Where Are They Now ? Part 4 – Emma Degg


Following on from yesterday’s ‘ Where Are They Now?’ story we follow up with perhaps the most successful trio ever to emerge, seemingly unscathed, from the wreckage of Wirral Council.

Yes,  once again we’re talking about the Graham Burgess/ Kevin Adderley/Emma Degg er,’triangle’ . As we have previously reported they snaffled over £500,000 between them as they parted company with their former employer under circumstances that in any other normal organisation might have led to their dismissal. But as we know Wirral Council are far from normal and the ‘conduct unbecoming’ of senior officers went without sanction , and was instead , rewarded with public money .


As we know Adderley walked down the road to the Wirral Chamber of Commerce with a cool quarter of a million . As far as we know Burgess got about half of that (although he’d only been at Wirral for about five minutes) and went on to chair both Blackburn & Darwen’s Clinical Commissioning Group , and the housing group Torus Common Purpose Board –  yes you read that right, the Torus COMMON PURPOSE Board!


Not bad for someone who’d ‘retired’ from  Wirral Council……or more accurately ousted by Birkenhead MP and Victorian moralist Frank Field who feigned outrage at Burgess’s ‘unseemly conduct’ but was really rather more concerned that Burgess wouldn’t bend to his will over the ‘Wirralgate’ scandal.

And so finally having failed to be appointed the de facto Chief Executive of Wirral Council – and being prevented from doing so by Cllr Steve Foulkes and his use of some rather dubious tactics which led to Degg’s first bung  – the irresistible rise of that modern phenomenon/curse , the ‘Policy Advisor’ has struck again (see also Degg’s spin doctor successor at Wirral Council – Martin Liptrot).

For, as from tomorrow (March 1st), Degg takes up the position of Chief Executive of North West Business Leadership Team (NWBLT). Degg must laughing into her Uggs/Rocket Dogs as having snaffled not one ,  but two pay-outs from Wirral Council she now lands a plum regional job.

It’s all worked out rather well hasn’t it ?- as it always seems to do with these kind of people. Nice work if you can get it and you can get it if you’ve got the ‘right’ people to give you a good reference!



9 thoughts on “Where Are They Now ? Part 4 – Emma Degg

  1. G’day Leaky

    Good to see they are getting battered for their ridiculous waste of money “monthly comic”.

    You go on about

    “Yes, once again we’re talking about the Graham Burgess/ Kevin Adderley/Emma Degg er,’triangle’”.

    I think of this as being an “a cute angle”

    a^{2}+b^{2}>c^{2},\quad b^{2}+c^{2}>a^{2},\quad c^{2}+a^{2}>b^{2}.} a^2+b^2 > c^2, \quad b^2+c^2 > a^2, \quad c^2+a^2 > b^2.

    No Leaky “Highbrow” has not been giving me lessons like he gives “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING and Deluded Dill” and “The Shyster” Tour on a regular basis, I just like the equation

    Adderley being (a) Burgess being (b) and Ugh Boots being a (c).


    Talking of “Highbrow” he was going to go to the next full clowncil meeting, I think 6 March, but he has decided to leave it till the next one and give “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING and Deluded Dill” the opportunity to say why he hasn’t replied to his question by letter as he said he would on 19 December.

    Surprise…..”Highbrow” got his election expenses FOI that he requested around the allegations that “The Shyster” and “She With Swine Flu” cheated, the greedy little pigs, and he got it in world record time so they must think they have covered their big fat arses. Unless there is a mischief maker in that electoral office being as efficient as the claimant.

    Saying that they have suddenly become better……wrong.. “Highbrow” still doesn’t have his Corrin Kenny ltd BIG Fund award FOI around that dissolved company and a disqualified director maybe jaunting off to Reno with them, or something like that, and denials of it going kaput and other lies at Burgess’s farce of a public meeting 8 October the day he left.



    I doubt they will ever have a RIGHT angle triangle Lordsville they will be to busy down on the square with that wirral judge squaring things away.


    Time to resign Leader of the Clowncil and bring in Administration.

      • Oh Leaky

        I thought there was rather a lot of information from the incompetents.

        I also doubt “The Shyster” and his evil group have a leg to stand on.

        I was just about to comment to you about their junkets, no doubt to Oz.

        You expect top employees to be rewarded for good work and their part in making massive profits but this crud and dross at wirral don’t do either.



        Just for ignoring and trying to cover up whistleblowers reporting the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off they should be gotten rid of.

        Didn’t work “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive , LYING and Deluded Dill” we are still here waiting for justice.

        Don’t mention wirralgate.

        Don’t mention Lyndale.

        Don’t mention Girtrell Court.

        Lets all chant MARTIN MORTON he’s better than any of their own.


        Incompetence or cover up you ask?

        They wouldn’t know their enormous arses from their (fiddle r) elbows.

        I wonder how many elections would pay for that watch of “The Shysters”?

        Especially if he wasn’t paid for what he didn’t do…allegedly.

        See ya in court “Sir Git”.

  2. G’day Leaks

    Just glancing at that rubbish paper from over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters.

    Uncle Joe is still rabbiting on about Merseyside getting the Commonwealth Games ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    How many parasites will be going on that junket to the Gold Coast in Australia next year as a pretence of bidding soon.

    As we found out with Wirral “Funny” Bizz bidding for things is a farce, I think, “Highbrow” could correct me, the idiots down Campbeltown Road, with the backing of “The Chamber Potty” and AddereleyDadderleyDooLally were 13th but still got the millions.

    So I forecast Uncle Joe will have a big team and they won’t win, like his blues…….NOFFIN.

    I wonder how many Opens Uncle Joe has been to on account of “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive LYING and Deluded Dill’s” Hoylake?



    I wonder if AdderleyDadderleyDooLally and Burge(rwiththelotplus29mistakesin7second)s’s will be on that trip flying with Qaintarse.

    Luv ya as much as yesterdays pankcakes L with maple syrup on XXXXXXXXXXX

  3. Essentially, no matter how his Lordship and her Ladyship dress this up, and seeing as The Leaks is theirs and they’re fully entitled to dress things up, what we are talking about here is a herd of swine foraging and chewing at the low hanging fruit and bloody windfalls from the table of the public that continue, albeit voluntary, to provide them with the nourishment their fat bloated bodies demand from the trough of public bloody service.
    You’ve got a herd of swine here and this gathering of ravenous beasts need culling, slaughtering, processed, packaged and returned to the bloody food chain for our consumption in the form of bacon, sausage, pork rind and chops.
    You’ve got your Wirral and Mold Razorback Suckling Sow, noted for its low milk yield, desperate greed and its ability to survive only in conditions of splendid comfort, your bloody Pot Bellied Black Spot Saddleback swine first introduced to Cheshire and Lancashire by the bloody Vietnameese who stopped off with the beast after cockle picking up north and, more as likely, the ravenous Red Lop Wirral Wattle Pot Bellied Razorback, Saddleback greedy fuckng swine of a pig that’s an abomination to all things pork.
    This is essentially the problem with the Wirral. Too many pigs, to big a trough, to much food and no desire from the paying public to acquire a Captive Bolt, call a vetinary surgeon and kill the fucking greedy herd of swine who continue to suck upon what’s left of the publics funds.

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