Aintree Irony

For those of you looking for a last minute topical tip for this afternoon’s Grand National Wirral Leaks  provides you with this free cut out and keep guide to some of horses that have caught our eye:

grand national 011

This one is for fans of Martin Liptrot – that’ll be Wirral Council leader Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies then. Liptrotsky is always the perfect candidate for Pip regardless of his experience or qualifications. Who needs an Equal Opportunities Policy when your mate is the Leader of the Council? This is also one for fans of Stewart ‘Happy’ Halliday  – that’ll be his preferred referees if not our friends in York ! And again this will be popular with the Basnett clan because a) if you’re related to Princess Paula or b) you’ve  lamped the former CEO of Wirral Council over a shared perk then you’re the ‘perfect candidate’ for the Wirral Chamber of Commerce !

grand national 013

No, this isn’t for fans of the current Labour administration at Wirral Council. They’re definitely (spelt correctly) NOT red! This one is for fans of current Wirral Council CEO Eric ‘the Red’ Robinson. No, we’re not referring to the fact he’s an LFC fan among all the high profile bluenoses at Wirral Council – we’re talking about his visage and his presiding over the ‘Wirral Council High Blood Pressure Club’ alongside Cllrs Phil Davies, George Davies and Steve Foulkes. Whatever could be the reason for the beta blockers?

grand national 016

It may have been a stellar notion for Wirral Council to place their bets on a Hong Kong bankrupt Stella Shiu. However we suggest looking elsewhere for a winner as this one could end up like Stella herself –  falling in the (Wirral) Waters.

grand national 015

This is one for fans of the Hoylake Golf Resort . That’ll be Power Boy Pip again – shame the response to the desecration of the Green Belt in the name of big business has been decidedly under par.

grand national 017

This one is for  Kevin ‘Lost’ MacCallum’s Communications Team at Wirral Council. Apparently they’re not averse to a tipple at our expense. Celebrating the launch of Wirral View and recently celebrating St Patricks Day. We wonder if they’ll drown their sorrows when Wirral View ends up in the recycling bin – again.

grand national 019

This one is for all fans of Wirral Leaks as we continue to expose dishonesty,incompetence and corruption and prick the pomposity of local politicians and senior council officials. But unlike Wirral Council we ask you to gamble responsibly. When the Fun Stops Stop! 

12 thoughts on “Aintree Irony

      • Hey Niall!, even we know it’s filler and nothing more and yet you feel so threatened you need to make a disparaging comment on a Saturday night.Check yo self!

      • G’day Niall

        I can vouch for Leaksy he does have something to write about.

        Davies, Burgess and Adderley being proven liars.

        You won’t have to wait long.

        And he is a beautiful person.



        “Interested” that boomerang is on its way round.

        Niall “The Pretend Friend” even tried to get “Highbrow” involved, the old welsh creep.

  1. Niall, you are famous now that you have been mentioned in the same sentence as the old welsh creep….haha.

    • G’day Niall

      I wouldn’t wind up “Interested” that boomerang is a weapon of mas(terbater)s destruction.

      Look what it is doing every time it goes over the dump in Brighton Street?

      It exposes “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING Dill” and another of his gangs fraudulent activities, Lockwood/Harbac, Aspire etc etc.

      His gang don’t sign contracts, his gang don’t obey the Insolvency Act, his gang don’t listen to Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistleblowers telling them about a £2,000,000,00 knock off.



      I presume if you don’t like what the Great Lordsville writes you are a big fan of the Wirral View Up Davies Arse, comic.

      No one dis’s you MY LORD XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX not on my watch.

      • And here it is, the BOOMERANG…

        “We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’very lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.”

    • Fair enough.If we dish it out then we deserve to get it back….and what’s more you were right! But hey some people had some laughs and made few made a few bob off of it!

      • G’day Leaks

        If Niall couldn’t pick a few names to take the piss out of you he must have the sense of humour, and, be about as quick witted as “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING Dill” taking 100 days to reply to “Highbrow” a non-answer to his question.

        “Highbrow’s” sent another FOI and I will bet both Niall’s testicles about it being another wrong un.

        C’mon lads fess up and lets get on with the now and future you muppets.



        I still can’t believe Lordy “The Pretend Friend” tried to get “Highbrow” involved in the last fraud “Highbrow” detected.

        The old boys network didn’t work ha ha ha ha.


  2. You continue to make me howl Leaksy…brilliant!
    “…we’re talking about his visage and his presiding over the ‘Wirral Council High Blood Pressure Club’ alongside…”

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