Nous Sommes Charlie

Nous Sommes Charlie

This post predominately ( but not exclusively) celebrates the endeavours of redoubtable Wirral resident Charles Nunn.

Check out his latest Freedom of Information request here :

Mr Nunn is a bona fide local legend who makes us look like the rank amateurs that we actually are.

Let it be known it was he who discovered the definitive Wirral Council remuneration of City of York Council incompetent Stewart Halliday and justifiably commented – because he comes from a generation who knows the difference between right and wrong:

So Halliday landed the top job of No: 1 Programme Manager at £188,192. which is about £30,000 more than the P.M. is paid.
It makes Liptrot`s salary look like mere petty cash!
So between August 2016 to September 2017 it can be confirmed that ‘Happy Halliday’ will cost us just over £188,000.
People of Wirral , just think about this statement for a minute  – a man who didn’t fulfil even the basic requirements of public service at City of York Council – and might we suggest his conduct borders on the criminal-  will be paid eye- watering and gut-wrenching amounts of public money by us! Because that is apparently what we deserve.
Unsurprisingly we have a recurring dream about putting Charles Nunn and Stewart Halliday in the same room and making the latter justify his salary to the former on our collective behalf.
Following on from the ‘Halliday Affair’ we had a tittylipped reply from someone who proudly proclaims themselves as ‘CYC Employee’  and who commented on our Reference Point story:
I think you will find this story is factually incorrect. I can tell you as a CYC employee …..who is sick of the York Trolls their lies and hatred of anyone who has ever said no to them…… that Halliday left in March 2016 before the new CEX started in June 2016. So it seems he started his new job after the Interim CEX had left….so as anyone would you would get your reference form your last line manager. CYC staff are sick and tired of Ms Swinburn
A message to ‘CYC Employee’ : The only thing that we were incorrect about is that Halliday is on even more than we originally reported ! Our bad ! Next thing you know ‘CYC Employee’ will be telling us Halliday’s referee , Ms Kersten England, knew nothing about his nefarious activities before she gave him a reference! Good luck with that one!
Note to ‘CYC Employee’, we’d have Ms Swinburn as a witness as to how City of York Council, and indeed how modern local government works, over anything you have to say any day of the week!
However we are grateful that the foolhardy ‘CYC Employee’ has provided us with a name , which will be from here on in , be the Wirral Leaks collective name for apologists of local government malpractice . I name thee :  ‘Brenda White’.
And just to remind the ‘Brenda Whites’ out there –  the good people of the world are not responsible for your mortgage payments just because you are prepared to defend the indefensible. Got that?
And finally, just to clarify – not only do we love Charlie , we also adore Gwen.
And indeed all those who say on our collective behalf who say :  ” NO!, this is not good enough”

20 thoughts on “Nous Sommes Charlie

  1. Bravo Mr Nunn and Wirralleaks! The public purse is our money ( yours in this case). It is good to know there are people in Wirral as keen as we are in York to call out and stop waste and wrongdoing.

    It was good of ‘Brenda White’ to make such a helpful contribution. On at least one point ‘she’ is right. Kersten England would have been the person to go for the reference- interim had come and gone, latest CX wouldn’t have known Stewart. I guess a reference from the S151 or leading Councillors might have been an option.

    Regarding CYC staff are ‘sick and tired of Ms Swinburn’ I am sure there are some who think that, the ones at the top who I keep exposing for their wrongdoings ( with the keen help of the rank and file workers and fellow citizens).

    So I guess the way I can improve my popularity is clear, City of York top staff, please just follow the law and the constitution. long ago gave up expecting any more. Lets start with that, then I can stand down 😊

    • Look out Gwen….it’s the Boomerang

      “We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.”

      (No Yorky, that’s not about your place..ha ha)

  2. The redoubtable, indefatigable Gwen S.

    I’d suggest EVERY council needs such a person.

    £188k would never be enough. They are priceless.

  3. G’day Leaks

    “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive LYING and Deluded Dill” has still not written to “Highbrow” as he said he would at the fukk, sorry typo, full Clowncil Meeting of 19 December 2016.

    Not even a postcard from Cannes.

    The man is a compulsive liar.



    Luv ya Leaky XXXXXXXX

  4. Why do local government workers operating within large unwieldy amorphous organisations assume that above them their bosses do never take advantage of the unholy mess that is local government.

    They assume their probity is that of their superiors. The difference is that the ceo’s and directors are facing an open goal, they can chip the ball in, blast it or head it anyway they desire and they always score.

  5. Ex CYC ‘staffer’ here. Halliday, as a permanent member of staff, albeit seeing out his days in a temporary role, was quite entitled to his redundancy payment. Quite how he, or indeed anyone, can be worth over £180k in their current job takes some explaining. That’s about the same as his former CYC boss is now getting as Chief Exec at Bradford – a tough gig. What is Wirral’s Chief on?

    How was he able to behave at York in the way that he did? Look no further than the mention in the now disclosed audit report to culture issues within his part of the organization. There’ll be keen interest from quite a few current and ex-staff in seeing how this unfolds. He made a lot of (powerless) enemies.

    • Hi ExCYC- agree re his payout, it’s how the Public Sector works, he had been permanent so as frustrating as it may seem, it’s how it is.

      I went into West Offices on the day the expose appeared in the York Press. There were so many comments and (delighted) looks from seething staff.

      How sickening that someone at such a high level, with such a command of Council systems, so close to the statutory officers, got away with deliberately abusing the procurement laws, procedures and document retention protocols.

      How sickening that he was allowed to get away with it for years.

      How sickening that whilst front line staff were being cut to the bone and stopped from spending, he just carried on, no checks no balances, no controls.

      It defies all reason that the then Chief Executive, Monitoring Officer and S151 and internal audit were so remiss with their statutory responsibilities.

      We need then ( with previous paragraph in mind) to ask why the ‘investigation ‘ into this procurement was such a light touch.

      No amount of assurances that there was no fraud ( from CX S151, External and Internal Auditors and even ( according to the CX, the police) will assure taxpayers – when no contracts & only patchy outputs were identified-such an assurance is impossible to give.

      Of course the ‘powerless’ and tax payers deserve better. Councillors are clearly not content. Those of us who can, will keep pushing.

      How Wirral then recruits this person on two and a half times his CYC salary defies all logic and credibility. Those ratepayers in Wirral don’t deserve this, no one does. Wirral Councillors will do well to listen here- who knew an audit committee could be such compelling listening.

      • Wise words Gwen.

        And at a time when the customer services function is about to be slashed by half and compulsory redundancies have not been ruled out.

        It’s planned shrink it from 200 down to 100 full-time staff in order to impose a new internet-based management system, that’s likely to be out of reach for the growing number of elderly, disabled, vulnerable citizens.

        To put the icing on the cake, the “transformation” big wigs have reported formally, describing this as an “opportunity” – and something which will improve services for the very people whom, instead of being statutorily protected and engaged, will feel isolated.

        I fear the system may be bullied into position at all costs, then the 100 staff who don’t “make the grade” gagged and dumped cheaply.

        There is much more here, with further links:

  6. G’day Lordsville

    Wouldn’t yo think L that “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING and Deluded Dill” would be able to reply to “Highbrow’s” question of 19 December 2016 as he promised he would.

    There must be so many old french letters lying around after all that soft marketing.



    I presume AdderleyDadderleyDooLally, “The Chamber Potty”, “Burgerwiththelotplus27mistakesinsevenseconds” and Ugh boots were over there talking of “soft”.


    No Leaksville there would not have been any Triangles d’amour you cheeky monkey.

    Foursomes peut-être.

      • You win Leaksville

        As you can tell my french is a slightly better standard than “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING and Deluded Dill’s” business savvy.

        Although saying that Leaky I would have definitely had much more success with french than the peanut who is the leader has had with business.



        After this French junket I can’t wait to see how he handles his York Halliday.

        Luv ya to the moon and back Lordsville XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  7. My dear wife thinks it hilarious that she is sleeping with a “Local Legend”
    My two daughters residing in California have not stopped laughing across 7,000 miles.
    I have asked that, in view of my newly elevated status, I am treated with great deference by the female members of my family
    As yet, my justified request has fallen upon stony ground.
    I knew it was the start of the rot when we gave them the vote!

    Seriously. Let us all keep up the good work and bring the many, many scandals at Wallasey Town Hall to the attention of as many voters as is possible.
    Remember. No local elections this year but next May, apathy may return the same numpties to power.

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