Mystery Figure Update : None the wiser

We are grateful to Cllr Louise Reecejones herself who has responded directly to our article about the mystery £19K referred to in former Wirral councillor Jim ‘Crabby’ Crabtree’s less than friendly late night call which landed him in Wirral Magistrates Court. However we are none the wiser as to what the £19K is all about – except that if Crabtree was ‘mistaken’ about the money being for ‘leaflets he had paid for’ he was probably wise to plead guilty as he could potentially have had perjury added to his rap sheet.
Dear Julian,
In response to your article…
The SEN grant does not amount to £19 and came from a number of departments, after a full investigation the police including going through all my personal affairs there was nothing out of order, the witch hunt continued and the charity I am involved with became the target and a complaint was made to the Charity commission, they investigated and all bank statements were given over and it was also found there was no case to answer.
I am still being targeted by the same group of parents who started this entire thing and I face yet another investigation which is currently underway.
At some point this group of parents will have no where left to go.
In Crabtree’s statement he claimed the 19k was for leaflets he had paid for (bizarre!)

It’s true I’m prob not the most loved councillor but I’m not here to make friends.

Kind Regards,

Councillor Louise Reecejones

17 thoughts on “Mystery Figure Update : None the wiser

  1. G’day Leaky

    Drunk in charge of an I Phone.

    What is “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive and Deluded Dill’s” excuse?



    “Highbrow” has some interesting theories about what some naughty people did on THAT estate a few years ago….involving monies.

    He found out in the course of work with Wirral “Funny” Bizz and you know how many criminals worked there, dodgy teachers etc.


  2. G’day Leaks

    Have you had your dose of diarrhoea this year.

    Mate, probably two of the ugliest at wirral full of it.

    Steve “Ankles” “The ex-Dunny Chain Wearer” Foulkes

    “Clearly we as a council are pretty-well placed in electoral quality but we should never be complacent.

    “We are generally good value for money.

    “The review has done good work.

    “Reducing councillors from 66 to 44 is not a good way of tackling the issues we face.

    “The role of councillors has changed massively over the years and councillors will have a increasing role to play.”

    Then the she version of the crass and crud above

    Liscard councillor Jeanette Williamson said: “There’s been cross-party acknowledgement Wirral Council is good value for money.

    “Let’s hope we do enough for people in the borough – and let’s hope people start to give us a break.”

    Believe or agree with this and you should go straight to the doc.

    Not that dock Leaky you cheeky monkey “Crapapple” beat everyone for being drunk driving an
    I Phone.




      • With great respect your Lordship, and I don’t wish to sound picky here but heads, faces and other bodily parts are my area of business. Not yours. Keep your eye on the ball, concentrate your considerable skills on doing what you do very very well and leave my tiny slice of the cake be.

  3. Come on Louise, the net’s closing in and you know it. Crabby was a bit pissed and got the figure wrong but he knew as the Chair of the Fudge it committee the Audit report into your personal holiday / iPad / iWatch fund errrr sorry, ‘charity’ was damning with the police brought in. Goodness knows what the police were up to but the tip off you received from a very well placed source gave you enough time to cover your tracks. You are involved, you are responsible and an incredibly bad smell follows you around. You will be caught out, you should be nowhere near any charity or vulnerable person, you will not be re-selected to stand as a councillor. Enough with the pretend victimhood – the real victims are the SEN kids and parents that money was meant for – you disgust me.

  4. Hi Wirral Leaks

    There are a lot of questions being asked about Merseyside Police and the relationship with Wirral Council, and the joys of ‘partnership working’…and probably golf.

    It makes you wonder when you see in print that a (now ex-) Strategic Director of Wirral Council, now working at Wirral Chamber, appears to lay claim to “knowing people in the Police & HMRC who can ‘fix’ things”.

    Autumn mentioned a ‘tip off’ – what would ‘fixing things’ entail, I wonder? Maybe the Council could ‘fix’ its forgetful CRM system…doesn’t this remind you a bit of The Matrix, or is it Matrix – I can never remember?

    That was all about illusion wasn’t it?

    • G’day Tiff’s

      When I blew the whistle on Wirral “Funny” Bizz to AdderleyDadderleyDooLally and Basnett on 5 July 2011 he waxed lyrical about his brilliant audit career and how he had contacts at the cops and HMRC and no doubt he shouts his filthy lying gob off about his “mates” all the time.

      It didn’t seem to surprise the bleached blonde fake tanned fan sitting under his “Football Shirt” with his name on the back


      He apparently knows about asset stripping first hand and can twist a lot of people around her husbands little finger ad infinitum.



      I think I luv you Tiff XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      The cops interviewed “Highbrow” but would not let me in the room.

      No case to answer ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah

  5. When I read the title “Mystery Figure” I thought this may be about the other person arrested with Crabtree. Where are they? Have they fled to Spain or somewhere to escape the heat?

    Louise Reecejones wrote:

    1. “In Crabtree’s statement he claimed the 19k was for leaflets he had paid for (bizarre!)”

    Ah, the workings of Jim Crabtree’s mind. It’s like a Word Association Test (WAT) to get to the truth. It’s quite sad really.

    How did his arrest go down? Presumably it took a while (and resources) to trace the call to him. Was he interviewed straight away after the arrest, without the chance to speak to other council people?

    2. “…I’m not here to make friends.”

    That’s a shame. Maybe that is one of the many things wrong with this council.

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