Picture Gallery


Our thanks go one of our spotters who sent us this picture taken yesterday outside Wallasey Town Hall. We were asked if we could throw any light on the matter as to why a mahoosive shredding vehicle was parked there ( we do hope they were charged by the way) .

We welcome suggestions from our readers – but our top 3 guesses are a) There’s an investigation going on – but hey! isn’t there always?! b) Wirral Council need to deal with all those returned, unwanted copies of Wirral View  – but hey! every little helps when it comes to recycling trash targets ! and c) They’ve finally got round  to disposing of discarded undergarments of past Wirral Council senior managers – but hey! let’s hope the shredders were equipped with surgical gloves!

Our second picture comes courtesy of Twitter. Now we know we have a Twitter account but to be honest we try not to go there. It’s a bit like Grange Road, Birkenhead – 140 characters and they’re usually mindless.

However it is very kind of Wirral Council to keep us informed of their hi (sic) street cleaning schedule. For future reference : the only cleaning we’re interested in is when they fumigate Wallasey Town Hall and remove the vermin currently inhabiting the place.


We know that the next one is a bad picture  – but it’s deliberate and a case of a picture painting a thousand words. It’s details of Wirral Council’s plans to charge you for basically parking anywhere on Wirral except your own driveway – although we suspect that a Super-Duper Director has been sent off to drum up a dastardly plan to enable them to do that too! – especially when none of them actually live here !


And finally we have a heartwarming closing picture of Cllr Steve Foulkes so you go to bed all warm and fuzzy. So here’s Foulkesy stroking a pussy – what’s not to love?

Foulkesy and pussy



4 thoughts on “Picture Gallery

  1. Oh, so this is where letters go before they reach the Postroom and hopefully words of wisdom from Kev. Perhaps a FOI request will tell us how much it cost.

  2. My God! Dear sweet loving and ever forgiving sweet Lord Jesus, why in Jehovahs name must we, the God fearing loyal readers and contributors of the mighty Wirral Leaks be required to gaze upon this beast, this mammal, this member of Gods animal kingdom pictured cozying up to another of the Earths animal species whilst laying under the summer skies of Portugal.
    But enough of my disgust for the beast in tangerine shorts, what exactly is the other less offensive on the eye creature? Be it feline or be it swine, the image isn’t conclusive, I feel a mixture of pity and contempt for this creature.
    If this feline or swine, whatever it is, actually jumped onto the lap of this sweating mound of blubber and without training or baiting, the beast began to voluntarily burrow itself into the sweating crotch of the tangerine shorts, I say, lets rid the beaches of the Algarve of these nasty cats or pigs and allow people to enjoy their holiday experience without having to tolerate this sort of bestiality activity that’s a violation to human kinds covenant with God. Kill the beast I say and do it quickly!
    If however, this poor creature was busily minding its own business and was quickly grabbed by the larger of the two beasts and forced to perch upon its lap, and that cat or pig, genuinely regrets the part it played in the production of this highly sensual and erotic photographic image and can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt then I say, in the name of all that’s godly and good, pop the creature back whence it came and leave it be.

  3. G’day Leaks

    How do you think they make “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive and Deluded Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell’s” weave to make them look more attractive and him like a dirty old mop?

    His sister Willy…..er what’s her name uses the dark shred.




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