The Power Abusers



Wirral Leaks regulars Wirral Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive  ‘ Princess’ Paula Basnett and Wirral Council ‘leader’ Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies clearly see themselves as local power brokers. Unfortunately we’ve been around too long and seen too much that troubles us  and which leads us to conclude they’re more aptly described as power abusers.

This view is reinforced by  a couple of stories that have come our way over the weekend. Firstly the frightening news that Pip ‘urgently’ needs to appoint an ‘Investor Development Manager’ on £80K  – like you do when it appears you can do what the bloody hell you like with public money . Talk about out of the blue and into the red!

So what’s the problem with this we hear you cry ?  – well , firstly the fact that opposition councillors are being prevented from asking any awkward questions (or in Wirral Council – speak ‘the call in’ procedure should be waived) and more significantly from what we hear that the main name in the frame for this personal appointment is current ‘policy advisor’ Martin Liptrot aka Liptrotsky . This would make sense as Liptrotsky  now needs to supplement his measly £45K for two days ‘work’ at Wirral Council after Mayor Joe Anderson failed to get the Metro Mayor gig . We ‘ll be particularly interested  to see how this ‘politically restricted post’ plays out and whether this insider tip -off actually comes to pass.

Click to access Delivering%20Growth%20in%2Wirral%20-%20Securing%20Investment.pdf

Meanwhile over at the Wirral Chamber of Commerce – although let’s be honest Wirral Council /Wirral Chamber of Commerce are virtually indivisible – there has been some troubling developments with what are described as ‘Sheriff of Nottingham tax gathering methods’.

A request for not for profit/charitable organisations to be exempt from the ‘Birkenhead Improvement District’ (BID)  levy has hit a brick wall . This is a 1.5% levy on top of business rates for local businesses to fund what we think is an expensive window dressing exercise administered by the Wirral Chamber of Commerce.

However it seems charitable organisations who do not pay the levy face a summons with extra £100 in charges added. The legality and validity of this alleged summons is highly questionable along with the fact that  Wirral Council are acting as the ‘collecting agent’ in this matter using all powers available to them to secure payments . Apparently whilst Wirral Council agree it is a civil matter they are issuing summonses in the Magistrates Court which is a criminal court. These summonses are batch processed and cost an estimated £6 maximum but then they want to charge circa £100 in costs! So it’s win/win for both Wirral Council and Wirral Chamber of Commerce! What is even more bizarre is that  Wirral Council have previously agreed 100% rate relief to qualifying not for profit organisations whilst at the same time they are prepared  to act as collection and enforcing agent for the BID.

Petitions to Wirral Chamber / Birkenhead First to exempt charitable organisations or to access a robust appeal procedure have not been successful. Charitable organisations which should be exempt and very small businesses who should be able to appeal are being denied the opportunity to opt out. Apparently a vote was taken of all affected businesses in the BID area and whilst the majority voted of introducing a BID those who voted against still have to pay the levy.

Attempts to get to the bottom of decision making on the imposition of the BID levy and arrangements between Wirral Chamber of Commerce/ Wirral Council via Freedom of Information requests have faltered on the grounds that Wirral Chamber of Commerce claim to be exempt from FOI legislation.

So whilst Wirral Chamber of Commerce  seem quite happy to take public money and acquire public property they’re not quite so keen on public accountability…… somewhat like Wirral Council !



16 thoughts on “The Power Abusers

  1. Hello Wirral Leaks

    Did you know that Cllr Phil Davies doesn’t appear to be a board member of Wirral Chamber of Commerce any longer? He’s not on their page.

    I think he’s left because he was on the Chamber board when there was so much heat when Kevin Adderley strolled down the road after ‘retiring’ from Wirral Council with £250,000 in his back pocket, straight into a newly-created plum job, with Wirral Chamber.

    Cllr Phil Davies will now be desperate to distance himself from Wirral Chamber in advance of the £1.3m Wirral Business Support Services contact dropping into the Chamber’s lap shortly (delegated power of a Cabinet member to distance him?), along with the ‘temporary’ WBC Investor Development Manager’ on £80K…and we both know who that will most likely be…a bit like ex-Council CEO Graham Burgess; 8 applicants for the top job, but only 1 person interviewed.

    Watch this space…Wirral Council should…gotcha!

    Who can see the future? Maybe it’s me…Tiffany.

    • Luv you Tiffs……

      nearly as much as The Lord of the Leaks.

      “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive and Deluded Dill” has probably just left “The Chamber Pot” to wipe his voluminous arse which is nearly as big as “The Shysters” and reply to “Highbrow’s” question of 19 January.




      He won’t reply to “Highbrow” because he is a lying, cheating barstard.

      • Did you mean December 19th? Although we understand that Wirral Council seem to enter some kind of space/time continuum when it comes to providing a simple answer to a simple question!

  2. G’day Leaks

    I do apologise about the date but Davies, Tour, Foulkes, Adderley and Jones effectively finished my working life and put me into poverty five and a half years ago with their cheating, lying and obfuscating so as you can see I didn’t even know what year it was.

    Do you hear me complaining?

    NO……..just insulting them.



    I wish them all the very same good fortune they they have bestowed upon me.

    You and a couple of others keep me going Lordy. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Maybe “Crapapple” thought it was the 19,000th of June?

  3. Good evening your Lordship Tiffany was correct Phil Davies was director of the chamber from 24th July 2014 until he resigned on the 15th Feb 2016. Both Basnett & Adderley both former employees of Wirral Council have been gifted Egerton House & Pacific Road theater the latter with a million pound grant to refurbish it both with none commercial peppercorn rents & gifted the Laurries to the tune of nearly £970.000.00 of ratepayers money on an asset which was funded by the EU I understand to the tune of £3.million.
    What the hell is going on the council giving public assets to the Chamber mainly run by Phil Davies mates. Something in the state of Denmark stinks see Wirral and its not fish but something I think more evil.

    • G’day Jonathan

      Hope all is well with you.

      The ridiculous thing Jonathan is that if, or should I say when, the clowncil send “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive and Deluded Dill” the way of “Crapapple”, out the door, the Chamber Pot would not employ the talent-less, lying, cheating buffoon that is so cowardly when faced with, Morton, “Highbrow”, Cardin and Leaky he has to run away and not debate.

      He couldn’t get out the door quick enough when Morton spoke to Burgess’s farce of an Improvement nonsense only to collide with AdderleyDadderleyDoLally heading to the same exit.

      He didn’t join Burgess’s farce of a public meeting into Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods of 8 October 2014 because he knows they were lying and its all wrong.

      So who is the genius behind all this crud and dross?

      Him with his delusions of golf resorts or “The Pretend Friend” with his infamous audit trails.

      He can’t reply to “Highbrow’s” question of 19 January, only kidding Leaks, 19 December because he is as guilty as “Crapapple” is of being drunk in charge of an I Phone.




      Have a great year Jonathan and stay on their case…….for the good people of wirral.

      • Cheers James don’t worry I am always on their case I am not afraid of man nor beast.

  4. Check out what happened at Bolton Council when the call-in procedure was waived in a dire emergency:

    …the emergency being the need to renovate a private firm of solicitors’ new office buildings. The only differences with Wirral are that…

    ● it only involves £300,000 in public dosh – whereas on Wirral, the ongoing cost of the council’s relationship with Hamid and Basnett has soared into the many £millions

    ● the local MP has called for the council leader to step down – whereas here on Wirral, Frank has maintained a stony silence for years and years and years

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