Purdah Palaver

Steve Rotheram 012

Apparently we are in ‘Purdah’ – the period prior to an election where public bodies are constrained when it comes to communications in case it adversely interferes with the democratic election process.

The ‘democratic process’ involved at this particular time is the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority ‘Metro Mayor’ election on Thursday 4th May.  We’ve had our poll cards posted through the letterbox at Leaky Towers and tossed it into the junk mail tray in acknowledgement of the sheer futility of voting in this particular political sideshow. Whilst it will provide cash-strapped Wirral Council Returning Officer Eric Robinson with another bumper payout it will be , as far as we’re concerned , just another stepping stone on the road to political oligarchy. The People’s Socialist Republic of Merseyside –  only not for the people and without the socialism obviously.

However ‘Purdah’ gives Wirral Council the excuse to be even less forthcoming with the public than they usually are. But it’s not all bad news – it means the publication of Wirral View has been suspended.  Which surely is a tacit admission that the truly terrible rag is indeed a political tool and was never intended to address anyone’s ‘information deficit’.

Talking of which – some of you may have had the privilege and honour of having the Labour Party leaflet in support of Labour candidate Steve Rotheram shoved through your letterbox.

As you can see from our above picture it tells you everything you need to know as to why a once great party is now appealing to the lowest common denominator.  Steve’s big selling point apparently is that he is a ‘brickie’ and therefore ‘one of us’. Although he’s not a brickie – he’s an ex-brickie and now very much part of the political elite. The only way being an ex-brickie is a selling point when it comes to being the ‘Metro Mayor’ is if Steve is going to personally help build new homes to meet government housing targets!

Sadly for us it’s a further demonstration that the once great Labour Party (and particularly some elements of the local party ) have become in the words of a memorable phrase we picked up this week ,  ‘the pitiers of the poor’.   Witness the evangelical zeal (and we use the term advisedly ) with which local foodbanks are promoted whilst one of their political leader jets off to Cannes and stays in £407 a night hotels. This one to be precise :

Marriott cannes 2

Of course Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies’ rationale would be that he’s there to ensure international investors will flock to the insular peninsula to ensure future prosperity of Wirralians forevermore.  However after the many past fruitless excursions around the world have resulted in rotten tomatoes we’d be forgiven for waiting until something actually comes to fruition. And then if it does why do we get the impression that the beneficiaries will be big business and the political / council officer elite setting themselves up nicely for when Wirral Council becomes merely a ‘local commissioning hub’ for the Liverpool City Region?

11 thoughts on “Purdah Palaver

  1. Phil Davies seems to have an endless supply of carrots and false hope that Birkenhead is going to be revamped. Just check out how long he and his ‘friends’ has ‘reigned’ in this particular area and ask yourselves, if Phil Davies and his merry group of cheerleaders are so ‘good’, why is Birkenhead right now in such a neglected state? The answer lies in that word ‘Neglect’.
    Verb: fail to care for properly.
    Noun: the state of being uncared for.

    Yes, that just about sums it up.

    ‘False hope’, ‘False claims’ and probably more ‘Fake News’

    • How this council can keep claiming that things are coming is beyond me, town gets worse and worse and worse. But all is not wrong, some decay has been around that long that outsiders are beginning to wonder. As a manager of a Merseyside Arts Group I have been asked questions about the row of boarded up houses we fondly know as Borough Road. How delightful a spokesperson has told me, a terrace of shoppes from ye past, overlooked now for 40 years even though they are on a main route into your wonderful town centre, they would like to put them forward for The Turner Prize as the terrace in Granby Street won in 2014, Imagine them featured in The Guardian Arts page.
      Grange Road West, Charing Cross, has anyone really looked at the state of Birkenhead centre from the flyovers, looks like the Luftwaffe have just visited, combine that view with Central Hotel, surely to boarded up soon? Pot holes, more and more street lights going out, only positive thing of late is to be The Hive and that is to be run with volunteers!
      Birkenhead centre is a disgrace, French travelers are using it now I believe, as some sort of staging post in their travels. The only bright spot used to be Hamilton Square but you take your life in your hands after dark there, unless you like mingling with solicitors clerks and estate agents during the day.
      I have my pen ready for Mays elections, I hope we can shift the complacent swines noses from the council trough. Cannes, 5 of them…!!!

      • It will soon be a toss up as to whether the Luftwaffe or Phil Davies and his cronies did the most damage to our town. If only doing words meant actually doing something! Too many failures – too many white elephants – too many non developments – no more excuses. Please go to Cannes and just stay there.

    • Frank Field is lauded as some great local socialist politician when he is clearly a Tory! I’ve said many times about the state of Birkenhead – how does he get elected? Birkenhead CLP must do something about this – as should Wallasey CLP.
      Take a trip to Seacombe and Egremont and see the place with open eyes! They are just waste lands. Eagle likes to show off New Brighton but have you ever had a close look at Liscard?
      It makes me laugh when I look at her twitter page – a view of Liverpool for a Wallasey MP!!

  2. His press conference was covered on the local news and the man the TV captured Steve the Brickie speaking to was none other than Kevin Adderley!

  3. And here is the BOOMERANG….back again…….already……

    “We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.”

  4. Interested:

    Surely you cannot be referring to the dedicated senior public servants who strive day and night, through snow and hail , flood and tempest to make life for us Wirral peasants happier and wealthier.
    They award themselves such pitifully low salaries that, I understand, a Food Bank is to be opened at Wallasey Town Hall.

    Far from condemning them we should be having a National Day of Rejoicing that people like Mr. Robinson, Mr Liptrot and Mr. Halliday (on £15,000 a MONTH) are prepared to sacrifice so much for so many.

  5. Philly boy Davies the long lost love child of Thatcher, Tory in Labour clothing, never has a leadership done so little for a borough as these bunch of cretins.

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