The Pantomime of Parlour Games


Blind man's buff

How Wirral Council likes to treat its tax payers.

We never thought we’d see the day when we’d be quoting Lenny Henry. However we were in the Leaky Towers parlour reading The Sunday Times and something he said resonated with us as it was a neat summation of a dramatisation that we’d received of the ongoing Wirral Council whistleblowing saga involving Nigel ‘Highbrow’ Hobro and friends. Henry is talking about his role in the Bertolt Brecht play ‘ The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui’ which  is a satirical allegory of the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany prior to World War 2.

Henry comments : ‘If good people do nothing. , terrible things happen. There are parts of the play where if somebody would go ‘No I’m not going to do that,the play would end’

As you will discover Mr Hobro presents us with yet another play without end.

A pantomime in three acts

Act 1     Blind Man’s Buff

Act 2    Pass the Parcel

Act 3    Musical Chairs

Dramatis Personae

Bob Neeld WBC accountant

Diane Bradbury formerly appearing in WBC Regeneration Department now Head of Commercial Waste in WBC!!

Peter ?  colleague of Diane Bradbury (now retired)

Several members of the Independent Panel

The Aspire Trust (in Liquidation ooooo!) and the Aspire Creative Enterprise ( in liquidation tooooo!!) Both in liquidation from January 2015 with Parkin S Booth who also are kindly appearing.And behind the curtains…….. Headmaster S Peach formerly of the Olderhaw School and subscriber to both Aspires.


The several attendants of the Independent Panel are spun round three times with blindfolds attached by DB and P. They must make their way towards awarding £15,000 of BIG money to a charitable educational company not fitting the base criteria of the BIG award.The Narrator quotes an officer of WBC :

“ BIG is a business grant intended to be used to help businesses attain sustainability by investing in new plant,….not provide a platform to continue operations whilst seeking other funding services”

Reveal the only forecast provided ( credit sales of £83,000) the projected cashflow, to cries of “Sixth form Business Studies” standard pooh pooh

Bob Neeld: holds up placard for audience “ A quick short response is that the business’s solvency cannot be commented on as there is no history. I cannot judge whether the business plan is sound, the market exists or the predictions of turnover or profit realistic.”

Audience invited to shout-IT MUST BE STONE DEAD THEN!!!

Invest Wirral give independent Panel members another spin just for good measure.

Narrator (off-stage) cries out…What about the VAT threshold of £73,500? No mention of Vat for a hot-desking operation letting out multi-media equipment. Isn’t that the point of the trading arm Creative Enterprises , to go where the charity Aspire Trust cannot, without fear of Corporation Tax and loss of charitable status .Where have I seen this recently, yes the Lauries and its trading arm!

Meanwhile the independents on the Panel are blind-folded so they don’t see the placard they just are read out the synopsis which says that Creative Enterprises is not a new business after all. Because WBC says it is so.

Audience is invited by Narrator to remember our celebrated panto of “the Emperor has no clothes” where The Emperor, buck naked insists, he is wearing the most sumptuous of clothes.

Audience invited by placard to “BOO” and Narrator shouts

“It was incorporated in less than one month before!!”

The Act closes with the presentation of a giant £15,000 cheque to Mr Hobbs of Aspire Creative Enterprises.

Applause and boos


The dramatis personae return to the stage and explain how each of them can’t be held responsible.

The blind-folded independent panel members:


They bow and leave the stage

The Councillor with his rubber-stamp (recommended as large and colourful)

I was told that both senior accountants of WBC, Wirral Invest and senior independent business experts all approved this so I took their word. Oh and a couple of my colleagues sat on the Oldershaw Academy Board with Head teacher S Peach , he was a subscriber of Aspire’s two companies (wink wink)

He bows and leaves the stage to a humorous trumpet blow (the more raspberry, the better).Bob Neeld comes to the fore-stage with a Pontius Pilate washing of hands:

“ You saw my email on the placard. I soberly warned and rest my case”

He leaves to a grave blow of the tuba.

Enter Diane Bradbury and Peter and Paula Basnett:

Paula Basnett:

“I am just a marketer. My colleagues have the on-line qualification over-a-couple-of-weeks –low- cost Prince qualification blame them”

Diane and Peter to the front of the stage:

“We have nothing whatsoever to say” and snigger

Exeunt to be replaced by Invest Wirral staff (faces covered by masks)

“We don’t understand accounts it is up to Bob Neeld not to us”

All now have left the stage leaving a giant parcel left in prominent view.

A character with a t-shirt marked “Wirral rate-payer” to enter stage, pick up parcel and leave as lights are dimmed.


Narrator enters with placard bearing :-

Accounts of Aspire Creative enterprises for 429 days to 31st March 2012

Sales                                   3,474

Grants (other than BIG)       9,272

Release of BIG                      3,541

Depreciation                        (4,722)

Consultancy                        (1,500)

Accounts                             (1,298)

Other                                   (7,044)

Narrator: What happened to the £83,000 sales then?

To the grave sounds of tuba Bob Neeld shouts “I told you so”

Voices offstage “ no-one should hear of this!”

Narrator : “Fast forward to January 2015”

The lights dim and on relighting we are at the offices of Parkin S Booth with a calendar showing January 2015.The functionary of Parkin S Booth :

Both Aspire Trust and Aspire Creative Enterprises both have attended my offices and solemnly declared they have no assets to speak of and owe on each part the sum of £40,000, a total sum of £80,000.

Audience invited to OOOoooo!

Narrator speak: I recall Aspire Trust each year declared their ownership of a artwork valued at £20,000 at 2010 accounts; £50,000 for two by Michelle Molyneux in March 2013

Functionary: “I didn’t hear that!”

Narrator speak: I recall Aspire Trust each year declared their ownership of a artwork valued at £20,000 at 2010 accounts; £50,000 for two by Michelle Molyneux in March 2013

Functionary: “I didn’t hear that!”

Narrator speaks: “Are you as deaf as a post or as deaf as the liquidators of Lockwood Engineering Ltd?”

Functionary: Are you a creditor? If not shut your gob and stop waving the accounts of the Trust at me. I aint getting paid ,so I aint investigating. And there’s that!”

Narrator speaks (hoping for support from the audience): But, but, the more this happens (s206 Insolvency Act) the more stringent banks become and the fewer charities and businesses will be able to borrow. Rules is rules aint that so? Was it not the purpose of BIG to provide cash to businesses that could not get it from banks? How is companies going bust and not declaring their assets going to encourage banks to lend?

(to the audience) :  It’s naughty isn’t it children?

From the wings the voice of Councillor Pat Hackett: “You are hurting good people”

Music and enough seats for all bar one

All dramatis personae on stage

Music starts up and all characters go on stage and dance round the chairs. After several rests of music only one character is left standing, with his arms stretched out and wearing the t-shirt “Wirral Rate-payer”




14 thoughts on “The Pantomime of Parlour Games

  1. I remember when in pantos they used to throw sweets out to the audience,now it is only thrown to the front row and it is all in brown envelopes-‘Oh no it isn’t-oh yes it is’!

  2. G’day Leaky

    You let “Highbrow” loose with a pen, did you consider a sword?

    Or, “Interested” even a boomerang?

    I didn’t go to Oxford Leaky just the University of New South Wales so can you tell me is wirral BC a pantomime or a circus?

    I just keep thinking of all the old blokes down the pool of a morning saying “Oh AdderleyDadderleyDooLally” and his dogsbody are getting a big lump of dosh lets get down to the Clown Hall or “Chamber Pot”.

    Don’t worry if she hasn’t peroxided, or, if he isn’t smoking out the back with his latest they won’t check out our (dodgy) accounts and if they do I will play golf with “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING Dill” and tell him what a great idea his ridiculous golf/football resort is and won’t mention his fuckin massive posh housing estate no local will be able to afford.



    Encore Encore


    Isn’t it great they can’t change what happened Lordsville and there is more to come unless they do the RIGHT THING.

  3. A good analogy my Lord. The quote derives from Edmund Burke.

    If anyone goes to what do they for nigel hobro and downloads the three applications they will be struck by the havering language used by highly paid civil servants which insidiously leaves room for the real sense absolutely to be overturned. EXECUTIVES should be clear and decisive not mealy mouthed and wavering..why ever else did we pay these civil servants good salaries and pensions.?

    As to the liquidators charging up to £300 an hour…I wonder whether their not getting paid for their shoes work of the liquidation is their charitable donation to some worthies including an Mbe who find themselves in a pickle. Of course not being paid means no funds to investigate as explicitly stated in the liquidators report. This is so akin to the Harbacs Lockwoods case that it could attract the adjective SYSTEMIC


      The liquidators account shows

      Partner total time One half of an hour at £250 ph viz £125

      Other senior time on investigations 4.5 hours including writing reports

      I leave it to the reader whether of the 38 total hours recorded at average of £130 ph it is appropriate that 33 are for standard going through the motions and only 5 for investigations

      Is it not just a sausage machine?

      • In Lockwoods case the liquidators purport to have spent 4.2 hours on investigating. The partner chalked up two hours at £350 ph

        Like undertakers company funeral managers seem to get paid very well indeed for marching slowly with a measured step eyes always ahead and not to be distracted by any inconveniences that present themselves

  4. G’day Leaky

    You should have given that “Highbrow” a sword Lordy.

    Or, a boomerang “Interested”.

    When I worked at Wirral “Funny” Bizz the half-witted director Raworth ha ha ha who got away with £2,000,000.00 of wirral publics money told me he agreed with his partner I was lazy, told me he couldn’t let “Highbrow” near Big fund applications because he wouldn’t give the £20,000.00 to people who were theoretically bankrupt.



    Raworth and Turnbull as shown in the report by The Government Internal Audit Agency, 1 Horseguards 11 December 2014 should never have got the contracts in the first place.

    Luv ya Leaksville maybe a sword is not the better option than “Highbrow’s” pen.

    Will they fess up and do the RIGHT THING this week My Lord?

  5. By the Way Leaky

    I don’t know that I do believe the contracts with Wirral “Funny” Bizz were not signed.

    Could this be another LIE?



    How did AdderleyDadderleyDooLally find a token one signed for Graham Burgess’s farce of a public meeting into Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods of 8 October 2014.

    Was that before or after the punch up?

    The punch up that made “Ankles” “The ex-Dunny Chain Wearer’s” “Brawl at the Hall in the Name of a Charity Ball” look like a Clowncil Meeting at wirral…….all handbags and “Little Matty Patty” in his grown up suit and Royal accent.


  6. Here lies “Accountability”…


    Same age as Jesus Christ.

    Let’s exhume the corpse, attach electrodes and bring about some miracles.


    “We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.”

    • Thanks “Interested”

      I have had so many people agree with me and my whistle blowing but thank you for standing up and being counted.

      I can’t agree it is brave it is just good, honest, decent behaviour.

      The bullying by “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING Dill” “The Purple Faced People Eater” and idiot, half wit should be stopped not just ignored.

      It is obscene for him to show his lying, scum bag ways and activities and stand in public and lie in front of kiddies like “Little Matty Patty”.



      The old hard heads like Jones, Foulkes and Davies think it is business as usual.


      • Look out! The BOOMERANG is back already….

        ” We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies”

  8. £15,000 to be donated to a charitable educational company.,

    Exactly the same amount that the Wirral Community Charge payers are stuffing into the bank account of the totally disgraced Stewart Halliday EVERY MONTH!!

    Interesting that the C.E.O. at York City Council is very slow in responding to a request by a York Councillor, Mark Warters, to confirm if there is an “outstanding dispute between Halliday and her council” and if one reference was from, “A York senior manager still employed there”
    It is certain that these claims in an e,mail to me from Eric Robinson, after a considerable delay on his part, are lies and that someone has been very,very economical with the truth; no prizes for guessing who that might be
    I wonder if the phones between Wallasey Town Hall and York have been ringing?

    • I should add the reasons why such a company was barred.

      Specifically since the year before Wbc had run the Community Enterprise scheme setting aside a similar figure to big viz £800,000 FOR SUCH COMMUNITY PROJECTS.

      Generally since unlike commerce charities and social enterprises get access to many other grants and can be exempt from business rates viz the £9292 grant exposed in aspire accounts.

    • G’day Chas

      No wonder they all have very pink/purple heads somewhat like heart attack victims.




      LG is not Local Government anymore Chuck it is LYING GOVERNMENT

      You have to be a liar to get a job that’s why they didn’t offer me a job as per their whistleblowing contract with me.

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