Getting It Wrong

Get it Wrong

The late ,great meme-tastic Gene Wilder explains the Wirral Council modus operandi

The ‘Invitation to Tender’ (ITT) document  for ‘PROFESSIONAL SERVICES FOR GETTING IT RIGHT PROJECT (SUPPORTING ACCESS WIRRAL AND CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE TRANSFORMATION PROGRAMME)’ is most revealing for those interested in finding out where Wirral Council is heading. As far as we’re concerned its willingly over the precipice dancing to the Pied Piper of private enterprise.

ITT Getting It Right 2017

Behind the convoluted branding and language the document simply sets out the means by which Wirral Council are seeking  to outsource public services and put people out of work. Indeed the latter is explicitly stated in the specification of the contract at  2.1 of the ITT document  : Reshape services to reduce significantly, over three to five years

The former is set out in the Scope of the tender at 1.1 as follows:

We have already undertaken significant work to develop our programme; we are implementing a new operating model which sets out the future operating principles of the organisation which includes a strategic hub, business management function and service delivery through a mixed economy of direct provision, shared service and commissioned outcomes

The council has also set out a commitment to take a commercial approach to service design, management and decisions, encouraging innovation whilst optimising assets and services to exploit opportunities to generate income surplus for reinvestment and reduce costs.

This ‘new operating model’ (mainly filched from elsewhere) apparently also includes ‘imaginative’plans for Wirral Council to become an energy provider!

This doesn’t augur well as the ruling administration at Wirral Council have an inglorious record of keeping the people of Wirral in the dark and freezing out the opposition.

Having said that the thought occurred to us that if you can’t beat ’em , join ’em . We thought momentarily that we’d join the  serried ranks of ex- council  employees topping up their pensions merrily making their former colleagues redundant and helping to hand over precious public assets into the private sector. Accordingly Leaky Towers Inc ; were  considering an application to pick up the phones and respond to complaints etc; on behalf of the people of Wirral ( in return for a mahoosive  contract). However our application stalled at Method Statement 5 which read :

How does your organisation use the power of markets to solve social and environmental problems whilst demonstrating the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability?


All we can only presume that Wirral Council are particularly hoping for an explanation as to what public transparency and legal accountability actually are as they appear to be alien concepts.

Meanwhile the likes of ‘Capita’, ‘The Contact Company’ and the ‘Wirral Chamber of Commerce’ can only be licking their lips in anticipation of things to come.


9 thoughts on “Getting It Wrong

  1. What else is this but…

    Hard Right “Labour” politicians … doing the Tories’ dirty work for them…?

    I won’t be surprised if there are OBEs, MBEs, Knighthoods one day for the most committed, dedicated and productive of the council’s axemen.

    That and the ongoing opportunity to abuse power, elected, delegated, whatever – and dodge their statutory obligations to protect vulnerable people.

    These surely have to be the callous, destructive scoundrels’ motivations.

    Nothing else would add up. Why put themselves and us through it otherwise?

  2. Just occurred to me, apologies for not being up-to-speed, on message and gender-inclusive in that last post.

    I meant to say “the council’s axemen AND axewomen”.

  3. Christ on a bike, how much more of this bullshit laden jargon can they spew? Is this what thousand of £’s buys us? A team of consultants to defecate phrases that mean nothing to anybody else but the same suits who congregate like flies around the open sewer overflowing with turds of cash swimming their way to the consultancy soil pipe. Somebody call DynoRod, the drains can’t take any more.

  4. G’day Leaks


    They can’t do it it Lordy.

    They are not up to it.

    5 July 2011 I went and told them half wits down Campelltown Road were in the process of knocking off £2.000,000.00 and what did they do?

    Half wits for fucks sake, imbeciles that couldn’t add up.

    They continued to pay them for eighteen months and let the baddies away to Portugal scot free, that is apart from your £2,000,000.00.

    They didn’t even get these numpties to sign a contract.

    They are still defending their behaviours which were vile and outrageous.

    They are not up to it.

    God only knows who is helping themselves as we speak?



    Anyone in their company or “The Chamber Pots” company like Corrin Kenny, Lockwood, Harbac, “Spotty Blue Teapot” et al should be looked at.


    Absolutely nothing has changed or improved since 5 July 2011 and won’t


      “We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.”

      I have just heard an Aussie voice on a Sat Nav… I’ll swear it said all that…

  5. Little chance getting a phone complaints contract when there are possibly far better placed service industry contacts in the more ‘friendly’ chamber of commerce…….

    • Very perceptive. I expect you mean someone “Massive ” will produce the ” best value ” bid.
      BTW there has still not been any formal response to the Lauries complaint
      The LGO will hopefully come through with a result on the complaint about Wirral’s failure to comply with their own complaints procedures.
      They seem to think that putting out spun press releases that avoid the true substance of the issue is adequate to calm the proletariat.

  6. Part of Adderley / Basnett / Hamid et al plans along. Just watch how many public buildings the Chamber get given by Davies and company……..

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