Method In The Madness


We’ve been musing on this car parking malarkey and we’re still trying to make sense of the madness. Last night’s Business Overview and Scrutiny Committee did nothing to dispel the notion that something amiss is going on here.

For a start haven’t we been down this road (pun intended) before?  We remember that The Brand New Brighton Rocks On campaign forced Wirral Council to do a U-turn on parking charges in New Brighton in 2015. Now Wirral Council are thinking out of the box (and out of their minds)  by proposing parking charges all over the place.

The Business Overview and Scrutiny Committee Cllr Michael Sullivan was at pains to explain during his comedy turn at chairing the meeting that these were only proposals, nothing had been decided and they had statutory duties . We assumed the main statutory duty  was to cause as much dissent and opposition to the proposals as possible. In which case – job done!

It has been suggested by one of our commentators that :

Everyone seems to assume that this proposal is real.
Wirral has form for putting forward proposals similar to this so they can be withdrawn as a demonstration of “listening to the public”
Standard PR tactic.
What is it within budget proposals they are trying to draw fire from?

An interesting viewpoint and one we would certainly give credence to having observed the ‘bureaucratic machinations’ of Wirral Council over the years. Especially when the controversy over these proposals is creating a bigger smokescreen than a broken exhaust pipe. Perhaps to hide something even more toxic?

We also note how teen sensation Labour Cllr Warren Ward was given the elder statesman role as the rest of the councillors on the committee backed his notice of motion calling  for an impact report on the proposals.

We anticipate this impact report will be very short and read : CATASTROPHIC

As we replied to our commentator :

We hear what you’re saying……especially when the proposals seem counter-productive to their so-called pledges. Nothing but nothing would surprise us when it comes to Wirral Council.
We await developments and political manoeuvrings with interest.



6 thoughts on “Method In The Madness

  1. G’day Leaks

    And, next they will get “Fartin Lobsterpot” to write up an apology to the Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistle blowers and give them the freedom of Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters.

    ha ha ha ha

    In Oz they get the Aboriginals to turn on each other.

    In wirral they just lie, cheat and obfuscate and then say “Over to you “Shyster” .

    I will never forget the day “Sir Git” and “The Pretend Friend” and the rent an auditor that has long gone met with us two and the slimy birkenhead solicitor couldn’t spit out quickly enough “I haven’t read the report”.

    I had to leave early because I thought the place would be struck by lightening.

    Wonder if he would repeat that in that court house over Kev and Stella’s Stinking wirral Waters?

    Can’t wait to see him again there soon and he will know I am laughing at him all day, every day.

    So I wasn’t there to hear the “hear no evil”, “see no evil”, “speak no evil” tell “Highbrow” that they wouldn’t give me a job in line with their very own whistle blower policy.




  2. G’day Leaksy



    “Highbrow” could be seen on Question Time.

    Ha ha ha ha ha

    That should put the cat amongst the pigeon shit that is “The Invisible Blinking CEO” and wirral’s labor crud and dross.



    That’s the word on the street L XXXXXXXXXX

    • Oh goody! And goody on you James, the Aussie, for letting us hope…. that it will be so…

      And goody from Peter Grant, reporter, from the Wirral Globe, he says he wants to hear the ‘truth’ on Question Time.

      Peter, when are we going to hear the truth from you about the sacked crew from New Brighton Lifeboat Station?

      There is a web site called ‘The truth about New Brighton Lifeboat’ it’s on facebook public group. Peter, have a look at that…

      Peter, have a look at Wirralleaks for more truth…

      Yes we all want the fecking truth!

  3. He he he Leaksville

    I wonder if “Highbrow” will mention on Question Time that “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive and Deluded Dill” still hasn’t replied to his public question of 19 December 2016.



    Luv the fact they are still not fessing up.

    L XX

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