Where Wirral View Goes To Die

Wirral View Tip

A tomb with a View or rather hundreds of them!


Wirral Leaks proudly presents the final resting place of  undelivered and unloved Wirral Council newspaper Wirral View. We’re glad to see they’ve ironed out their distribution issues at last.

We often say that Wirral Council throw away your money but here is the photographic proof.

This astonishing picture is believed to have been taken last week by a concerned citizen at the Heswall branch of Tesco and sent to all Wirral councillors – and inevitably leaked to us . It came with the following comment :

‘Still bundled ‘Wirral View’ plus many more loose copies. I’d taken these out of one paper bank to take the photo, and then put them back in afterwards because I didn’t want to be accused of ‘fly-tipping’! There may well have been lots more buried inside the 6 paper banks. ‘

May it rest in pieces!

20 thoughts on “Where Wirral View Goes To Die

  1. G’day Julian You can move my last post to this new blog if you like if it is not any effort. Whatever Ooroo James

  2. I wonder if there are many more failed contracts handed out from our Cabinet to ‘their chummies’ that we have yet to discover?

  3. Guess what Lord Leaks? I am interested in Art – and your suggestion that the next Wirral View could promise to be very ‘Warholian’ certainly touched my fancy.

    And then concerned of Heswall goes and provides a very Warholian photograph!

    Do do you just simply look into the future m Lord? Tell me, how do you do it…..

    (Not that Aussie doesn’t rule though……..ok)

  4. I live in the Leasowe area – never had a copy of Wirral View through my letterbox – I contacted my councillor who told me to get one from the Millenium Centre! I am disabled and can’t drive.

  5. It’s all rather apt really isn’t it. ‘Doing It For Themselves’ can most certainly apply to the good people of the Wirral, who, having witnessed everything they once held dear and took for granted being outsourced, doing it for yourself will eventually become a common practice across our entire Country. Clean the streets! Do it yourself. Cut the grass, then do it yourself. In fact, pretty much most things will eventually end up being done by the people themselves and whilst Lennox and Stewart never had the bloody Council in mind and only ever mentioned the women of our society, and the song is poorer for it if my views are worth a jot of notice, then by excluding men and directing their dire warning to the females of the species, I can see why Martin and the runt of the litter went for this particular header for their pointless and meaningless news source that hopes that the women pick up the slack and do it all themselves and help the bloody Council continue upon their path toward the fiscal abyss and excuse them from ever doing anything of service to the people.

  6. I hope Councillor Phil Davies and his Labour cronies are proud of themselves, not even having the sense to dispose of it discrete manner rather in public. If Phil you are reading which we know most councillors do then hang your head in shame knowing that you are wasting my council tax.

  7. Spotted Highbrow outside Morrisons in New Brighton last night…….it was a bit like when you spot someone famous in London………..spotted Vivienne Westwood once………..but Highbrow beats her…………in his high vis jacket………ha ha

    • G’day “Interested”

      I met “Highbrow” the other day at the library computers too to talk turkey(s).

      You aren’t that clever “Int” you could see “Highbrow’s” high vis jacket from the moon.



      I’m not gonna tell you which turkey(s) we were talking about but we could have seen the time from the moon, the purple face, the pay packet, the car number plate, the cheap cider club, her knocking down Girtrell Court and the comb over from hell.

      Still luv you though Leaky XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      My audition was fun the other day “Inty” but I don’t think comedy is me I have more a face for radio.

      Sadly not as pretty as little “Matty Patty” with his big testi.. err spectacles, baby face and royal accent from moreton.

      • G’day “Highbrow”

        Was it big Jack (with his beanstalk) to check out the site for his golf resort?

        Was it Stella Shui? (Looking for Kevvie)

        Was it “The Chamber Potty” buying some peroxide?

        Was it “The Pretend Friend” in his Santa Suit confused about Easter?

        Was it the pretty boy “Little Matty Patty” on his way home from school doing Fartin Lobsterpot’s shopping?

        Was it a French millionaire wanting to buy Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters?

        Was it Rupert Murdoch looking for the Morrison’s waste disposal to see a rare copy of his major opposition newspaper (comic)?

        Other supermarkets are available with at least a thousand spare copies each.

        Was it Andrew Lloyd Weber looking for that community centre and clowncillor “Crisp Packet” with three business plans at £3,000.00 a pop to put on his latest musical

        Ecca The Invisible CEO on £250,000.00



        I give up “Highbrow” but I bet it wasn’t anyone wanting to be open, honest and transparent.

        Six years on.

        Well fuck me it wasn’t the Raworth/Turnbull with their £2,000,000.00 was it?

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