Say ALO , Wave Goodbye


Power Boy Pip’s public services philosophy – not so much arm’s length as throwing them to the dogs and/or Wirral Chamber of Commerce

We are grateful to another contributor with inside knowledge and an enquiring mind. ‘Retired WBC Officer’ writes to us with the following observations:

Hi Guys
Reading Granty in the WG (Wirral Globe)  today led me to the following……….
I was struck by …………..
“A core aim of the team will be to encourage new businesses to set up shop in Wirral, and Cllr Davies believes the borough’s thriving visitor economy, maritime sector and reputation as a leading manufacturing hub will be among its key draws.
The company will also champion Wirral assets including the Wirral Waters regeneration zone, Hamilton Square, Woodside, Birkenhead town centre and the revamped Hoylake Golf Resort.
Cllr Davies adds: “I’m confident that these plans will enhance the opportunities on offer in areas like Wirral Waters. Obviously we work very closely with Peel and Wirral Waters is an enterprise zone so hopefully we’ll be able to promote that more effectively with these plans in place.
“There are a myriad of regeneration opportunities in the borough and I think this new company will be an excellent delivery vehicle to more effectively promote them.”
ALOs the new way forward?  Google the recent history.
Soon only the top brass will be employed at local authority,everyone else privatised.
We advise our readers to check out the above the links and we’d be grateful if someone   can tell us exactly what Wirral Council ‘leader’ Cllr Phil ‘ Power Boy Pip’ Davies means when he says:“Risks can be mitigated by looking ahead and using business intelligence and expertise out there in Wirral to ensure that we act in a timely and appropriate way.”
We tried Google Translate but they messaged us back to say they don’t do BS.
However whilst we know that Arms-Length Organisations (ALOs) are not-for-profit companies and, by establishing them, councils retain a discrete degree of control through funding agreements and boardroom influence we think they’re merely a staging post to full privatisation.  So say ALO and you can wave goodbye to public services! We are appalled (but not surprised) that a Labour council would embrace the move towards them quite so enthusiastically.  However we certainly understand why the current Wirral Council  administration would – as whilst they retain a measure of control over services the public accountability would be greatly diminished. And as we know they’re not great fans of any form of scrutiny or accountability.
‘Retired WBC Officer’ is absolutely right when they say that ‘ Soon only the top brass will be employed at local authority,everyone else privatised.’  Indeed it has been Wirral Council’s long stated intention to become a ‘Strategic Commissioning Hub’ . Talk about being hidden in plain sight!
What we deeply resent at Leaky Towers is those being paid handsomely for dismantling public services are usually the same municipal mercenaries sitting in waiting to benefit from the deliberately underfunded demise ( see also the NHS).
If you want to know why bullying thrives in organisations such as Wirral Council you need to look no further than the self serving mediocrities making a good living overseeing the destruction of underfunded public services and woe betide any one who questions them!
Notwithstanding the fact that one of the reasons Liverpool’s Director of Social Services Samih Kalakeche  recently resigned included the desire to go travelling – oh to have that luxury!-  we give him kudos for acknowledging that the way things are going social care may not exist soon if we don’t defend our public services.
Therefore might we humbly suggest on Wirral that politicians of all parties , council employees , unions and council taxpayers join together in saying ALOs are not the way to go. And yes – that particularly includes Wirral Evolutions…………….

22 thoughts on “Say ALO , Wave Goodbye

  1. Already on the way Community Patrol now under sub leadership of the police even though a new Community safety operations manager post is being hawked around agency and job sites, only temporary position till October? What happens after October only the police and council know.
    £26 an hour is the going rate for this position apparently.

  2. Absolute power and all that. Time these buggers were outed at the May? elections. I’ve voted Labour all my life, local and national, but this time locally, I will not vote for this lot ever again. In my opinion they have destroyed Birkenhead over the years and our MP will not criticise them, and the really sad part is, they seem to stupid and blinkered to realise what they have done. Birkenhead is on its knees, it is dying, Charing Cross, Borough road, drug users and homeless drinkers, the wasteland of Hamilton Square, the efficient road system, street lights…I could go on. They have turned Birkenhead into a mini-Stalinist State with future plans for more private police snooping on single council tax payers, fining litterers, dog shit police are now to be tasked to check if we have bags before the dog has had a chance to have a shit! A golf course that none of us can afford to use is the last thing we need and God help me it will be the end of Birkenhead.

    • You are a rare gem John. People vote for the party not the politics, even if that party destroys their home. They can’t see it.

      I once did one of those “Which party are you?” online quizzes with a lifetime Labour voter from Birkenhead. Their result was pretty much 50:50 UKIP and Tory. They said the quiz was a con! I asked why… Their reply was that their dad voted Labour so they were “born” Labour in the same way they were “born” an Everton supporter. I gave up.

      I think these types look in awe at the people in power honestly believing that one day they will be given the riches that they enjoy… not realising that those riches came out of their pocket in the first place. Meanwhile the fatcats sneer at them behind their backs and down another free pint.

  3. Wirral devious solutions has some senior officers who were useless grabbers when employed by DASS. they have managed to trouser a nice enhanced salary with little improvement in service and conditions for those doing all the work-kerching twas ever thus.

  4. At a time when bringing services back in house has become the new, efficient way to go in the normal world, abnormal Wirral ploughs ahead blindly with its head up its arse, until one day it will be too late because everything will be sold, gone and ToryLabour councillors will have done the Tories’ job for them. And it won’t be like DFS, where they keep coming back with new improved offers. The Closing Down sale will be terminated.

    Cowards all. The only bright note for all our futures is that lying Phil Davies (see my blog on the BIG fund thievery) might get run over by a deregulated bus or a privatised cherry picker. I will cling to that prospect.

  5. Ha ha, I did enjoy reading about the hometown of my birth as a mini Stalinist state.

    I didn’t enjoy reading Granty in his Inferno when he suggested that Wirral Council sets up a Dragons Den style thing to help people with new business ideas…… Has Granty finally lost his marbles?

    Yea, and the Aussie Rules OK?

  6. G’day Leaky and Paul

    Talking of “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive and Deluded Dill” who said he would reply to “Highbrow’s” question at the public full clowncil meeting of 19 December by mail.

    The effing liar is probably saving up for a stamp.

    There should be no place in public service for liars like him, Adderley and Burgess to name a few.



    And people like Tour and Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Thornton who sit back on their fat arses listening to the lies and not speak up.


  7. Dear Lord Julian, I have read both the move articles and your readers comments and instead of ALO’s what about Wirral Chamber of commerce getting of their arses and do what most chambers do in encouraging and promoting Wirral. They have been gifted the Lauries asset £970k ,Pacific Road premises plus a £1.000,000.00 grant as well as a peppercorn rent and should do what they are paid for. I understand they employ about 30 people with three highly paid directors two of whom were former council employees so Mr Davies again a former director of the chamber I suggest you forget your ALO’s and use the Chamber of Commerce to encourage new business to the Wirral.

    • G’day Jonathan

      Happy New Year

      It could work but they would have to get rid of the crud and dross the likes of Adderley and Basnett to have half a chance.



      They just shit on any advice from whistleblowers so would you trust them?

      Them of minimal intellect but a football shirt between them and matching passports more than likely and a sugar daddy sponsor at LEP.

  8. I am from Birkenhead, The North End to be precise. Birkenhead is a tough place to live, it has always had its problems, its a tough place to live and bring up a family, it always has been. It also has a proud heritage which I inherited from my grandparents…not now though, all my children have gone and hate being associated with the place and the fault lies squarely with political power which when it was needed has proved to be self serving, amateurish and corrupt. There cant be many boroughs like this who have an MP who won’t speak about anything important, anything that really matters to his constituents, and a council of the same politics who seem utterly incapable of any planning that may be to our benefit other than suggestions from bought in business consultants. Field needs to go and the council needs sacking, Birkenhead deserves more.

    • Hear Hear John

      I left wirral for 34 years and when I left it warranted a capital W and I was never ashamed to say where I came from.

      I now say Cheshire as it was when I left.

      The people at wirral have not improved it one jot.

      They cannot even be honest and say when something goes amiss.



      I feel for your family but they are right and I fully understand.

    • Crab, or Crabpot, Mentality (summed up by the phrase “if I can’t have it, neither can you”, see is rife in depressed areas. Of course is in the interest of those at the top to promote this way of thinking. If a community has no aspirations, they are easier to rule, easier to fool.

      This is seen in local politics and it is seen, unfortunately, in families. I have known families that have broken up because people do not want to admit that places like Birkenhead are “tough” places to live, presumably because they happened, or chose, to live there and they don’t want to be “wrong”. They would rather lie to themselves and pretend it is because everyone else “thinks they are better than us”. So they keep throwing good votes after bad in the hope that one day they will be “right”.

      John, you are a breath of fresh air for telling it like it is.

  9. G’day Leaky

    I was just looking at John “Tarrantino” Braces’s filum on U Tube of the full clowncil meeting of 19 December 2016.

    I couldn’t decide which was shining brighter “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive and Deluded Dill’s” noggin or that fucking whopper of a Big Ben timepiece on “The Shyster’s” wrist whilst he was making copious notes.

    Copious notes is the opposite to what they ever did according to that farce of an £80,000.00 waste of public money tribunal.

    The “Dill Wit” definitely said he would write to “Highbrow” but it seems he just wanted to prove that he was a liar too just like his mates Burgess and Adderley.



    Message from “Highbrow”

    Please write soon before “I cannot recall” what the question was.

    Luv you to Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters and back Lordy

  10. There’s something dangerously akin to a Messianic pose here that’s clearly and deliberately been presented to the people by this photographic image of the Leader of the Council.
    That gurning, twisted, psychopathic despotic tyrant Hitler used to present himself to the people in a similar manner.
    Note the deliberate and cleverly positioned digits on the right hand that urge one to ‘follow me. Trust in me as we sail together across and beyond the fiscal abyss’ and more importantly the vague but obvious sign that the upper right lip is snarling giving me the clear notion that he’s either just ejaculated or he’s going to kick our heads in if we even think and consider a thought of objection to his reign of abnormality.
    This image is the work of one or possibly two fully grown men who’d like to get into Public Relations work but, through sheer misfortune, an inability to judge an audience and an uncanny ability to bugger things up, they’ve settled for being recruited by the Leader of the Council to promote his Jesus like qualities that immediately grabbed my attention and made me mutter to myself, ‘fuck me. He looks deranged with anger’.

  11. Have been looking through my notes concerning Sir Gits Grand Tour of the Truth last week….I kid you not , many ‘I can’t recall”, many ‘ don’t recall’, many ‘don’t remember’ and a possible ‘ I was not aware’…..

    And of course there is a reference to Swine Flu……. But that is a different story…

    Oh and there is of course the big footballers clock…

    It’s been a Grand Tour of the Tour…..

  12. G’day Leaky


    Lordy coming soon to a radio station near you.

    Last week Lordy whilst “The Shyster” was sitting looking like a big lazy lump not taking notes, which is what they are NOTED for.

    See what I did there.

    They, the respondent bullies, would not even had considered why there was so much frantic note taking in the back corner.

    They would have been thinking about their court expenses, overtime and the joy about the upcoming election.

    Lordsville more to follow but there were discussions around them not being open, honest and transparent about Wirral “Funny” Bizz, Big ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods and the possibility of making a radio play around their lies, cheating and obfuscations.

    More soon Leaky.



    Please write in with titles (eg)

    Wirral “Funny” Bizz The Scandal

    Fairy Across Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters

    Blot on the wirral Landscape

    Davies Davies Jones Jones Robinson Robinson Twin Ugly Twins

    “Ankles”, his mate “Crapapple” and the Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee Cover Up with Lessons to Learn.

    They were so far up their own bully arse holes last week L they would not even have noticed the playwright in the room, the elephant was “Sir Git”.


  13. I couldn’t resist leaving a comment for those deluded editorial people at ‘Move Commercial’, though no one else has probably read their site other than goons who do 8 hour meetings every day and talk about seizing low hanging fruit.

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