabtree, that I held him in contempt was as bang on as was taking a Bible with me to get witnesses to swear to.

    However that would in a courtroom have resulted in 6 month stretches for perjury for

    The Hon Graham Burgess and Mr Adderley both.

    The question has to be asked whether the pernicious custom of heading every committee with a Labour member rather than the conventional wisdom of having an Opposition Member as Chair has rather back-fired here.

    If there is a shortage of integrity and competence on your own benches why not do the easier thing and appoint a Lib Dem or a Conservative instead?

  13. G’day Leaks

    I bet the £19,000.00 was Big fund money.

    Just thought I would remind your new readers what I have been talking about for five and a half years.

    They are rotten to the core.

    Got that Ecca.



  14. If the 19 grand he was wanting to kill for was council money and not some arbitrary figure or the amount he needed to settle his tab down the local offy, then it shows that, albeit disgraced and deselected, he is/was still a bag carrier for someone.

    Are there are few people out there hot under the collar in case their collars get felt next… or are they all breathing a sigh of relief that they got away without the money being investigated…?

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