A Tale of Two Martins


Did anyone notice the fascinating juxtaposition on pages 26 and 27 of the print edition of this week’s Wirral Globe?

The story on the left concerns the dubious appointment of Martin Liptrot to a Wirral Council ‘non-job’ and the story on the right concerns the even more dubious situation of Martin Morton who has ‘no-job’ as a result of Wirral Council . The above picture is for illustrative purposes only. The stories behind the headlines can be found here :

Pip’s Pay Pal – THAT Liptrot Appointment

Truth Justice Accountability

Curiously we have found out that both Liptrot and Morton are both alumni of that hallowed educational establishment that was known as Wolverhampton Polytechnic – although we don’t know if they attended at the same time or whether their paths ever crossed or what faculty they attended. Although in Liptrot’s case we assume there was a Department of Dark Arts.

As a modern morality tale I don’t think we can get better than ‘ A Tale of Two Martins’.

The teller of truth and the spinner of truth and how we , as a society , value them.

Witness as Morton the teller of truth refuses to work with people in whom he has no trust and confidence . The corrupt liars ( Cllr Steve Foulkes, Cllr George Davies) and the cowardly enablers ( Cllr Phil Davies and all those council officers who sacrifice their personal and professional integrity on the altar of a lucrative career  – Blott, Tour, Armstrong , Robinson et al ) . This is detailed in a quite astonishing career-ending email sent by Morton to all 66 councillors and Birkenhead MP Frank Field in December 2014.

We’re not sure that as a spinner of truth that Liptrot would ever concern himself with the abuse of power , the corruption and the lies raised by Morton. Not when there’s £350 a day to be had anyway!

Interestingly enough Cllr George Davies was bemoaning at this week’s Cabinet meeting that Wirral Council’s woes were a result of ‘Thatcher’s children’ .  Although Gorgeous George may not be the most eloquent or insightful political commentators around and on the assumption that he didn’t mean Carol and Mark Thatcher , we have to say that we agree with him. Open your eyes Cllr Davies – the venal ,self serving and uncaring are all around you and are running the show at Wirral Council and indeed at institutions up and down the country. Might we suggest he’d do well to look beyond complaining about the austerity measures thrust on Wirral Council by central government and consider that some people are doing very well financially out of running down public services.


We may well look back one day and say that these were the best of times for the unholy alliance of middle class charlatans and working class chancers (Thatcher’s children indeed!) and the worst of times for everyone else.

10 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Martins

  1. The main differnce is that one of them is honest and trustworthy and the other is????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Article 31 the crimes of public official should never go unpunished. NO-ONE has the right to be exempt from laws.



    Public officials particularly should be subject to sanctions when they abuse their positions of trust. THEY SHOULD NOT BE MOLLYCODDLED WITH PAYOFFS AND SECRECY..

  3. Indeed… Liptrot is yet to have his “It is a far, far better thing I do now than I have ever done…” moment.

    Whereas Martin M has achieved it and advanced to a higher plane … others are unlikely to experience their own Road to Damascus moment anytime soon.

    Martin L, Field, Davies, Davies, Jones, Jones, Tour, Armstrong, Blott, Stewart “Contract Killer” Halliday, the Wirral judge who’d never heard of Graham Burgess and his esteemed networking colleague Dianne Kelly, et al. et al. et al. still have their nozzles plugged securely into the trough, switched to 《siphon》 … are getting fat on the fruits of the plebs’ toil and are well placed to cover their own paltry, trifling 4.99% while others go under or perish.

  4. G’day Leaks

    A Tale of Two Martins

    That yellow-bellied, lily-livered caldy trollop Davies could not run out of that Improvement Board Nonsense when the GREAT MARTIN MORTON spoke up.

    He the leader of wirral labor who don’t even have a national leader that is liked.

    He who hides reports after report.

    He is a mamby pamby mummies boy, looks and acts like a brattish only child, who couldn’t face up to his own shadow.

    Martin, “Fartin Lobsterpot” is only there because someone told “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive and Deluded Dill” that he would be for no reason to do with Wirral.

    And, “Dill Wit” couldn’t stand up to anyone.



    Bring in Administration.

    Luv you L as much as Pancake Tuesday XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. G’day Leaky

    It really infuriates me about how anyone in Tranmeidre would vote for the wanabe posh boy from West Kirby.

    Who does pull his strings Lordsville because he couldn’t pull himself ………… together?

    The only red thing about the mamby pamby boy is his face.

    He still hasn’t written to “Highbrow” as promised by him on 19 December.

    After 34 years away from wirral the most noticeable things to me was the hatred and blaming of of Maggie Thatcher, the hatred between reds and blues and the lawlessness particularly in local (mis-management) government.



    ps I forgot the hatred of the welsh.

    I loved my schoolboy holidays in Angelsey.

    Would luv you doused in maple syrup on Tuesday L XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  6. G’day Leaksville

    I had a dream.

    There’s a quoteable quote for you “Interested”.

    I dreamt L that there was a MARTIN Tag Team debate

    In the blue corner there was the great, honest, decent, moral, ethical, nice, MARTIN “I couldn’t work with this vermin” MORTON alongside the Oxford educated NIGEL “Highbrow” HOBRO with IQ to burn, stolen Wirral “Funny” Bizz data base and a ton of evidence on Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods £2,000,000.00 knock off.


    The chinless and spineless “Phil the Very Very Very Very, Slimy, Elusive, LYING and Deluded Dill”, Phil Davies in his large mans pants who can’t even listen to Martin Morton or reply to “Highbrow” as promised on 19 December teaming up with his “Please please clean the Turd that is wbc for £300.00 + per day that is unclean-able MARTIN “Fartin Lobsterpot” Uncle Joe’s reject.




    “Ankles” threw the towel in as Phil & Fartin wouldn’t come out of Burgess’s Executive Dunny at the top of the “Staircase to Hell”

    Would even luv you with lemon on on Tuesday My Good Lord XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  7. G’day Leaky

    Anyone who is anyone is on their dumb act list, cops, inland revenue, grant (chocolate teapot thornton, dclg, lga, a4e, the judge who didn’t know who burgess was and wouldn’t call him despite not in agreement with tour, and today there was that old fool on the call in and talk show over kev and stella’s stinking stagnant wirral waters with his selective memory when fartin lobsterpot’s £300+ a day came up.

    It is of serious concern.



    But who cares certainly not 66 muppets.


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