The Appalling





As you can see we’re delighted to have made the hallowed pages of Private Eye . The latest edition of the satirical magazine features a Rotten Boroughs article concerned with ‘the appalling Jim Crabtree’. Wirral Leaks readers will be very familiar with the torrid tales of ‘Crabby’ and Cllr Louise Reecejones as they unfolded on this blog . However the article is a neat summation of the story so far………

We’re just grateful we got an acknowledgement as a source  – something the Liverpool Echo  journo who previously flagged up our stories to Private Eye regularly failed to do.

From our point of view the really scary thing is we don’t think that Crabby was the most ‘appalling ‘ Wirral councillor of recent times. Indeed we maintain that some of the most ‘grossly offensive and indecent’ offenders  are still in power and making ‘appalling’ decisions about OUR LIVES. Clearly Crabby wasn’t considered important enough for the local Labour cabal to throw their seemingly limitless PUBLIC resources and extensive political influence behind him to save his sorry backside.

It must be galling for Crabby to be publicly (and justifiably) pilloried whilst his former colleagues keep on trousering those allowances and acting all important ,especially when -like Reecejones – he knows exactly what they’ve been up to…….

11 thoughts on “The Appalling

  1. Perhaps former councillor Jim Crabtree no free of office could come to your esteemed site and ditch the dirt on his fellow councillors misdeeds. Just a thought as most of us would only be to pleased to learn their misdeeds.

  2. G’day Leaksville

    I forgot to wish you a very very happy Australia Day today.

    You would be a most welcome visitor to God’s own country Straya you are a good man.



    The bogans at wirral would not be.

    Luv ya L xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Gonna make some Lamingtons.

    • Ooroo and a happy Australia Day to you too.
      We’d love a Lamington but we’re all on a ‘New Year – New You’ diet so if we appear to be a bit tetchier than usual that might explain it.

  3. G’day Leaks

    I think there is only three more sleeps till I can see “The Shyster” in his shiny arsed suit, with his cheap plastic biro and his boy barista from London in his Saville Row in that court house over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters.

    I’m excited.

    You have to feel sorry for him Lordy because he quite often hears me sniggering and he has no mates with him at all.

    They must all (if there are any) think they might be found guilty by association.

    So he will sit there, and speak when his boy says he can, in his bulging 25inch collar more purple faced than usual.

    I do worry for his bp.




    Come and see them Lordy they lose their strut and swagger and have to tell the whole truth.

    • Hi James. This is driving me mad! I can’t find out anything about this case, I’ve registered with Court Serve but still can’t find upcoming cases just the daily ones. Give us a clue, go on go on go on. Dave

      • G’day Dave

        I honestly don’t know myself and never care as long as “The Shyster” is with his boy barista from London in his Saville Row.

        I just like to sit and laugh at him as he and “The Pretend Friend” wouldn’t give me a job under their very own whistle blower policy of the day.

        You know they are having to be honest and that is just so funny to watch.

        You can see his boy barista is on massive money and knows the game and plays it hard.



        I sense it might be about the “Monitoring Officer”, just a guess, after the article in their ex-local propaganda sheet.

  4. Hearing that there won’t be many local Wallasey people appearing on Question Time on Thursday 2nd Feb, even though they’ve applied in good time. The BBC / Wirral Council / Labour NEC wouldn’t collude and pass around a blacklist of potential shouty subversives to be barred from entering would they? Would they?!

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