Transformers 2

We need to thank our lucky stars that Wirral Council ‘leader’ ( ha!ha!ha!) Cllr Phil Davies aka Power Boy Pip yesterday authorised a Wirral representative to attend a ‘Transformation’ beano in Manchester today.

Unfortunately that representative was his namesake Cllr Angela Davies.

Although it must be said that whilst ‘Our Ange’ knows all about the ‘public sector transformational journey’, it would appear she didn’t like it much. Whilst working for the NHS she was quite happy to enjoy the transformation of the drug and alcohol services over into the private sector in the guise of ‘Crime Reduction Initiatives/ Change, Grow, Live’ but then it all got a bit messy for the poor lass. And whilst she was quick to criticise her new employer on the QT she soon hotfooted back to secure employment within the  NHS when she realised just exactly how they meant to ‘transform’ services.

And so the moral of this story would appear to be that ‘transformation’ is alright for us plebs but not for those with a secure pension plan – and the opportunity to enjoy free lunch and refreshments at the Manchester Hilton!

5 thoughts on “Transformers 2

  1. So “Government Transformation” is it?

    Presumably, masquerading behind this bold, heady phrase will be the Tories’ well-advanced plans to trim every area of hard fought for public services and ease them safely into their chums’ grasping private sector hands.

    What a relief for the Tory hackers and slashers that they’ve West Kirby’s finest, Hard Right Labour Phil Davies installed safely and carrying out their every wish to the letter as part of what he dubiously brands “his own” 2020 Vision, which presumably will have been cut from the Tory Party Central Office website… then pasted onto Wirral’s.

    And he’s even sending delegates at our expense, booted and suited to posh hotels at a moment’s notice by the look of it, desperate for the latest guidance to fine tune his slashing.

    Presumably Ange approached Phil and with “principles” like those described above to defend / nurture / burnish, a steady allowance, AND a regular public money salary to keep the wolf from the door, Ange could go far – if she remembers to hold her nose when it all gets a bit too overpowering !!

  2. The Sat Nav that I have borrowed has transformed its self into some sort of strange boomerang radio drama (all with an Aussie accent)……it says…..’in four hundred yards turn left’ and then it goes off on one…and says..

    “We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.”

    And then I say “Christ I am just trying to get to Manchester.”

    • G’day “Interested”

      I think the people of wirral deserve a radio play.

      Some suggestions for a title would be welcomed

      Phil the Deluded Dill and the Rogue Sat Nav

      Phil’s Lying Cheating Hiding Obfuscating telling Bare Faced Porkies days at wirral

      Phil’s I want to be a Celebrity like Foulkus keep us in here

      Phil’s bessies Brawl at the Hall at the Charity Ball

      Phil’s second bessie Crapapple and thanks whistleblowers don’t come back.
      He He (I won’t be)

      Phil’s grandparents “The Pretend Friend” and “Missus bilong him “Nurse “Girtrell” Rat”.



      Radio 4 and wirral radio I think “Interested”.

      Shit I’ve given them the idea of a radio station.


  3. G’day Leaksy

    I do hope they have told their new employees that like what they did with Wirral “Funny” Bizz all those years ago that when signing up all these investors they amassed in Cannes that we draw up the contracts but never put pen to paper.

    Just in case.

    Oh shit I forgot these new numpties have failed elsewhere and knew all those tricks before “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING Dill” had told his first lie publicly.

    No no no he probably always was a liar from schooldays.

    Mum must be so so so proud.



    Do you think they will ever do the RIGHT THING Lordy and let “Highbrow” and I go away forever?


  4. Oh Julian Justice have I got news for you. They had to change their name from CRI to CGL. Pathetic. Because of little old me. I wanted to know at a public meeting why it was called the Crime reduction initiative when the crime was going up and up because they were taking ex addicts off Methadone and reducing them against their wishes.. Some of these people take them for pain. Some take them and haven’t done a thing wrong. They collected their scripts quietly for years and kept jobs and so on. But no this lot all they did was reduce ex users forcing them to beg borrow and steal to replace their medication. Boots Rock Ferry was attacked and robbed 4 times before Christmas. Burglaries are up. My next door but one neighbour found that out. Seriously you want to address corruption at it’s finest go for this lot. I may be out of date but all the doctors and key workers have gone. All of them great people have left the service refusing to treat the clients so poorly. They are forced on courses and so on. I used to work for Arch. The people cared and worked hard. Crime dropped considerably and many addicts or ex users were doing just fine. I know one person who’d been off street drugs for 20 plus years. They reduced his prescription by over 70% and he tried to kill himself. Now he’s lost his family and his sanity. All about the money. Most of them have NO experience in the field and no empathy. One of them Mark Ashcroft I think he’s called looks at his clients as if they are dog shit on his shoe. So the name change came from my comments at a meeting and from the doctors surgery I am a erm can’t think of the word. Contributer as a patient. I thought I’d been ignored until I saw their new name. Every word is true. It’s going to fail badly and it will take a senior police official and others to point out what a fucking disaster it is. They are so inexperienced it’s almost funny.

    But it’s not it’s sad and disgusting. Another horrible incentive which name eludes me right now something like Positive futures etc. They are a bunch of supposed ex addicts who talk people off drugs. They go to meetings and declare I won’t use againloudly and do a quiz that would make a child laugh at how easy and pathetic and patronising it is, and get a certificate at the end. Push them pull them the two headed lama is treated as god. The whole thing is a farce. So they had a system that worked and now they’ve replaced it with the utter dickheads that they’ve put in now. Corrupt foreign doctor who can’t get work anywhere else in Europe anyone? Seriously Change grow live. Nope Change save money pay more wages destroy lives. That’s what they should be called.



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