Floating In The Air


Thanks to all our readers and commentators who have been very patient about our court ruling on not publishing comments during the Employment Tribunal involving Wirral Council which has been held over the last couple of weeks.

Court Out

Fortunately we’ve had regular updates and contemporaneous notes on proceedings from interested attendees.

We were asked yesterday what our thoughts on the verdict would be and our response was:

Whatever the verdict there’s a story to be told here.
A very sad one – for all of us…..
So having found out that after a costly 10 day hearing Alison Mountney had failed to establish that she had suffered any detriment as a result of her whistleblowing we stick by that assessment. It comes to something when Wirral Council staff feel that the only way their concerns will be taken seriously if they take their complaints to an Employment Tribunal – even when it is unlikely to succeed.
Whatever the outcome it was very clear from the eyewitness accounts that we a still dealing with a toxic and dysfunctional organisation.
Management failings were described by Wirral Council’s solicitor Andrew Moore (Eversheds) as ‘learning points’ – a phrase that will most certainly  enter the Wirral Leaks lexicon of shame.
What Wirral resident and Tribunal chair Judge Robinson must have thought about how his Council Tax was being spent we can only imagine.  As he had no jurisdiction to rule on the whistleblowing allegations he apparently made reference in his summing up to them ‘floating in the air’. Yes, like a fart in a lift they stink to high heaven and there’s no escape from them.
This is a shame as no disrespect to respective parties but what interests us most are the  whistleblowing issues. It is very dispiriting to hear that the usual suspects –  senior management ,HR, Occupational Health , internal and external audit and Unison either don’t or won’t deal with the inconvenient ‘unpleasantness’ that comes with whistleblowing and they are left as Judge Robinson states – ‘floating in the air’.
Indeed we’d particularly like to advise Unison members to withdraw their membership and spend their subscription on alcohol, cake or whatever gets them through the working week as Unison will .

One interested spectator was Wirral Council whistleblower  Martin Morton who apparently made an inexplicable  blink-and you’ll-miss-it appearance on the witness stand . He has contacted us to say :

‘I’ve made some bad decisions in my life. Such as working for Wirral Council in the first place. However listening to the testimony at the Tribunal reassured me  that I made the right decision in not returning to that wretched organisation. The poisonous atmosphere of covert recordings, suspicion, long term sickness, mistrust, mutual disrespect and a culture of fear and loathing is not something I would want to endure again’

However , we at Leaky Towers think the final word (or should we say final submission) should go to Wirral Council’s solicitor – the aforementioned Andrew Moore who by all accounts was professional , respectful and measured. Clearly Wirral Council needed to buy these qualities in – and I’m sure someone, somewhere will be doing an FOI request to find out exactly how much it cost us.

Mr Moore is absolutely right in his Tweet above that (some) people are c’s and they can be horrible to each other. Luckily for him it keeps him in very well remunerated work!

21 thoughts on “Floating In The Air

  1. That tweet is stupendous. What a find. Wonder if he meant Wirral?

    As I said to some interested others, I won’t guess the verdict, but I’ll put all my worldly possessions on the chance they’ll continue to get handsomely rewarded with innocent people’s cash, whatever the outcome.

    Which – along with the satisfaction, enjoyment? rejoicing? caused by abusing power with impunity – is their primary motivation.


    We must remember that a case management conference found enough matter to allow this case to be tried.

    In my view I wonder how absent Election Recording officer can appoint Kate Robinson and Surjit Tour as his deputies and yet not share his fee with themselves though he was collecting on a Lancashire election as the responsible officer. So Mr Burgess got double bubble.

    Mr Tour thereby has to claim £2,000 plus in s way which is unlikely to pass the legal tests.Who is most reprehensible? The chief executive who claims transubstantiation. Of being in multiple places at once, to enrich himself, apparently legally, or the work donkey who attempts to recover overtime by over riding regulations. The latter says deputies can only be paid out of the RO’s purse not out of an imaginary 91.5 hours at £13 on the official claim.

    In my book I know who is the cruising shark

    • If Mr Moore was referring to this case, what happened to his solicitor’s conscience? Couldn’t he forego his 10 days at £300 per hour reward – win or lose – and do something less corrosive – something more benign, and not so desperately ‘horrible’ to the people of Wirral?

      …the foreseeable and avoidable upshot being to make his paymaster and colleagues’ position impregnable, and thereby to condemn us all to possibly another decade of protected, smash and grab raids, against a background of neglect and abuse?

      Perhaps his argument would be the trusted cop-out, “If, I don’t do it, someone else will.”

      • As you can see from the date of the tweet Mr Moore we presume that he was not referring to this case. However as a general statement of his experience within employment law I’m sure it is a sentiment that he stands by (and with which we agree).

      • I won’t presume anything. I’ll ask him who he was referring to in the tweet, the date he first came into contact with Wirral Council, and see whether it precedes the date of the tweet, and whether he thought to Google Wirral Council. Notwithstanding there’ll obviously be plenty of shitty behaviour going on in his world (I agree with his sentiment also). The only solid presumption is that he differs from me in that he’s lavished on a regular basis with hundreds of pounds of public money per hour to help cover the bastard up.

  3. G’day Lordy

    My very best wishes go to the claimants.

    As “Ankles” texted to “Crapapple” stay strong.

    The judge was from wirral Lordsville so I would have objected to him sitting, its like them having their own auditors as an independent auditor and as you know everybody laughs at Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Thornton sitting through meetings, like “Sir Git”, and letting officers lie through their teeth and not speaking up.

    Good job John “Tarrantino” Brace filums the lying scum bags or what would they be up to?

    I wonder if they caught that snake Leonora saw in Bidston and locked it up?

    Lordsville I am so glad I sat through the ten days because it confirmed my beliefs by the end of day 2 and the rest I could sit and mock the suckholes.

    Something though I wasn’t expecting at the outset and was a pure joy, pleasure and education.

    I sat and talked and listened at quite some length to someone who should be really courted and feted by the entire population of wirral…..Mr Martin Morton.

    What a wonderful, likeable, decent, open, honest person.

    A joy to meet him and and god bless him and his family.

    Like the claimants I wish him all the luck and good fortune he truly deserves.



    The boss of HR returned to sit in on the last day and I can’t believe she recalled were the court was and I was going to ask if she was there to do the claimants back to work interview that they have never never never got round to.

    Another tip off for her, her being from another world of forgetfulness, is, if she doesn’t know already, I heard that employee appraisals or whatever wirral calls them are completed by one team member and the rest are photocopies of same. Something for her to forget over the weekend.

    Its only public money.

    Luv and even more respect M’lad XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    As I said in court BULLY ON

    Bullies are not very common in field hockey nowadays.

    They all work at wirral.

  4. G’day Leaky

    Mr Moore certainly wasn’t “The Shyster’s” boy barista from London in his Saville Row, he possibly grew up over the wrong side of the broken down railway line.

    He wasn’t bad but he did mumble a bit and it got worse as he has a habit, could be a ploy, of talking behind his right hand.

    Three people had to ask him to speak up and/or change seats and it was a tiny room with a tiny unhelpful table for the witnesses.

    Could be the solicitors version of “I can’t recall” “I can’t recall”.

    He grew on me as our bladders seemed to be in sync so I probably bumped into him in the gents about 27 times over the ten days.

    I was intrigued and almost asked him how old he was because he could have been anywhere between twelve and fifty. Baby faced but double chins and walked a bit like me an old man.

    He didn’t have to be that good as he was up against an amateur and as the judge said Mr Moore did it for a living, and what a living if he works for these scumbag couldn’t care about public money wasters a couple of times a year.

    Mr Moore offered up case law and who would know if it was relevant and potentially other assorted tricks like removing parts of reports and taking out emails as I presume he put the “bundles” together.

    Not accusing just talking shit as usual and I find it unbelievable that employment tribunals aren’t recorded. Convenient.



    Like I might of said yesterday it was really creepy how Mr Moore stressed in his submission about the “Blot on the Landscape” not being able to get angry and being a model witness and then the wirral judge waxed lyrical about “Sir Git” “The Shyster” and if that isn’t sucking up to the biggest buffons as he didn’t suck up to the sour faced lady witness or the HR thing.


    I see much more clearly now their modus operandi around whistleblowers and I suggest anybody wanting advice on how to deal with them to speak to “Highbrow”.

    They certainly should have been dunked in special measures I would luv them to get the Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistleblowers in and explain how they have improved. ha ha ha

  5. ps

    Sorry Lord wirral

    Those nice doormen at wirral should follow the example of that courthouse over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters and get a detector at the front door.

    But not a metal detector a lie detector.

    The place would become quite empty of heavyweights and they could run the place for the people, openly, honestly and transparently.




  6. So many meetings, so much employee time, and most unminuted. So many papers so much investigative time, multiple investigators from within Wbc, and some bought from outside.

    The allegations in one 14 month investigation? All caused by a secret recording by a disabled employee of her colleagues talking in her absence. Yet the recordings apparently we’re as ambiguous as was Philip Davies,s ” only one company has gone bust” of July 2013. Nevertheless the disabled employee got a settlement, pecuniary that is, and out of rate payers money. The supposed culprits,. Who like naughty schoolchildren had cost the school teachers much time and expense. Included sixth formers and a prefect. If I heard correctly even Ofsted ( Grant Thornton) wrote a report!!

    Meanwhile Kate Robinson, prefect, is off school for six months , preceded by her Grade H house member and the school nurse ( Occupational Health) is working her socks off dealing with the many casualties supposedly of wicked deputy head Mr Tour, including his P A.

    The school needs more than Special Measures. It needs closing.

    • We’re not sure if Grant Thornton wrote a report concerning the covert recording but then we were told about so many investigation reports that we lost track. And it would appear than even after the Tribunal hearing remain unresolved.

  7. So much hysteria when Wbc had to find £7.9 million savings in 2013 2014.

    Yet Mrs Mountney in her own words from the witness box was to be shoe horned into a job with a Grade F rather than a Grade H which she bemoaned would cost her £800 total. Cripes people all over England were losing their livelihoods and here is someone who in her own words had spent two years getting paid for doing nothing now being offered a substantive role and, the outcome, a trial that cost the public somewhere between £60 to 90k.

    As Sir Thomas More might have said


    When wirralbizz were manoeuvring to be rid of myself they used the redundancy cover and by that process offered to replace a £40k job with a £13K JOB AS A DEBT CLERK. NOW THAT IS REAL discrimination.

    • At Cheshire West Council, the wise assessors of the Unison-approved “Single Status” job evaluation decided that I should be downgraded and lose £4,000 per year.

      This was facilitated by somebody called Melvin Swallow, my grandparent line manager (promoted then very quickly retired on final salary pension). He was one of those rewarded in another way – in the pocket – for shifting people through the process.

      So basically, senior managers had their palms greased at the expense of lots more junior people. A kind of *trickle-up* process which was contrived to ‘defy gravity’.

      It made me very cynical, but I recovered after I’d rubbed the bastards’ noses in it by successfully lodging a detailed Single Status appeal and later on my 50th birthday in August 2009 by rebutting a fantastical list of bogus gross misconduct charges of which Hans Christian Anderson would have been proud.

      And putting party politics well to one side, I strongly sympathise with Alison because I have experience of working inside these basket cases. They destroy those who refuse to walk in step with “the rest of the team” – whatever their complaint – and I’ve worked for two that tried to finish me off who were waaaaaaaayyyyy beyond corrupt.

    • Well I know that ‘Sir Git’ had a nice and shiny watch. And as some old codger said in a play called ‘H’ (about some nutter) by W.S.

      “the apparel doth oft proclaim the man”

      • G’day Interested and M’lad

        I saw that fucking whopper as well and brought my sunglasses and had a good look.

        For two weeks just like its owner it wasn’t working.



        I bet if he wasn’t on his day pay he would have claimed overtime.

        That’s what he does….allegedly.

        The man is a disgrace to anything honest he just stays schtum when they are all lying in public meetings.


        I sense the whistleblower’s Xmas party will be a whopper this year.

      • G’day Interested

        That quote would explain the shiny arsed suits, I believe two, and, the 28-30 inch frayed collared shirts.



        Oh Interested you seem so wise for someone that is not on the sick leave train through wirral.

        It needs more non diseased by them people like you to keep a close eye on them because they cannot be trusted.

        They cannot even be liked because they are tooooo self centred nobody s’ that just have the opportunity to get into the till.

        Keep Interested for the taxpaying public.

        Luv you Leaksville XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I know you will keep an eye on these pomme barstards… but please please don’t deport them to Australia.

  8. G’day Leaky M’lad

    I plead guilty on all charges.

    I did steal these emails for the good of wirral.

    My only mitigating circumstances are

    I thought they were hilarious

    Dear John,

    We at Wirral Council, don’t recall if your job has been “job evaluated”.

    Our records do not record your line manager, whether you have had a performance appraisal or whether the appropriate insurances apply to you.

    Essentially we are puzzled, because despite working at Wallasey Town Hall for years we “don’t recall” why you’re doing what you’re doing, despite all the senior councillors and management knowing you on a first name basis!

    Please could you report to HR as soon as possible?


    HR Drone 79.

    Dear John,

    This is the legal department, the previous email was sent to you in error. We suggest you seek legal advice if you decide to publish it on your blog.

    Solicitor 11

    Dear John,

    Please don’t publish anything that would paint us in a bad light!

    Press office

    Dear John,

    Please could you “not recall” any of the above if asked as it makes us look disorganised?



    Show original message

    to james griffiths 11 Feb at 9:15 PM

    The only notes they take are fivers, tenners and twenties.

    Preferably unmarked.

    In a suitcase.

    Under the counter.


    Show original message
    Reply Reply to All

    So Leaksville please do not wet yourself laughing at the 12 or so solicitors in the ill Legal Department or the 80 rats in the Human Rats Department (HR).



    I think Lordy I might make a hobby of being in court whenever “The Shyster” is there as “Blot on the Landscape” that lovely man that can’t lose his temper says they have improved so I will ask “Tarrantino” if he can let me know whenever they are going over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters to air his extortionately priced timepiece and his big white car.


  9. G’day Leaks

    For the slow/dimwitted amongst wirral’s elite clowncillors and senior officers, and there are quite a few, the previous post of mine to John is John “Tarrantino” Brace.

    The second one about flash cash could be from any number of people with or without a tape recording or a whistle to their name.

    Talking of their treatment of whistle blowers and me being a whistleblower, and proud of being honest, open and transparent, I had to laugh at the story and treatment of a whistleblower that was in that courthouse over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters last week.

    I might add the whistleblowing case I sat in on was not the only one in the building.

    A whistleblower told me of a farce of a meeting with his employers who were as guilty as sin which is more often than not the case and were he/she was ushered secretly up a brand new structure with a stringer hidden from all and sundry everyone sent away and in their den of iniquity talked of their filthy dealings, as if by karma, the fire alarm went off.

    The scum of the earth and the whistleblower emerged to all and sundry.

    Hooray they cheered and laughed.

    You would think this could only happen in wirral wouldn’t you M’lad?




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