Mystery Figure


One of the many curious aspects of this week’s  Jim ‘Crabby’ Crabtree conviction was the quote :  ‘You need to pay back the £19,000 bitch, or I will do what happened to that MP today’ which was addressed to Cllr Louise Reecejones and as we now know referred to the murdered MP, Jo Cox.

Never has the mention of a sum of money so troubled the minds of  Wirral Leaks and its readers since the infamous £48,000 paid to former Wirral Council head of communications, Emma Degg.

£19,000 seems to be such a random, arbitrary figure  – or is it?

Unfortunately as Crabtree pleaded guilty he was spared cross examination and so the finer details of his threat were not heard in court. Subsequently Reecejones has also failed to enlighten us on the significance of the £19,000 in her exclusive interview with the Wirral Globe :

So what are we to make of this £19,000 ? –  an amount plucked out of the air in a drunken tirade or does it refer to matters which have been under-reported ?

We have reason to believe that the crux of this particular matter harks back to a time when both Crabtree and Reecejones were suspended , facing separate allegations and under investigation by the North West Labour Party – but not by the local Labour Party .

Indeed we believe that what unfolded in this highly damaging case to the reputation of the local Labour group is due to a total absence of leadership. Also , witness the fact that despite this shameful case making the national newspapers (Daily Mirror and Daily Mail) that no prominent local Labour politician has issued a word of support for Reecejones or has been prepared to condemn Crabtree for his ‘despicable’ conduct.

However we have reason to understand that the £19,000 Crabtree referred to was not owed to him personally but was rather what he believed was owed, for some reason, to Wirral Council by Cllr Reecejones. Information we have received suggests this money was for the implementation of the special education needs and disability reforms given to Wirral Council by the Department for Education and there have been claims it was allegedly misused.

Although Reecejones was investigated , cleared of any wrongdoing and reinstated  , Crabtree was given a formal warning about his conduct which related to quite separate matters which we have covered extensively on Wirral Leaks. He subsequently failed to be selected as Labour’s ward representative for Bidston & St. James . Could this have been the cause of deep abiding resentment that let led to last June’s cataclysmic phone call ?

Meanwhile we are promised that  : “There are more newsworthy issues to yet come out about LRJ in the not too distant future. “

Perhaps then we will finally find out what the £19K is all about – just as we eventually found out that the £48K that Degg received was a result of allegedly being bullied and harassed by ex – council leader and ex – mayor Cllr Steve ‘Foulkesy’ Foulkes.

Some of the local Labour group are a lovely bunch, aren’t they?.

11 thoughts on “Mystery Figure

  1. I’ll tell you what sticks in my throat. These bloody Victim Impact Statements! I know I’m treading on hallowed ground here and I fully accept that I could be completely wrong but having read this Doris’s VIS if you didn’t know the full facts you’d think that Jim had equipped himself with a hand held thermo nuclear tactical missile launcher, locked her up in a holding pen and beaten her senseless throughout some demonic ceremony involving Satan himself.
    I can’t bloody go out! Ruined me bloody life! I’m frightened of bumping into him, which I’ll concede ain’t the happiest of outcomes, I can’t bloody sleep! I dread opening the door and other bloody dreadful things that imply Jim’s phone call, albeit terribly wrong, has resulted in the total destruction of her very being and hopes for a future happy life.
    Show me the bloody Cross and nail me bloody up there! Another thousand votes in the top drawer for the next constituency election and all because Jim phoned her bloody up. Scary, my right nut! I’ll tell you what’s scary! My bloody wife and she’s done a lot worse to me with her frying pan and that steely gaze that’d make any man crawl into a corner, roll up into the faetal position and weep for a better life.
    When these bloody politicians, both local and national spoon feed me with anything, even an innocent Vuctim Impact Statement, I ask myself, is this really true or is it a tool to become associated with tragedy and thus, push them over the next electoral finishing line as they climb higher and higher up the pole.

  2. G’day Leaks

    You say £19,000.00 I say £2,000,000.00.

    Wirral “Funny” Bizz, Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods knock off.

    With regard to the £19,000.00 there is no way that this could be a mathematical calculation or else “Crapapple” would not have qualified for being the Thicker than The Chair, Chair of The Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee.

    You just have to look at who has taken over…

    The old fool that thinks he is clever.

    “The Pretend Friend” who would ask “Highbrow” time and time and time again to explain Wirral “Funny” Bizz because he wasn’t an accountant and therefore qualifies perfectly to breeze through the Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management 200 odd pages every couple of months and not understand anything except what he is told to ignore.



    June 16 England 2 Wales 1

    Just think Lordy if England had been beaten……..again.


  3. So, let me get this straight, Crabtree threatened to commit murder over council money even though he was no longer a council member? Why on earth would he do that? Was he asked to do it by people still in the council? If so, why would he wreck his life to carry out such a task for someone else? Did they pay him to make the threat? If he wasn’t asked, why is he so angry about 19K of council money? Was the friend who was arrested with him a council member? Does the apparent missing money mean that something bigger will be uncovered if it’s not “given back” and Crabtree was scared about that?

    So many questions have been left unanswered at the moment.

    If he wasn’t asked or hired by council people, why would he even mention that sum? Resenting Louise Reecejones because she stayed in the council whilst he didn’t (were their suspensions linked?) is one thing BUT WHY MENTION THE MONEY? What on earth had it got to do with him once he was ousted from the job? I repeat, at the time of the murder threat he had already been thrown out of the council.

    If it is something illegal or underhand that is going on, why didn’t he go to the police or the papers?

  4. Why would Crabtree be bothered about £19,000 when £2m left him unconcerned? or even just the £60k discussed by Stuart Kelly at the Audit and Risk committee of 8th October 2014, as being the absolutely concrete figure that WBC admitted it had lost at the end of the wirralbiz contract by having to do wirralbiz’s follow up work as it could not trust those shysters to o it.

    Clearly personal animus featured here with Cllr Reece-Jones and never any public interest…what small creatures be some of the Councillors drawn from a sub-set of a sub-set..those willing to sit out dreary party meetings year in year out who may treat expenses as recompense for those long tedious hours. So well practised are some to dreariness that, notwithstanding any local football derbies clashing on the telly, they can sit through 3-4 hours of Audit and Risk meetings, with, for the Chair, only £1000 a quarterly meetings as recompense.

    A correspondent referred to a parallell being a minority of the priests in Boston as shown in the film “Spotlight” being , not of the same level of perversity, but rather a subset of a subset

  5. Makes you wonder why the alleged bully wasn’t dealt with under the most improved council’s internal policies and procedures.

    Perhaps these are reserved for junior staff to detect them and keep them on line, and don’t apply in special circumstances i.e. when dealing with councillors, who happen to be former Mayors and who also happen to be former leaders?

    What’s next then? Are we still hideously on track for a Freedom of the Borough award for a protected, courted, feted, alleged bully?

  6. I just noticed (under “Tweets and Replies” on the “Cllr Lou Reecejones” Twitter stream, also on the Daily Mirror twitter stream under their publishing of the news story 10:28 am – 12 Jan 2017) that, in reply to someone saying she owed Crabtree 19K, Louise Reecejones has written:

    “@PooeyMcSkatface @MrJayMobbs @DailyMirror I certainly did not owe him anything, in fact he couldn’t account for what it was for!” (Cllr Lou Reecejones ‏@lou_reecejones Jan 12)

    When was Crabtree asked what the money was for? I missed that bit.

  7. Hello Wirral Leaks

    Maybe the £19,000 was for some scheme or other that had a ceiling of £20,000 that could be agreed by someone with delegated authority… just a thought, because 19 is such an ‘odd’ number.

    • G’day Tiffs

      You have a point T but the only thing that is really odd is why GOOD PEOPLE tolerate


      They are a cancer on decent society.



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