Happy Halliday


Happy Halliday

Spookily, we were about to follow up our story about one of Wirral Council’s new ‘transformation’ gurus , Stewart Halliday,  when we were sent the above story from Private Eye with exactly the same title that this ‘excellent local blog’ was about to run with ( great minds etc;). We say ‘one of’ as we understand there have been two new highly paid ‘interim transformation ‘ council appointments to push through the further dismantling  of public services.

Astonishingly it has been suggested to us that ‘Happy Halliday’ could be in line for a significant  increase on the estimated £90K salary that he received at City of York Council despite leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.Talk about rewarding failure!

We’ve already reported on his previous involvement in a series of irregularities at City of York Council involving procurement and contract procedures and the use of consultants.  Among the allegations made against Halliday were that he failed to get proper tenders, quotes or contracts for £174K worth of work that he commissioned and he didn’t draw up business cases or monitor the work that was paid for.

Wirral Council – Where Transformation Means More Of The Same

Halliday had previously also been implicated in criticism that City of York Council had not been very good at publishing its data according to a report compiled by Spend Network, which forms part of the Spend Small campaign by the Centre for Entrepreneurs :.

“They ( City of York Council) are bad at publishing data that we could use to analyse what they are doing. It’s obvious they don’t think anyone is going to run the data against an algorithm. They have got dirty data, and manage it in a poor way. It’s not very helpful for people to use the data, and not helpful for people to read it as a human, it’s very hard to interpret.”


And so with Wirral Council pleading poverty at every turn and imposing a 4.99% rise in Council Tax it doesn’t sit well with us that they are potentially appointing two further people on six figure ‘interim’ contracts,one of whom at least , has a chequered past. This of course hasn’t prevented Halliday securing a big cheque future at the rogue’s paradise that is Wirral Council. As we know all too well Halliday follows a trail of local government garbage who have cleaned up at our expense.Who can forget Rob Vickers – the social care consultant who was paid £180K for 18 months ‘work’ which essentially involved helping to cover up two Department of Adult Social Services (DASS) scandals (‘the 4 week delay’ disgrace and, a thus far unreported, further unlawful overcharging of vulnerable people). And there have been plenty of others just like him, jumping on and off the endless money-go-round that is the Wirral Council consultant carousel.

We can only predict that one day we will look back and reflect that these were the darkest days in the history of public services – not just in terms of public finance, but in respect of the calibre of people who are running them and/or running them down.



A compiler of an illustrated dictionary may find a use for this picture of Stewart Halliday next to the word ‘smug’.


29 thoughts on “Happy Halliday

  1. This picture personifies the new, local authority, 21st century senior, smug, snide, smiling, schmooze-bag, snake oil salesman. All notions of responsibility and accountability go neatly sliding off those sloping shoulders as the beast creeps forward, eager to meet its next “transformation” challenge.

    Presumably, dishonest leader Councillor Phil Davies has head-hunted this one and perhaps has the beast earmarked for a proposed golf course, luxury housing, spa, whereby green belt is transformed / submerged beneath grey concrete and more years are added to the lifespan and the leisure time of those more affluent Tories lucky enough to afford a luxury house and to call this locality their home e.g. Councillor Phil Davies.

    • I think that bloke is Edward Woodward…….he needs to be set alight in a big thing………I have got some matches….

      And he does wear a tribal tie, so that makes it ok….

    • I think that bloke is Edward Woodward…….he needs to be set alight in a big thing………I have got some matches….

      He does wear a tribal tie, so that makes it ok.

  2. Dear lord Julian WTF are Wirral council doing employing somebody with such a chequered career, York council binned the man for alleged malpractice & numerous other misdeeds so did the council’s H.R department just take the man on face value without the usual checking procedure – of course not.
    This council is out of control with inept management who are supposed to be hard up yet this guy gets £90kplus duplicating the martin liptrot £350.00 a day job.
    The council are a disgrace and I cannot see an end to their lunacy God help us all.

  3. What the hell do Clare Fish, Joe Blott and the rest of them do? Why do we need to bring this shyster in? He should be up in front of a judge. Surely to God York couldn’t have given him a decent reference after that?!

  4. G’day Leaky

    I got a phone call on a bad line from “Highbrow” a couple of hours ago.

    He couldn’t stop laughing at the stupidity of them at the Clown Hall.

    Particularly Davies and Adderley and their Regurgitation Department.

    It was around his latest FOI reply about some disgraced and failed Big Fund recipient and like the rest that “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING and Deluded Dill”, Burgess and Adderley denied going kaput, Corrin Kenny I think is the name.

    “Highbrow” laughed his head off off saying you only had to look at the business address…..
    Egerton House.

    In bed with AdderleyDadderleyDooLally, Basnett and Davies until they had a falling out, went with them to the Isle of Man, and, the $64,000.00 question did he go to Reno?

    My guess is yes.

    He was chortling that it was no wonder that investigator from Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Thornton told Whistle Blower 2 that he should tell “Highbrow” to continue in his quest to show wirral what the incompetents at the Clown Hall were up to.

    Bad phone line or not he was giggling that I should look at the business plan and how a big team of professionals ha ha at wirral approved it. At great expense.

    He was laughing so hard at the Regeneration Department.

    Surprise surprise the business plan went to plan and they did go bad almost instantly.

    An external apparently warned them but do they give a shit…..No No No

    Another one they said hadn’t gone bad, lies, lies and more lies.



    “Highbrow” crackled away and said he was going to do some forensic work on it so I suggest “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING and Deluded Dill” replies to that question of 19 December soon because I can feel another question coming on.


    This means Leaky that every Big Fund recipient that “Highbrow” has seen, 8 or 9 I think, has been wrong so it is no wonder they have to get consultants in because they are not up to it and shouldn’t try.

    Everything they try to be clever with turns to shit because thay have been shit, proven by “Highbrow” time and time again, bring in ADMINISTRATION.

  5. Get the facts right before spouting off about how Wirral does business; you can write all you like on here about past & present employees but take a second to think about how much harm this does to the families of these people and how this may impact them about dis tasteful comments about how people go about making a living. Your blog is a joke and you hide behind your keyboard due to the fact you probably haven’t got a real job and you vent your frustrations out due to being turned down for a role here at Wirral

    • Blot on the wirral Landscape

      How very dare you “you can’t get angry” prat.

      What effect do you think your peanuts have on whistle blowers trying to save wirral £2,000,000.00.

      Hindered by Davies, Foulkes, Jones, Adderley, Armstrong, Davies, Crabtree et al.

      I witnessed in that court house over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters.

      “I can’t recall”



      Go ask “Sir Git” about the latest fraud he has been told about by “Highbrow”

      • Still fuming Leaky

        That prat of a supposed public servant Blot On The wirral Landscape.

        Let him look at fraud after fraud around Wirral “Funny” Bizz, Big ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods.

        Burgess lying, Adderley lying, Ball lying, Basnett being Adderley’s dogsbody, Tour sitting there allowing them to lie, Grant (Chocolate Teapot) Thornton sitting there mute.

        A supporting cast of Davies Davies Armstrong Crabtree Jones Jones Foulkes Doughty Green Gilchrist et al





        You Blot on the wirral Landscape are part of the crud, dross and shite around all things you let them get away with.

        If you and “Ecca” the Blinking CEO had any cojones you would act FOR THE PUBLIC of wirral.



        Luv ya Leaks on this day when I became an OAP. XXXXXXXXXXXX

    • Ooooo touched a raw nerve have we Joseph? Wirral is a cesspit and I say that from direct experience of the town hall and its machinations. Come back on and explain how Halliday can break OJEU regulations and move on to a highly paid job at Wirral! Gone on, I dare you!

    • Cause and effect Joe, lad.

      Did Halliday consider the harm he would inflict and the outrage he would engender when he sat down and decided to proceed down a course of calculated non-declaration? And all using the people of York’s cash. The same people who face a prison term if they withhold Halliday’s source of income.

      Who employed this individual?

      Was he one of yours?

      Did Halliday ponder on harm?

      More to the point, did YOU?

      *Think on* Joe, lad.

    • Oh dear sweet Joe, you were doing so well until the last tiny bit of your cleverly crafted plea for a little mercy, a slice of human compassion and the ‘what about the loved ones’ who thrive and benefit from the trough of public funding.
      I enjoyed it until the last bit, which was when the rot began to set in. Grasping at, ‘ probably being turned down for a Wirral BC job’, is where the rot set in and the low point of your offering began. Course, perhaps I’m being unkind. You could have gone on about their newborn babes sucking happily at the lactating nipples of their Mam’s breasts and being affected by their low milk yield brought about by the stress of it all but you didn’t. You didn’t and your written offering is all the better for it Joe.
      All in all Joe, you’ve got a half decent writing style that unfortunately loses much if it’s impact and weight when the begging for mercy ends and the speculation that his Lordship somehow or other once had high hopes to join you and all the others at the first sitting at the front of the trough. It’s silly Joe. Rather like you jumping into this bear pit believing you were adequately equipped to deal with the likes of us who constantly ask, ‘why is it possible to take all this money and spend it on yourselves’.
      That said, I wish you well Joe after and when you’ve read the biting response from the Towers.

    • Mr Blott

      The Leaks does the job that no internal nor external auditor will do, and with irony and wit that cannot be included in a Grant Thornton report.

      With data I have given him he is careful to check it’s veracity and where he cannot he does not publish. Otherwise if he had Wbc would have suffered a much rougher ride.

      Did j Crabtree threaten a councillor? Yes he did

      Did the councillors let off a lying ex mayor.. Yes they’d even though it cost Wirral two investigations

      Did Burgess and Davies claim officers had done nothing wrong..yes and the government auditor work shows a different story

      Did an ex Ceo Burgess and super director lie to the publicabout business failures in BIG yes they did bothdocuments and a john Brace tape prove that

      These are some of a myriad of facts chiselled from a hard rock face over long time and you are rather impertinent in your four fifty three am!! Message.

      If only Wbc had punished malefactors and told unvarnished truths Then Lord Leaky would have no oxygen Till then well must he continue.

    • I wonder whether Mr Blott you suffer from the same imprecision of language as does Mr P. Davies with his “only one of Big Fund recipients” meaning one of six rather than of all 49. Are you referring to Mr Griffiths who comments on this blog? And not to Lord Leaky?

      MR Griffiths did once apply to Wbc long before he discovered the modus operandi of the organisation. Subsequently on whistle blowing of some facts highly inconvenient to his listeners at Invest Wirral and Regeneration department, he did receive an improper offer of a job suggesting a purchase of his silence.
      The latter offer he did not pursue.

      The effect of Wbc obfuscations was highly damaging both to Mr Griffiths and to me and mine which will suggest to you, Mr Blott, as to why he continues to discuss the inadequacies of the organisation of which you are one of the Leaders.

  6. G’day Leaks

    “Highbrow” phoned again this morning.

    They are an absolute disgrace.

    In the business plan for Corrin whatesy it doesn’t even add up.

    They can’t do simple sums.

    They are idiots.

    They are simpletons playing with public money.

    Regurgitation’s work with Davies, Adderley, Ball and Jones make simpletons look clever.

    “I don’t understand accounting boyo”. Thicker than the chair Chair of the Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee “Mr bilong “Nurse Rat”.

    They should not be allowed one penny of wirral’s money.

    We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.

    The time is coming to get that head of the ill Legal Department “Sir Git” “The Shyster” in that court house over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters with his boy barista from London

    8 or 9 Big files and all are wrong.

    They are brilliant.

    How could they get 100% wrong?

    How many more cock ups were there?

    No wonder “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING and Deluded Dill” won’t write to “Highbrow” or listen to the great Martin Morton he couldn’t be honest if he tried.



    Luv your great work Lordsville wish they were half as good XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


    “Highbrow” just texted line is B4 development expenditures £26,600.00.

    A Corrin Kenny business plan cock up for all the world to see.

    “Dill” it is time to fess up and apologise.

  7. The good Councillors of York ( well all but the chair who flounced out last heard saying kangaroo court & his labour chum) have helpfully brought , on webcast cast some light in these events. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYo2jmUsfh4

    It may be instructive to view how hard the Councillors had to work to make sure this really critical report of Legal and finance dept, was finally discussed and published in spite of the best efforts of all three York Council statutory officers. Nearly 1000 views, worth every minute.

    • Hi Gwen I know that council meetings are like watching paint dry but I looked at the whole video which showed the failings of the council and what they are doing to change suggest our councillors watch to see they have inherited.

      • Thank you for these comments. It was a proud moment!

        The facts are that the Conservative led coalition with the lib dems have made a real commitment to transparency/this after a perfectly torrid time under secretive labour administration till 2015. Big problem, as you will have seen, all the Councillors (bar labour who as you saw roll over) also have to battle with the statutory officers, used to keeping Councillors and citizens in the dark (and in their places).

        I’m glad you listened through -as all three items, the entire webcast were about the same issue.

        Councillors did great, many citizens have lodged complaints regarding the conduct of the #flounceout chair, all statutory officers and auditors, rightly so. The chair needs to resign and statutory officers need to be out through disciplinary processes for their behaviours.

        Lets see if the minutes reflect the meeting… or not! 😉

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  10. I do not wish to preempt any comment that the admirable Wirralleaks might make about the salary of the disgraced Stewart Halliday, now ensconced at Wallasey Town Hall, but I have a feeling that it could well be described as “eye watering” and make Liptrot`s take home pay look like petty cash.

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