Parking Charges Get The Chop


SPOT THE MUFF  – Pic courtesy Wirral Globe

Well it looks like we and our readers called it right again when we first considered the Wirral Council car parking charges debacle.

We don’t know if you remember that when we first heard about the madcap scheme we commented :

However what we’re particularly perplexed about is that Wirral Council somehow think that erecting parking meters left, right and centre is a whizzo money making scheme. Surely they must know that powers invested in them under Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 make it illegal for local authorities to set charges in order to provide a source of revenue for other activities, even if the money raised is used to fund transport provision. The level of charges must be based solely on the need to manage parking; if that level generates a surplus only then may it be put to use elsewhere. Having said that we know how lax Wirral Council’s legal department can be when it comes to giving proper legal advice and complying with the law!

Park and Get Taken For A Ride

Furthermore note this exchange we had with one of our perceptive readers :

2011gv said:

Everyone seems to assume that this proposal is real.
Wirral has form for putting forward proposals similar to this so they can be withdrawn as a demonstration of “listening to the public”
Standard PR tactic.
What is it within budget proposals they are trying to draw fire from?

  • Wirral Leaks  said:

    We hear what you’re saying……especially when the proposals seem counter-productive to their so-called pledges. Nothing but nothing would surprise us when it comes to Wirral Council.
    We await developments and political manoeuvrings with interest.

And so it came to pass that the street parking charges has been kicked to the kerb and the proposed charges for parking in Wirral’s country parks -which as far as we can make out was the only lawful if counter-productive measure in Wirral Council’s car parking charge proposals- have been drastically reduced (although no doubt to be increased at a later date) .

We can only conclude these council proposals were either an elaborate and cynical ‘listening to the public’ ploy or council officers/councillors really are that clueless and this has been a time-consuming and costly calamity. You pay your money and you make your choice!

To mark this momentous turn of events Cllr Stuart ‘Witless’ Whittingham and council ‘leader’ Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies pose for a publicity shot with the magnificently monikered meat-purveyor Mr Muff.

“Oh how I long to get hold of Mr Muff’s meat cleaver …..” sighed Her Ladyship when she saw the gurning faces flanking our friendly butcher.

“Now,now my dear don’t you think that would be taking local government cuts a little too far ?!”…..

19 thoughts on “Parking Charges Get The Chop

  1. G’day Leaksy

    “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive and Deluded Dill”



    He said at the full council meeting of 19 December 2016 he’d write to Highbrow and has not.

    Yet he wrote to poor old old should be pensioned off old Gilchrist about some issue around that meeting.

    How is a liar fit to lead the sick society that is wirral?

    If in court he would probably give that old “Shyster”, “Blot on the wirral Landscape” and last weeks tribunal retinue parroted retort




    Which one’s the muff L


  2. They really are quite pathetic. Their version of fake news. I wonder if they will try the ‘We stopped the parking charges” line on some £16,000 leaflets come the election.

  3. Nothing but a con trick, is it any wonder that people distrust politicians! What annoys is the arrogance with which they treat the electorate. Notice that the police response to the budget cuts is to reduce the establishment at all ranks, why can’t we lose some brain dead councillors?

  4. I imagine that the scrapping of street parking charges was cynically designed around a voter analysis first. The country park charges will affect the more well heeled I would have thought than your bog standard Birkenhead voter who walk their dogs locally rather than jumping into the 4*4 for a run around Thurstaston Hill. The cafe at Royden Park will surely suffer though. All the charges need scrapping, this is a cynical PR spin designed to make the council look like the citizens pal. They will crow about this in their free rag no doubt, not that I have ever received one in Oxton, and of course will feature it in their election propaganda.

    • Hear what you’re saying John, but there are bog standard people living in West Kirby.

      Step forward… Councillor Phil ………. the very, very, very, very deluded dill and terminological inexactituder who hasn’t the courage to pick up a pen and honour his public promise to write to Nigel Highbrow ………… Davies.

      I think the man with the meat cleaver turned up a fortnight too late. His attendance striking that pose over the sombre court witness table where memories failed collectively and all at once may have

      a. sharpened up their responses during cross examination
      b. assisted in helping them enter the Kingdom of Heaven when they career headlong, screaming, towards the abyss

      • G’day Paul

        Who would you trust more?

        “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive and Deluded Dill” or those nice doormen at the Clown Hall?

        You have to give the doormen credit for keeping them in, can you imagine what damage the scum bags could do in civilisation?

        The doormen don’t waste public money like the “Dill Wit”.



        Do you think they were honest people before Labor and delusions of “Ankles”?

        How can they defend Adderley and his lies, Burgess and his lies and Jones and Jones for being Joneses?

        Don’t waste your time answering Paul I know the answers.

  5. James, I know an ex-doorman, ex-Mayor’s chauffeur who used to toil at the basket case, propping the place up. He was there for years. A very funny man and a teller of truths. I won’t name him here, but he got the hell out to salvage his sanity. He used to tell me about the outrageous conduct and genuine shitty behaviour some elected councillors got themselves involved in when they knew the public weren’t looking and they could get away with it i.e. all the time, continually, 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I won’t list them here, too many scandals, too little time. That would be tedious. We all know who the usual suspects are anyway, but suffice to say, the doormen are lions led by donkeys.

    And I apologise to any genuine donkey that subscribes to Lord Leaky.

    • It was very odd that court case last week…..Sir Git with his big shouty footballers watch….and then under cross examination with his little quiety squeaky voice….

      What a wrist job…..

      • G’day Interested

        Harsh but true.

        This for your information Interested was the charlatan of a “Shyster”, in my opinion, that sent me a bullying, threatening, letter.

        The man that the claimant last week suggested didn’t do the work he was paid for.

        Did you see him do any work for two weeks?

        Wonder if he was getting paid?

        Just sayin.

        The claimant, I believe, was suggesting he should have got some of “Burge(rwiththelotplus27mistakesin7second)s’s” dosh for the work he didn’t, but was supposed to do, but the greedy barstard didn’t share so “The Shyster” and one of the massive Robinson clan (judge, Ecca Etc) helped themselves to monies that they shouldn’t of.

        I think I got that right and I think he got it wrong threatening me.




        I think that playwright that was in that courthouse over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters would have enough shit on this wirral shit to put a fabulous comedy together called



  6. G’day Leaksy

    Just had my weekly laugh at story time on that pompous prats ridiculous call in radio show over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters.

    It was fairy tale time about “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, Lying and Deluded Dill” going into battle with Whitehall.

    Another pretend interview with only friendly questions and you will never guess to whom and it wasn’t that great crusader “Dill Witt” himself?

    No like the other day when they rolled out Clowncillor Nobody to talk car parking today it was even more ridiculous it was Clowncillor Wannabe A Poshboy putting on the most ridiculous voices.

    If he normally speaks like that he is in the wrong party else “Ankles” and “Phil the Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell” will need an interpreter.



    He wouldn’t last five minutes down Birkenbloodyead with his put on voice and no declarations of interest, nobody would be interested.

    Interested might!


      • Sheesh. Non-smoker Liptrot, once paid hansomely to conceal the lethal threat of ciggies from third world smokers, not only pleasing the crooked execs on the board of Philip Morris, but proving to us he is dangerously unprincipled as he cuts a swathe through poverty-stricken nations, creating orphans and shortening the lives of millions of gullible people suffering genuine hardship.

        Making Matty Patty a Baccy Lackey.

  7. Ello again Lordy

    This week just keeps on giving.

    In that rubbish paper over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters

    Joe’s Pooper Snoopers: A year’s FREE council tax if you shop an irresponsible dog owner

    Uncle Joe, “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, Lying and Deluded Dill’s” hero is encouraging ……………………. whistleblowing.

    And a massive reward.

    This puts a whole new light on Wirral “Funny” Bizz and other scandals Leaksville.

    What is he going to do for us whistleblowers L, he could start by writing that letter to “Highbrow” and then one to little old me how we are a thing of Uncle Joe and Merseyside’s future meaning he will have to follow like a sheep.



    A years council tax paid for a dog shit we tried to save them £2,000,000.00.

    Only a few kisses Leaky I can’t stop laughing XXX ha ha ha XXX ha ha ha XXX

    • So… the noble status of whistleblowing against crooked officialdom is coming in for a hammering, courtesy of the legalised bandits.

      If it’s not Labour’s Angela Eagle rushing to The Echo and The Guardian claiming she’s got 17 [count ’em] “whistleblowers” who witnessed homophobia, intimidation and bullying (case now collapsed) and who didn’t exhaust internal remedies or go to the police but lurched for the media circus approach….

      ….then it’s Joe Anderson dangling carrots in return for dog turds.

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