‘The Lauries’ Lingers

The lauries desperation

All of our best stories rely on sheer persistence .

God only knows what Wirral Council would get away with if we weren’t here to shove that thorn forcibly in their side.

So following on from ‘Wirralgate’ , BIG/ISUS/Working Neighbourhoods ,  ‘Crabby’ Crabtree , ‘Happy Halliday’etc; etc; we proudly present the latest development in ‘The Lauries’ debacle.

Well, not proudly actually , shamefully is the word. To think that the garbage at Wirral Council/Wirral Chamber of Commerce can just get away with their usual abuse of power, because, well they just can,are not over. If nothing else they are subject to our critical eye.

The latest development in this sorry saga is the tawdry press release above , where Wirral Council ‘leader’ Cllr Phil ‘ Power Boy Pip’ Davies  joins fellow human melting wax candles Cllr Jean Stapleton and sideshow MP Frank Field in a desperate attempt to defend their indefensible position when it comes to the annexing of ‘The Lauries’.

‘The Green Party’ will do anything to get publicity” claims Power Boy Pip. To which we can only say that’s a bit rich coming from someone who employed their own ‘Policy Advisor’ at our expense and then enabled his neighbour to get a further gig because let’s face it this inept fraud couldn’t run a bath let alone a toxic and dysfunctional council !

What Power Boy Pip doesn’t mention ( perhaps because he has to check with his personal handholder, Martin Liptrot, first ) is that he has FAILED (and not the first time) to reply a complaint that is now with the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) about ‘The Lauries’.

As local Green Party Councillor Pat Cleary states:

‘Wirral Council has failed to respond to the complaint and completely ignored emails from me to address the matter. As a result, the issue was taken up with the local government ombudsman. It will not investigate yet but has promised to contact the Council to ensure that our complaint is progressed properly through the Council’s procedures.’


‘Progressed properly ?’– Good luck with that one, Pat!

14 thoughts on “‘The Lauries’ Lingers

  1. This is not a Green Party initiative Pat is supportive and a signatory but the complaint is made and Co ordinated by a strong community organisations Birkenhead and Tranmere Neighbourhood Planning Forum.
    We are not a political organisation
    Our members include persons who were on the Boards that secured and decided on Objective One projects and former members of “old” Lauries who have informed of events that lead to closure of the Lauries Social Club and the demise of community control of this valuable community asset.
    The building is supposed to generate a surplus to be used for community benefit. .There is no evidence of this over several years.
    A coach trip for the old folk and a day out at a theme park for local kids would suffice but alas there was nothing in the pot to spare.
    The Chamber may pay market rent at the Lauries but look deeper at the “management charges” the Chamber make for providing a shared receptionist service

  2. Can Phil explain why the Wirral Chamber run the centre for the Lauries and also why council assets are handed over to the Chamber of horrors for peppercorn rent?
    Would there be a balance sheet of funds given to the Wirral Chamber and what returns the council gain from the investment?
    Finally received my edition of the Wirral view only had to wait until March after flicking through the pages I didn’t see any number or email were I could request the council not to bother putting the piece of shit through my letterbox again, there should be a return to sender envelope with every copy.

    • Just send the shite back without a stamp on it, address it to the minister for Propoganda himself, Phil ‘Power-Boy Pip’ Davies lol.

  3. Please note that the complaint about The Lauries Limited referred to in your article was submitted by Birkenhead & Tranmere Neighbourhood Planning Forum, which is a non party-political community organisation. Two signatories to the complaint are members of the Green Party but other signatories are members or former members of the Labour Party and others have no political affiliation. It is therefore wrong to characterise this complaint as having been originated by the Green Party.

  4. Re: the crappy leaflet.

    A council leader sounding like an alehouse racist. “…we don’t like to criticise others but…” then he takes great pleasure in trotting out a string of ignorant falsehoods.

    If people are posting this shi1te through the letter boxes of good citizens minding their own business, why is it not seen as littering?

    • For which a Wbc sponsored organisation will fine you £60!

      Get Wirral view off our streets, buses and doormats!

      By the way Mr P Davies when exactly are you writing to me as promised at Council meeting of threemonths ago?

      You simply said ” I refute what Mr Hobro says” but to refute you need to adduce facts and arguments, and that being the burden of you promise to write to me.

      I am the one in six( as the big fund investigations), who will return to the Chamber to get the answer by reposting the question in written form.

    • G’day Paul

      “Sir Git” taking notes with his cheap plastic biro?

      I see he couldn’t lift that monster watch above the parapet.

      Was she who was glued to his hip guarding his watch for the two weeks of that court case over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters there today?

      She was probably out spending her share of Burgess’s election expenses.

      Oh no… he didn’t share did he?



      • If ‘she who was glued’ to Sir Gits hip was not there….. I would like to suggest that she was in fact there; as she is nuclear.
        Quantum Physics tells us that.

        (Yes I have ‘transformed’ into Brian Cox!)

        Or maybe I have just been hit on the head by the….

  5. G’day “Interested”

    You should see what that boomerang has picked up in passing a copy of the

    Companies Act

    and the

    Insolvency Act

    to boot.

    That “Highbrow” is definitely clever enough to be an Aussie “Inty”.



    Might explain the worried look on “Sir Git” “The Shyster’s” dial.

    Not the dial on his enormous watch………

    you can be such and egit “Int”

    The big fatty chubby dial on his oversized body and it might also explain that very very ruddy face that’s making “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING and Deluded Dill’s” refusal to reply to “Highbrow” and makes him look like a heart attack victim according to Bobby47’s missus who is a nurse, not of the same ilk mind you, as, “Missus bilong “The Pretend Friend” “Nurse “Girtrell” Rat”

    I luv you more every day Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    You too “Interested” but please keep up.

    Go have a Russian tea with “Highbrow” he might explain it to you if you shout.

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