Where Are They Now? Part 2 – Update


Steve Maddox – out of sight and into Mind

As you will know our recent ‘Where Are They Know?’  post concerning public money magnet Anna Klonowski mentioned former Wirral Council CEO Steve Maddox.

Where Are They Now? Part 3 – Anna Klonowski

Wirral Leaks readers will appreciate that it was Maddox who personally set the tone for Wirral Council prior to the catalogue of governance and cultural failures that were later to be revealed , if not fully exposed , by Ms Klonowski in her two reports for Wirral Council which pocketed her a cool quarter of a million.

Apparently Maddox was willing to accept that being bullied by politicians was the norm and instead of resisting this, looked at his pay cheque and subjected his underlings to the same treatment and so did their subordinates and the cycle of abuse continued throughout the organisation…. with disastrous results for all of us.

Coincidentally it was Maddox who was the subject of the previous ‘Where Are They Know’ post where we asked whether anyone knew what Maddox was up to, other than playing golf , after his handsomely rewarded ‘retirement’.


Well , prompted by our previous posts and our references to how local government failures later find themselves being beneficiaries of lucrative board appointments (see also Maddox’s successor Jim ‘ Wee Willie’ Wilkie and his Non -Executive Director post at the Countess of Chester hospital where he scrupulously and hilariously fails to mention he worked for Wirral Council) http://www.coch.nhs.uk/corporate-information/board-of-directors/non-executive-directors.aspx ) – one of our sources has contacted to tell us that Maddox has been ‘hidden in plain sight’ all along.

As after a short period of laying low after the publication of a series damning reports questioning his ‘leadership’ and , apparently without any shame , he subsequently popped up as a Director at mental health organisation Wirral Mind and remains as ‘a person of significant control’ to this day!


We’re left wondering whether Maddox was involved in the unlawful awarding of Wirral Mind, and their deeply ambitious CEO Sandra Gilbert , a contract to manage a learning disabilities service as a reward for keeping a lid on the overcharging scandal that rocked Wirral Council?

All we will say is that unfortunately for us having Maddox , as a former Wirral Council CEO with an OBE and a Freedom of the Borough as a Director , won’t hinder Wirral Mind’s chances of getting future lucrative contracts with Wirral Council – especially if they link up with WIRED and others muscling in on infrastructure monies. And that , once again unfortunately for us, is the compliant, non-threatening voluntary sector on Wirral boxed off nicely.

Remember – as ever – you read it here first.

1 thought on “Where Are They Now? Part 2 – Update

  1. And that’s the really s i c k part about this game isn’t it?

    The suits and trousersuits wring their hands, and wail, and crave our sympathy over what a difficult, heart-rending task they’ve been landed with … that of taking the axe to public services.

    Aren’t they so courageous, because someone’s got to do it.

    While all the time, they’re deflecting attention away from e.g. the £45,000 pay rise that Robinson creamed when he moved to Wirral and hit the ground stumbling, or the extra £600,000 of scoping work for luxury housing, golf course and spa that will swallow up a huge gobbet of green belt.

    Also not up for discussion are the ring-fenced six figure salaries of the top directors – the ones who turn up mob-handed at tribunals to molest the bible, swear an oath, trash it in the next breath in full view of an approving Freemason Judge, while all the time wrecking the careers and lives of former colleagues.

    No, they’re just too precious to have their personal income streams interfered with and chipped away at. Far too valuable an asset to be tinkered with are those who accrue large piles of public cash, defending the indefensible.

    Some CEOs would plead, “This isn’t about money anyway is it? This is about doing the best with what we’ve been given, releasing long-serving people who are no longer happy and then bringing on the younger, keener people who are starting out in their public facing careers and are desperate to make their mark.”

    Shit like that.

    If you suggest “Okay, if it’s not about money, then I’d like to suggest we halve your salary……”


    All of a sudden, it very much IS about money, their nest egg, and you’ll expose them for the simpering liars, chronic jargonisers and irredeemable dissemblers they are.

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