Reference Point 2 : A Halliday Hullabaloo!

Truth Sounds

There’s been yet another twist in the tale of the ‘Happy Halliday’ saga :

Happy Halliday  Nous Sommes Charlie Reference Point

Indomitable Wirral resident Charles Nunn has valiantly chased up queries about the appointment of controversial ex City of York Council (CYC) employee Stewart Halliday to Wirral Council and received this response from elusive (and gullible?) Wirral Council CEO Eric’ Feeble’ Robinson :

‘Thank you for your email  dated 13 March 2017 and follow up email on 26 March 2017. 

 The Council’s Human Resources Team has confirmed the following:
Mr Halliday is engaged via an agency through the Council’s contract with Matrix Ltd.  Under the process, Matrix require supplying agencies to supply references for the previous two years employment history.
These references were sent directly to the line manager recruiting the worker.  There is no requirement for our Human Resources Team to be involved in all such engagements.  The line manager also elected to seek an additional reference from the former Chief Executive of York Council and subsequently a further reference was provided to the agency by the Director of Communities and Neighbourhoods still currently working at York.
We have been advised by Mr Halliday that he refutes all the allegations which are matter of ongoing dispute between him and his previous employer. It is not appropriate for Wirral Council to comment any further on these allegations.’
However  Charles ‘ trans-pennine contacts were having Nunn of it (geddit?).

Here’s a couple of responses from his contacts in York which have been judiciously edited , not that we doubt the veracity of some of the statements , but we know how delicate the sensibilities of our highly paid public servants are and we don’t want to prompt another outraged response from’Blotto’! . The first goes something like this :

‘I’m utterly gobsmacked at the response from the C.E.O. of Wirral Council, but, knowing how these organisations work, perhaps I shouldn’t be? ……….The Director of Communities and Neighbourhoods was Sally Burns at the time Halliday was there, but, she has also now left…..Judge for yourself – here are the dynamic duo in action (do try not to fall asleep whilst watching their spell-binding performance:

It is laughable, and outrageous that Halliday refutes the allegations…….

The front this man has, beggars belief…
Halliday hasn’t “refuted” anything.
He has “denied” it.
There is a big difference in the meaning of these words.
There is NO ongoing dispute twixt Halliday and CYC.’
The second comment is no less compromising :

‘The  current holder of the grandiose title of  Director of Communities and Neighbourhood did NOT provide a reference. I am certain, as are no doubt you, that it was a previous post holder Ms. Burns who, like (Kersten) England furnished a glowing testimonial.

In order to “refute” something one must put forward evidence and argument to conclusively demonstrate that the allegations are invalid.  Halliday has NOT done this.  Indeed he cannot. 
We know for an indisputable fact what the procurement rules are – and also for a fact that he has failed to comply with them.
Ergo – he is guilty as charged.
His denials are worthless; but he is hardly likely to openly admit wrongdoing is he?  Or accept responsibility for it all? ‘
In an attempt to resolve the matter CYC Councillor Mark Warters has waded in (geddit?) in an attempt to address the discrepancies seemingly raised in Stressed Eric’s email and has asked current CYC CEO Mary Weastall the following questions :
Dear Mary,
Following the receipt of an FOI response forwarded to me from a concerned Wirral resident penned by the Wirral Council CEO that Stewart Halliday is in “ongoing dispute” with CYC;
Please confirm that Mr. Halliday is in “dispute” with CYC and what the nature of the dispute is.
Please also confirm the origin of the second reference provided to Wirral Council from the Director of Communities and Neighbourhoods “still currently working at York”, I assume that was the former Director Sally Burns who departed under a reorganisation some time ago.
If this was the case why was the reference provided from this directorate as Mr Halliday was working for the Chief Executives Directorate.
I understand that a reference was obtained from former CYC CEO Kersten England, was a reference ever sought from the CYC CEO at the time, I assume that was Steve Stewart?
I look forward to the LGA investigation into the 22nd February A&G meeting and wonder in relation to the “ongoing dispute” with CYC if the LGA brief should be extended to cover all aspects of this sorry saga including the procurement fails at CYC, the relationships between CYC officers, including Mr. Halliday and the external communications ‘consultants’ and Mr. Halliday’s subsequent employment at Wirral Council.
I am sure the LGA would be keen to operate across two local authorities to get to the bottom of these matters if only to prevent further reputational risk to member local authorities.
Thank you in anticipation of your assistance in these matters.
To which we at Leaky Towers would’ve been ready to heartily cheer ‘here!,here!’,  if only the Local Government Association(LGA) were not involved!
However I’m sure we’d all like to know who’s telling the truth don’t we ? – place your bets now on the ‘Stewart Halliday Sweepstakes’. Which is a bit like this week’s upcoming ‘Grand National Sweepstakes’ which involves the public losing a lot of money on something that should have have put out to grass a long time ago.

14 thoughts on “Reference Point 2 : A Halliday Hullabaloo!

  1. Any truth in the rumour that Kimil yun will be appointed as new communities officer and Vladimir Putin will have a role in town twinning? Would be no worse than the shifty characters presently being appointed!

  2. Since when has any appointment bypassed Human Resources? Isn’t that their responsibility? Come on Eric. The truth will set you free!

    • G’day Stevie

      Absolutely no disrespect to you but if you had seen two of the senior HR people in the witness box at that whistleblowing case over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters were “The Shyster” was parading his fucking big watch with his bodyguard attached to hip you would know why they didn’t involve them and if they did they would just cave in to any pressure.

      Or, just do as they were told without taking notes and if shit happened they would give the standard answer “I can’t recall” and “Blott on the wirral Landscape” who can’t according to that wirral judge can’t get angry would back them up, without notes. He’d probably know from down on the Square.



      Luv your work Stevie, no kisses Leaky gets terribly jealous.

  3. Well, I sat down, swallowed a single dose unit of diazepam, popped the top off me ale bottle and with a tear in either eye, I clicked on the link and watched the entire YouTube filmed performance involving him and bloody her that concerned two people, clearly deeply enthusiastic about their roles, talking at length, longer than I would have liked, about the most boring, tedious and dreary dross that is, delivering public services.
    Quite how two people, who I assume are not in love, can witter on and on and on endlessly about the most mind numbingly boring shit one can imagine and then, enthusiastically and with great gusto appear to be deeply enthralled by the whole package of verbal bollocks is genuinely and sincerely worthy of some praise. Talking about shit, and becoming visibly excited about that tedious shit is no easy thing to do and to do it, with such ease and comfort, is no small fucking achievement.
    In the end, once my mind began to drift into the dark and depressing areas of self harm and even suicide, my humanistic survival instincts began to kick in and I began to focus more and more upon the fella’s head and in particular, though it probably doesn’t fucking matter, to the number of times his neck muscles were engaged to nod his fucking head.
    Over and over again, time after time, in response to anything, no matter how boring or trivial she spoke of or mentioned during her ramblings of what was essentially bollocks, this red, rosy cheeked fella continued to nod his head affirmitively. Like some nodding dog laid upon the parcel shelf of an old Ford Anglia, over and over and over again, without a single break or a glimpse of something that gave a clear sign to the viewer that the fucking ordeal was about to terminate, still he kept nodding his approval to whatever was said in response to whatever was asked.
    Relentlessly and unabated he nodded and he nodded. Throughout it all, and I watched it so I should bloody know, I counted at least five hundred and seventy six nods of approval or agreement from the skull of this new WBC employee.

    • He won’t be here much longer Bob. Once Charles catches up with him and the lies and full extent of the banditry are laid bare for all to see.

      I could only watch 3 or 4 minutes of the dross. But that same old paradox reared its ugly head very quickly. “We need to save 2 million quid. We need ideas from you the public on how this can be achieved.”

      Obvious really but … whatever you do councillors, keep a beady eye on him who’s got the damn gall to look long and earnestly into the camera lens, whilst secretly busting every contract rule that’s going behind our backs, and then relying on her sitting on his left to bale him out with a reference so he gets a stab at near trebling his salary working for another basket case. Easy really.

      Sack the bastards and don’t pay them off. Okay, not quite the two million needed, but don’t stop there. Have a clean sweep of senior shysters and crooks.

      And don’t let those crooked internal auditors protect your shitty, soiled reputations. Sack them too. Job done.

  4. The (Aussie) BOOMERANG…..

    “We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.”

    …..On the Wirral Biz/Council scandal…

  5. I like the definitions of Refute and of Deny

    I shall dwell further on this illumination (not to me but for Cllr P Davies) in a submission to me Lord.
    Refute is a great. Powerful word…


    With great power comes great responsibility

  6. G’day Leaks

    They have the cops with no case to answer they have Grant (ChocolateTeapot) Thornton on side and staying schtum they have a wirral judge in court and today again I heard their media mate from that rubbish radio station over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters have a lame interview (reading) with Clowncillor Kid Matty Patty the young T***** and then for everyone’s mate Philips 20 watt trying to defend their new comic to all comers.

    Pathetic he has to win cos he has the off button..



    Can’t wait for the interview err I mean reading without questions about “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING Dill’ and his treasure hunt to Cannes.


  7. Good Lordy, the Aussie is so funny don’t you think…..’Philips 20 Watt’…. Ha Ha

    I assume everyone knows that he is the Deputy Lieutenant of Merseyside…….. (Not the Aussie)

    • Yep “Interested”

      He’s a Manc and as such knows nothing about football like the rest of them.



      You have to have a sense of humour on the dole “Int”

      Luv ya work

  8. An interesting update. It seems clear to me, and anyone who followed the A & G Scrutiny meeting in Feb, that there is no dispute between Mr H and his former employers. The report found that whilst he hadn’t followed procedures he did nothing criminal or illegal. And as he left before all this became apparent there is no sanction (i.e. disciplinary measure) that his former employers can now take against him. He played a blinder. (On a footnote Mr H would have deployed full disciplinary measures against anyone in his reach who made such transgressions on his watch and who he wanted rid of. Fact.)

    As to the question of references and other matters raised by the excitable Councillor for Royston Vasey (‘local shops for local people’), Mark Warters, I think he will find, regrettably, that the horse (to continue your equestrian metaphor) has well and truly bolted.

    A plague on both their houses.

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