Wirral Council Scoundrels : Five Years On

We couldn’t let this momentous day pass without mentioning it is the 5 year anniversary of the publication of  the ‘Independent Review of Allegations Made By Martin Morton ( & Others)’ aka AKA report .

We remember how in a blaze of bad publicity we all thought it was a bright new dawn for Wirral Council as the then council leader Steve ‘Foulkesy’ Foulkes  went on TV to say he’d apologised to whistleblower Martin Morton for his appalling treatment for bravely pointing out that Wirral Council was a basket case. Investigator Anna Klonowski had recorded what Morton had told her (but strangely enough not the really damaging stuff) and pocketed £250,000 of public money for doing so . She proved to be  the first of many parasitic consultants who got paid for pointing out the bleedin’ obvious before pissing off back down south with a swag bag of public money.

Although it must be said Morton tells us he must have been in a coma at the time because he has no recollection of ever receiving an apology from ‘Foulkesy’. Which as far as we’re concerned kind of set the tone for Wirral Council for the next 5 years – shameless dishonesty over truth and media manipulation over a true reflection of how Wirral Council operates . No amount of bogus awards or the callow complicity of the Local Government Association or appointment of  so -called ‘policy advisors’ or publishing your own newspaper can disguise the dark,dark heart at the centre of Wirral Council.

This week’s  Jim ‘Crabby’ Crabtree court case provided but a brief glimpse into this heart of darkness. We have forthcoming tales of incompetence , bullying,pay-offs , fraud , thefts , dishonesty and seediness that prove to us that ‘no lessons have been learned’ in the past 5 years – other than you need to add several coats of expensive veneer if you want to fraudulently present yourself as the ‘Most Improved Council 2015′ . To which all we can say to Wirral Council is this : It’s 2017 now guys and nobody bought that shit then and they certainly ain’t buyin’ it now!

Indeed as a special request to commemorate this day we’ll leave the final word on the matter to the author C. S. Lewis who many years ago prophetically published this insight into how  ‘The Inner Ring’ at Wirral Council operates in a volume titled ‘ The Screwtape Letters’ ( not to be confused with  ‘The Wirralgate Tapes’!)  :

And the prophecy I make is this. To nine out of ten of you the choice which could lead to scoundrelism will come, when it does come, in no very dramatic colours. Obviously bad men, obviously threatening or bribing, will almost certainly not appear. Over a drink, or a cup of coffee, disguised as triviality and sandwiched between two jokes, from the lips of a man, or woman, whom you have recently been getting to know rather better and whom you hope to know better still—just at the moment when you are most anxious not to appear crude, or naïf or a prig—the hint will come. It will be the hint of something which the public, the ignorant, romantic public, would never understand: something which even the outsiders in your own profession are apt to make a fuss about: but something, says your new friend, which “we”—and at the word “we” you try not to blush for mere pleasure—something “we always do.”

And you will be drawn in, if you are drawn in, not by desire for gain or ease, but simply because at that moment, when the cup was so near your lips, you cannot bear to be thrust back again into the cold outer world. It would be so terrible to see the other man’s face—that genial, confidential, delightfully sophisticated face—turn suddenly cold and contemptuous, to know that you had been tried for the Inner Ring and rejected. And then, if you are drawn in, next week it will be something a little further from the rules, and next year something further still, but all in the jolliest, friendliest spirit. It may end in a crash, a scandal, and penal servitude; it may end in millions, a peerage and giving the prizes at your old school. But you will be a scoundrel.


12 thoughts on “Wirral Council Scoundrels : Five Years On

  1. “Choose your friends wisely…you become what they are.”

    In this age, today’s news is no longer tomorrow’s fish and chip paper. It won’t “blow over” or “die down”. There will never quite be an end to it. Because for every little man whose desperation, bitterness and envy led him to grovel to play with the big boys, and for every “scoundrel” who thought the little man’s lack of integrity, thug tendencies and diminished intelligence made him the perfect stoodge, there’s a blogger, a news editor, a tweeter, an internet user who now has yesterday’s news at their fingertips.

    If you’re reading this Jim, do you realise that for the rest of your life, and beyond, every time Louise Reecejones is mentioned in a news report, your name will be linked? She’s at the beginning of her political career. That’s a lot of mentions to come. If you’re reading this and you are a scoundrel, I would also beware. There is too much information out there for others to not join in the digging, too many trying to cover their arses, and the internet has a long memory.

  2. G’day Leaksville

    Ecca me old mate, “Eccles Cake Face”, “The Invisible CEO” “The Blinking CEO”, “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive and Deluded Dill’s £250,000.00pa”

    Leaky says

    This week’s Jim ‘Crabby’ Crabtree court case provided but a brief glimpse into this HEART OF DARKNESS. We have forthcoming tales of incompetence , bullying,pay-offs , fraud , thefts , dishonesty and seediness that prove to us that ‘no lessons have been learned’ in the past 5 years –

    Ecca it is time

    Time for a HEART TRANSPLANT.

    The heart is diseased and evil.

    I went to Adderley and Basnett on 5 July 2011 about Wirral “Funny” Bizz and they lied to me.

    Jones, Norman, Wilkiie, Tour, Armstrong, Davies and “Crapapples” Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee have kept the lies, cheating and obfuscating alive.

    Until this diseased and fucked heart is removed nothing will change.

    “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive and Deluded Dill” has still not replied to “Highbrow’s” question of 19 January as he said he would so they just perpetuate their lies.



    Man up Ecca and bring in ADMINISTRATION the place is riddled with cancer.

    Or, my little boy you will go down with them.


  3. G’day Leaks

    The reason these bullies think and know they can get away with any evil tactics is because of their gutless, cowardly ill Legal Department that will do whatever they are told even as their Head, “The Shyster”, “Sir Git” just rolls over and does whatever they say like ignore Lockwood/Harbac asset stripping, reports from Beverley Edwards, Grant Thornton, send Whistleblower 1 (ME) a threatening letter with about as much substance and potency as “The Pretend Friend”.

    This wonderful legal eagle just does as he is told whilst getting abuse hurled at him by these wannabes’.

    “The Shyster” who “Highbrow” has had to give a couple of legal lessons to only survives because he knows all the filth and has access to a boy barista in London at taxpayer expense.

    Ecca you are being tarred with that brush.

    Bring in ADMINISTRATION or leave the rat infested clown hall.



    Oh Leaky, I must just apologise to Foulkesy, Ankles”, “The ex Dunny Chain Wearer”, Promoter of The Brawl at the Hall in the name of a Charity Ball, Jumbo’s mate for not remembering him when referring to all the crud, dross and shite in my previous posts.


    Did I tell you the only clowncillor, apart from “The Pretend Friend” that has sent me an email is “Ankles” bessie Jumbo at 2am one Saturday morning but he must have been so pissed he forgot to include words. ha ha ha

    • Very impressed by C.S. Lewis, very impressed by Lord Leaks, very impressed by Wirral in it Together, very impressed by Tom, and very impressed by that Aussie bloke (James Griffiths)….. All a joy to read…

  4. G’day Leaker

    I was wrong with the time that “Crapapple” nearly wrote to me.

    It was in the days when I would write to all the clowncillors on a daily basis and as you can see it was only 10.25pm.

    Crabtree, James A. (Councillor)
    To james griffiths 20/09/13 at 10:25 PM

    From: james griffiths [mailto:jamesgriffiths242@yahoo.com.au]
    Sent: 20 September 2013 17:13
    To: Nigel Hobro
    Cc: Abbey, Ron O. (Councillor); Blakeley, Chris (Councillor); Boult, Edwin T. (Councillor); Brightmore, Phillip A. (Councillor); Clements, Wendy J. (Councillor); Cox, Anthony T. (Councillor); Davies, George (Councillor); Davies, Bill J. (Councillor); Doughty, Paul A. (Councillor); “davidmelderton@wirral.gov.uk”; Ellis, Gerry (Councillor); “philghilcrist@wirral.gov.uk”; Glasman, Patricia B. (Councillor); “robertgregson@wirral.gov.uk”; Hackett, Pat (Councillor); Hale, John (Councillor); Hodson, Andrew C. (Councillor); Hodson, Kathy. (Councillor); Hornby, Michael W. (Councillor); Kearney, Peter R. (Councillor); Kelly, Stuart E. (Councillor); Kenny, Brian M. (Councillor); Leech, Anita (Councillor); “ianlewis@wirral.gov.uk”; McLachlan, Ann RC. (Councillor); McLaughlin, Moira (Councillor); Meaden, Chris C. (Councillor); Mitchell, Dave G. (Councillor); Mooney, Bernadette M. (Councillor); “simonrmoutney@wirral.gov.uk”; Muspratt, Christina (Councillor); Niblock, Steve AM. (Councillor); Norbury, Tony G. (Councillor); Povall, Cherry (Councillor); Realey, Denise A. (Councillor); Rennie, Lesley A. (Councillor); Roberts, Denise E. (Councillor); Rowlands, Les (Councillor); “johnslater@wirral.gov.uk”; Smith, Harry (Councillor); Smith, Tony A. (Councillor); Smith, Walter W. (Councillor); Stapleton, Jean V. (Councillor); “michaelsullivan@wirral.gov.uk”; Sykes, Adam C. (Councillor); Walsh, Joe (Councillor); “geoffreywatts@wirral.gov.uk”; “stuartwittingham@wirral.gov.uk”; Williams, Irene R. (Councillor); Williams, Jerry (Councillor); Williams, Patricia M. (Councillor); Williams, Stephen M. (Councillor); “janettewilliams@wirral.gov.uk”; Fraser, Leah (Councillor); Crabtree, James A. (Councillor); Davies, Phil L. (Councillor); Dodd, Darren L.; Foulkes, Steve (Councillor); Green, Jeff E. (Councillor); Jones, Adrian ER. (Councillor)
    Subject: Representations Under The Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998

    Hide original message
    G’day Mate

    I just heard a rumour that Councillor Jones only turned up to the Fudge It and Risk It Committee meeting the other night was to get you signed up to the Labor Party.

    Any truth?

    Have a great weekend.



    As you can see L “Crapapple” would have been busting a gut to write to my comment.



    See Ecca all the clowncillors are complicit with the Wirral “Funny” Bizz scandal except the whistleblowers friend Stuie.

    Luv ya L to the moon and back XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. One of the horrible things about this whole business is that it doesn’t just give the individuals concerned a bad name (something which they do not seem to care about, they just lie to themselves and each other and keep on smugly swimming in their very small murky pond) but they give the entire region a bad name. The world sees “Wirral” and thinks “scammers”, “thickos”, “alcoholics”, “thieves”, “liars”, “chavs”… This is the legacy they are giving to the people who live there.

    A comment on the Daily Mirror’s tweet about yesterday’s trial made sarcastic reference to “role models”. What hope do the youngsters have if these are their role models? It’s criminal.

    • G’day Tom

      Funny you should say

      What hope do the youngsters have if these are their role models? It’s criminal.

      I actually logged on to say two things

      Kids should not be allowed anywhere near wallasey Clownhall and people like The Shyster, The Pretend Friend, Ankles, the Angry Legweak, Phil the Dill or His Ugly Twin Brother with theComb Over from Hell.

      They wouldn’t be able to find Ecca, The Blinking Invisible CEO.


      That email that “Crapapple” almost replied to was to my mate “Highbrow”

      G’day Mate

      I just heard a rumour that Councillor Jones only turned up to the Fudge It and Risk It Committee meeting the other night was to get you signed up to the Labor Party.

      Any truth?

      Have a great weekend.





      You obviously are in the know Tom I just wish more people would speak up about the crud and dross in the clownhall…..

      Things like what was £19,000.00 for which was obviously the only reason he pleaded guilty so it would stay another of their dirty filthy secrets.

      Luv you Lordy and your site XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      I did say site L….

  6. G’day Leaky

    A comment on an article in their rubbish ex-local propaganda sheet about them sneaking in an £80,000.00 pa mate

    Angry of Oxton 9:08pm Fri 13 Jan 17
    This could be a good move. However, I can’t help wondering why this isn’t already being delivered by the Councils regeneration department?

    Angers, “Humpty Dumpty” has been in regeneration through all the Wirral “Funny” Bizz, Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods £2,000,000.00 knock off and criminality and is still there.

    He is not fit for purpose and that is why they are getting a mate in, they will only be keeping him as a dam for if Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters is hit by a tsunami.

    He was there backing up Burgess and Adderley’s lies 8 October 2014.



    The other possibility is that he is honest like what “Legweak” thinks he is himself or they like “The Shyster” have all the filth.

    BUT, if they were honest they would speak up.

    Luv your body and soul Lordsville XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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