Where Are They Now? Part 3 – Anna Klonowski


A Valentine’s Day lament : Roses are red, Anna’s in blue,playing the game,cash she’ll accrue

We return to one of our occasional series. This particular one brings you news of the great and the good who have graced our blog with their presence. Sadly for us that has not hindered their progress towards high office and more importantly for them, the bank.

This blog post features the relentless progress of consultant Anna Klonowski . As we mentioned last month it is 5 years since the Independent Review of Allegations Made by Martin Morton & Others report landed with a bang in a blaze of bad publicity for Wirral Council and ended in November 2013 with a whimper that was the damp squib of a final meeting of the so-called ‘Improvement Board’ which purportedly was set up to address Wirral Council’s failings identified in the report.

We now hear that Ms Klonowski has been appointed as the new Chief Executive of Bristol City Council on £160K a pop.


As we know Klonowski started her investigations at Wirral Council in August 2010 and when scheduled to meet the then Chief Executive Steve Maddox he promptly announced he was retiring to spend more time with his long suffering golf clubs. Three years on and with cowardly circularity Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies similarly made a swift exit at the aforementioned Improvement Board when whistleblower Martin Morton stood up to speak .

Although it must be said Davies had every reason to have the squirts. Morton tells us he regrets not specifically mentioning that the misconduct of Labour councillors Steve Foulkes and George Davies was one of the main reasons why he could not return to work for Wirral Council as it might have saved him 3 years of stonewalling and cover up. Sorry Mart, but we have to disagree with you on this one – stonewalling and cover up is like breathing to these people.

We understand that during her ‘investigation’ Klonowski bemoaned the fact to Morton that local authority investigative work was drying up. We suggest that this might explain why the investigation took so long. Despite the fact that Klonowski was on the case from August 2010 to  January 2012 and handbagged a £250,000 pay cheque and cost Wirral Council another £150,000+ as a result of legal advice and putting up Anna in her own Aparthotel in Liverpool , she summarily failed to complete what she was commissioned to do, and that was to FULLY investigate the whistleblowing allegations brought to her attention.

With a background in CIPFA ( Chartered Institute of Public Finance) it was clear that Klonowski was way out of her depth when it came to tackling the more problematic social care issues that Morton ( & unnamed and redacted others told her about ).

Klonowski was much more at home discussing corporate governance issues which led to the ‘Refresh & Renew’ report which was published in October 2011 . It’s just such a shame that this was not her brief. She returned to the CIPFA comfort zone in the Independent Review report itself were there are pages and pages and pages of endless, tedious observations about Wirral Council’s Internal Audit.

This led to some shameful omissions on Klonowski’s part. Morton tells us his most significant whistleblow concerned the death of a vulnerable young man who died whilst the staff who should have been giving him his medication were allegedly at the bingo.This received a couple of lines in her report!

The staff involved worked for an organisation by the name of Assisted Living Services (ALS). This organisation had links to drugs money laundering and yet were owned by former Merseyside Police CID officers. Strange bedfellows – or perhaps not! It was left to a subsequent investigation to identify these connections so we can only presume Klonowski either couldn’t be arsed or was warned off by ‘interested parties’.


As you can read no serious case review was undertaken into the death – instead Wirral Council saw fit to persecute Morton and respond to false allegations that he was in cahoots with disgruntled staff to bring down ALS. An investigation into the allegations against Morton led the investigator to declare them as ‘a crock of shit’.

Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) considering her background in finance Klonowski also failed to address further issues of financial mismanagement involving disabled people – claiming she’d run out of time and that despite all evidence to the contrary that Wirral Council could be trusted to sort it out and left them to it ! Needless to say they never did .This is a matter we have previewed but have not got round to publishing. However whilst it is complicated story it is a cautionary tale of how a cover up is coordinated (and supported by other agencies) and something we will get back to at a later date.

Instead Klonowski sought the advice of largest legal firm in the world (DLA Piper)-like you do when someone else is footing the bill!- to come up with a convoluted and frankly ludicrous attempt to deny disabled people a full reimbursement of monies that was unlawfully taken from them on the grounds that to charge disability benefits from disabled people and not from non-disabled people was somehow not disability discrimination ! Even the shameless Wirral Council weren’t prepared to sustain this unsustainable argument and conceded that £736,000 should be repaid , despite DLA Piper giving them a get out.

Is it us? – or it is entirely perplexing that someone so seemingly intent on maximising their own fees wants to minimise the repayment of unlawful charges to disabled people – or are they in any way related? I think we should be told!

You won’t be surprised to hear that Morton wanted to raise these omissions with La Klonowski herself. After an unanswered telephone call and one email Special K set the hounds of law on him . Yes! , you guessed it – DLA Piper!


Isn’t it funny that Klonowski had ‘no on-going obligations to liaise with interested parties’ and yet sat on Wirral Council’s Improvement Board during this time (reputedly for £1,000 a day) . Again we can only presume that ‘interested parties’ is defined by their ability to pay.

Even more damning we understand that she was quite happy to discuss her concerns about Wirral Council with opportunistic ‘complainant’ Gary Downey . Downey alleges that Klonowski disclosed to him during the first Wirral  Council vote of no confidence vote in the then current leader Steve Foulkes ( aka Foulkesy ) that she hoped he didn’t lose as she had no trust and confidence that Wirral Council Tory leader Jeff Green would do anything about Wirral Council’s toxic culture. Whilst she may have called that one correct it also means that she subscribes to the Martin Liptrot school of political neutrality. Either that or she was taken in by Foulkesy’s cheeky chappy persona and his ‘bible-like’ devotion to her recommendations for cash-money purposes.

Nevertheless in conclusion it would seem that it all worked out well for Klonowski in the end. For unemployed Morton and the long suffering council tax payers of Wirral – not so much !

22 thoughts on “Where Are They Now? Part 3 – Anna Klonowski

  1. Equally disgusting is that ALS’ ‘Director of Service’ Stiofan O’Suilibhan, who oversaw the systematic abuse of vulnerable people, ended up becoming a Divisional Head at Halton Council.

  2. G’day Leaky and Martin

    It was a real pleasure to meet you over the last couple of weeks Martin.

    What a nice decent, honest, fair dinkum bloke and a credit to wirral.

    I can fully understand how you could not go back to that den of iniquity.

    Words fail me about them and their thicker than thick skins they just don’t have one iota of decency.



    I think you were there when the “Blot on the Landscape” was saying how they have improved “I can’t recall” how he proved that point.

    And, “Sir Git” talking of turmoil and “I can’t recall” how he proved how anything had changed.

    When they speak they delusionally believe it is true even if it isn’t.

    Who the fuck do they think they are?


  3. Read this and thought of WIRRAL
    In the Beginning was the Plan, and then came the Assumptions, and the Assumptions were without form,
    the Plan was without substance but was promulgated for all to see

    Darkness was upon the faces of the service men and women who studied the plan and these Soldiers (being of uncouth tongue) went unto their Corporals and said, “this plan is a crock of shit and it stinks”

    and the corporals (being very slightly less uncouth) went unto their Sergeants saying, “it is a pail of dung and we can’t live with the smell”

    and the Sergeants (knowing that officers do not take kindly to foul language) went unto the their Lieutenants saying,it is a container of excrement and it is very strong, such that none may abide by it

    and the Lieutenants (who, being officers, had to amend the message) went unto their Captains saying “it is a vessel of fertilizer and none may abide its strength”

    and the Captains (who, being slightly more senior officers, also had to amend the message went to the Major saying “the plan contains that which aids plant growth and it is very strong”

    and the Major (being slightly even more senior, definitely had to amend it) went to the Colonel saying, “the plan promotes growth and it is very powerful,

    and the Colonel (who was very senior of course had to amend the plan – after all was that not what senior officers were trained to do!)went to the General and said “MY new plan will actively promote the growth and vigour of the Men and Women with very powerful effects”

    and the General (who was senior to everyone except God) looked upon the Plan and saw that it was good, and the Plan became Policy!!

    and that, my friends, is how shit happens. …….

  4. G’day Leaky

    People wonder why I am still bleating on about Wirral “Funny” Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods?

    Well “Blot on the Landscape” sat in court under oath and said things were better.

    Well to be better you as “Ankles” always always says “Lessons should be learnt” but surely you should admit your sins before you can move on.

    I still find it amazing employment tribunals aren’t recorded and I still would have objected to Judge “wirral” Robinson sitting in that case last week.

    You say above Leaksville “What is disgusting is that Wirral Council and the Care Quality Commission facilitated his escape route and Klonowski didn’t report it”.

    In the Wirral “Funny “Bizz” Bizz case after I was the initial whistleblower “Highbrow” stayed on for over six months collecting all the evidence to prove a £2,000,000.00 knock off including taking the data base to prove crimes and still wirral let them escape to Portugal without doing anything.

    The evidence is still there for anyone to see.

    What did the open, honest and transparent wirral do?

    Naff all.

    Who should be in jail?

    So “Blot on The Landscape” the blot is still there on the wirral landscape and will be until it is sorted.

    Ecca it seems that there is no point in talking to you as I have been reliably informed that when you met one of wirral’s saddest cases on a train going to London you just giggled.

    No wonder you got the job.



    I am surprised Leaky at the picture of klownowski she must have been in little school with Ecca in the naughties.


    Luv you so much Lordy XXXXXXXXXXX

    Hope you got my Valentine X

    • I genuinely continue to reel at the almost daily revealation on your good Lords site…..

      0n the plus side I find myself enjoying the news (and the details) of the wonderful cock-up at the big dam in America…

      Obviously I am trying not to spell out the connection……

      The Aussie has his own rules on all these matters, which is ok by me… Ha ha

  5. G’day again Leaksville

    After sitting through that industrial tribunal and listening to the obnoxious “Shyster”, “Blot on the wirral Landscape” and assorted respondent retinue I believe….

    “I can’t recall”

    Oh yes I can!

    People it seems would expect me to have continued to work for Wirral “Funny” Bizz on £28,000.00 per year and join in the pilfering of European monies, wirral monies and innocent clients money of up to £2,000,000.00 without saying boo.

    I considered this to be a dream job and couldn’t believe £28,000.00 per year and that being more than I earned at the Audit Commission.

    People it seems think that “Highbrow” should have stayed on £40,000.00 and boy he really could have shown the dim witted criminals how to do it properly if he was so inclined.

    So we decided to do the right thing the instance we became aware.

    Almost six years later, they have not acted in line with their whistleblowing policy and bizarrely still probably would deny any wrongdoing.

    How can these people be fit for public service.

    Their families would be ashamed………. I hope and would expect.



    They never chased the criminals for £2,000.000.00 and spent about £80,000.00 in two weeks on an industrial tribunal on a current employee, and, mega-bucks to Clownowski and they say they have no dosh.

    Wonder why?

    Your Valentine hasn’t arrived yet L still luv ya tho XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    No wonder you don’t get angry working there “Blot on the wirral Landscape” or feel the need to take a note.

    Scum bags.

  6. Wirral missed out badly there. Klonowski as CEO and Surjit as newly-impregnable MO would have hit it off instantaneously. Their record keeping skills are second to none.

    At a grievance hearing I was once charged with “scribbling aggressively” by a nearby basket case wage slave. When I advised them to drop it or be rendered an idiot, they had enough sense to do so.

    Then there’s Surjit’s assiduous, copious note taking at public meetings and in full view of Mr Brace’s all-seeing eye … somehow transforming itself into an unrecorded vision of a bumbling, forgetful chap when placed into a witness box – recalling no notes, emails, documents or verbal exchanges whatsoever – with one sweaty paw placed on a hammered, flaking, moribund King James Version.

    Then there’s AK’s absolute determination NOT to take minutes, NOT to have a damning verbatim record of the events of countless interviews and to turn down ALL requests for dual-tape recorded meetings like the ones the police do with benefit cheats.

    No, careers have to be shaped and designed. Public money has to flow freely from trough to trough and denial, bullying, posturing, blackmail and hidden agendas are the very lifeblood of what keeps the merry-go-round turning, picking abusers up, then dropping them off where needed.

    And the name Stewart Hallliday, now on Wirral, will be one to watch.

    “2016/17 was the winter of our discontent,
    Made glorious summer by this SON of York.”

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  9. Dear Lord Julian, nice to see you back in the saddle so to speak, However reading the above I chanced to look at the Bristolion news feed & whilst if I thought Wirral labour group were crap they are minnows compared with Bristol labour who after an hours reading seem more inept than Wirral, or is it every local council run by labour who could not organise a P~~s up in a brewery. If its true AKA is going to devote her time to her elderly parents then good on her, she should have enough cash to last her years.

    • Oh mate, Bristol City Council are an absolute peach, why do you think we gave Klonowski a job? She’s just announced her resignation and Bristol Council are already refusing to answer FOI requests on her payout.

      Yesterday our Labour Mayor organised a big demo, against his own budget (work that out) and was out in front leading it. This from a labour Council that recently voted through a 20% pay rise for our hardworking officers (who already earn £100k+) BCC have just lost £15m on yet another arms length Ltd Co, we’re still waiting the invoices from the dreaded ‘Green Capital’ (it appears approx £12m was spent mainly with Co’s owned by Councillors and Council officers, a local paper called the Cable did their own investigation over 50% of the money went to Companies owned by those giving out the money, you guessed it officers and councillors). We’re approx £12m+ overbudget for the possibly the worst bit of public transport in a lifetime, the Council’s own inspector says a maximum of 200 new bus passengers for only £250m. Marvins put £1m into a private film Company, £1m+ for the Colston Hall, turns out we’ve paying £500k a year for the last 12yrs for a carpark that didn’t exist. I could go on and on and on but you get the idea. Oh and when Marvin did his budget (the one he was protesting about yesterday) rather than any of the above he cut lollypop people, housing services in the most deprived part of Bristol, breakfast clubs at deprived schools and reduced parks budget to £0.

      • Cheers for this – looks like BCC and WBC should be twinned.
        We updated the Klonowski story earlier in the week when we heard about her ‘resignation’. What’s she getting a pay-out for? – she’s been CEO for less than 9 months ! To shut her up?

  10. Danny from Bristol, what a man making the cesspit which is Bristol council with officers and councillors openly defrauding tax payers. It makes Wirral council look almost saintly, but we don’t know what fiddles Wirral are up and possibly never will despite wonderful pages like Wirral leaks and John Brace who are on the ball exposing dodgy practices and making them public. I will keep an eye on the Bristolian to see what they are up too. There is an old saying be sure your sins will catch you out in the end.

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