Is There Anything Wrong With This Page?

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We notice that the Taxpayer’s Alliance have published their annual list of the highest paid, so called, public servants . You know , the ones we pay through the nose so they can keep their noses in the trough – purely because they can speak BS and do a powerpoint presentation AT THE SAME TIME! Glory be! we need to grovel in admiration!

Needless to say Wirral Council features on the list.

To which a couple of our commentators responded as follows :

‘Good to know town hall fat cats across the country are doing their bit in the face of savage guvmint cuts by awarding themselves massive pay rises. 
Funny that Wirral Council is cutting adult social care at the same time it’s introducing an adult social care precept. 
Not hard to guess which adults it is providing care for…..Step forward Blotto and Feeble.’
As they stole ‘Blotto’ and ‘Feeble’ from us . We’re stealing ‘guvmint’ . Genius!
Meanwhile someone who seems to have spent some time at the newly opened, glorified ‘yoof club’ that is ‘The Hive’ says :
‘Forget ASBOs – it’s these MOFOs that have caused downfall of society. 4 real! ‘
Who are we to disagree?

Meanwhile an exasperated Wirral Council officer shakes their head and with hands on their hips says:

“This information is published by the Taxpayers’ Alliance every year, and every year is inaccurate.

In this particular case, the salary quoted for the chief executive is wrong – and there are no council officers earning more than £300,000.”

Might we humbly suggest that the £371,848 remuneration to an ‘unknown strategic director’ best known for smoking, shagging and fighting included a £250,000 bung for him to slither off to the Wirral Chamber of Commerce?  We may be wrong, but let’s face it, we very rarely are!

The deeply aggrieved Wirral Council mouthpiece helpfully points us towards the Wirral Council website for clarification:

It is interesting to note that at the end of the page it asks the pertinent question:


To which we at Leaky Towers can only reply : ‘Hell, yes!, where do we begin?’

For starters – Eric ‘ Feeble’ Robinson is on £178K ? – everything that is wrong with the world right there when that elusive mediocrity is on that kind of money.

As for Blott/Armstrong/Hassall – they were put on God’s green earth to be despised by us. They have succeeded. They now need to take their pensions and disappear.

We reserve judgement on Fish as apparently she had a bit of beef with Emma Degg and the former unexpectedly won. Go Clare!

Paul Satoor as Transformation Director is a new one on us. Jeezus his Department must be bigger than Dr Jekyll’s laboratory. But with the same results – full of havoc-wreaking, cash guzzling monsters like Mr Halliday, sorry Mr Hyde.

The rest of the list is a dispiriting roll call of overpaid nonentities but we were particularly drawn to the name Nicola Butterworth. Any relation to ‘Stressed Eric’ acolyte Stephen Butterworth? Or shall we just rejoice in the influx of Butterworths to Wirral that make all our lives just so much better?

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15 thoughts on “Is There Anything Wrong With This Page?

  1. In his most recent job, Satoor was work buddies with “Opposition” leader Councillor Jeff Green – at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency – and has moved seamlessly from one stonking public salary to another, probably after a positive word was put in secretly, to grease the path a little, by somebody well-connected, thriving on the corruption, and a long-term benefactor from the proceeds of the stinking cesspit and the toil of the bent villains driving the perpetual, grinding Wirral machinations…

    …but who on earth that could have been, I know not.

    • It’s a tough call but we think that Cllr Jeff Green might just about be the worst of the lot.The constantly fulminating, permanently outraged heap of impotent fakery…..and they’re his good points.

      • Cllr. Green was initially very enthusiastic when I raised the Halliday scandal with him. He told me that he was requesting an “urgent” meeting to discuss the matter with the inept and overpaid Chief Executive.
        That was several weeks ago.
        In spite of a couple of reminders from me, SILENCE

    • I believe that this gentleman landed the lesser paid of the three new appointments.
      That is a mere £139,000.

      However, no point in asking Wirral Council to confirm this as, with my F.o. I. requests re Halliday, they will hardly bring themselves to confess that he exists.

      And so the publicly funded gravy train rolls on and on whilst we, the peasants who pay the inflated salaries of the Council hierarchy, can only protest through Wirraleaks and other media and hope that enough anger rubs off on the voters at next year`s Council elections.
      Sadly I do not have very high expectations

      • I think Satoor’s a permanent employee. But with those employed via an agency, like Halliday, the Council should reveal the amount of public money spent paying them. Eric Pickles’ “Local Government Transparency Code (February) 2015” has the details in a note at the bottom of Page 11:

      • My Lord, I was interested to read that your favourite bad Cllr was Cllr Jeff Green. (And you spoke so well of him)

        My favorite bad Cllr has to be Cllr Tony Jones who help so much in fecking ‘over’
        (see my Lord, I do learn) the sacked New Brighton Lifeboat crew.

        My sat nav says that his fave bad Cllr is…. (in an Aussie accent)……

        ‘”……in four hundred yards….. It is the Welsh Creep…..

        Who knows what the real Aussie will say……..I know he rules though ok…….
        (I swear no disrespect my L…)

      • Perhaps we were being a bit harsh – but at least we can’t be accused of political bias. The thing is Green is not an out and out baddun like some – but considering what the Labour group have been up to his opposition has been largely ineffectual. He also made us a bit queasy the other week when after one of his ‘outraged speeches’ he winked at Pip as if to say ‘your turn’. All seems a bit rehearsed.

  2. Don’t forget that Jane Clayson within Transformation earns the same as the French Elvis. She has produced nothing in 8 months but as she is drinking buddies, meal buying and occasional hotel sharing buddies with Michele Duerden she gets a free ride. Question is does Michele disclose this “hospitality”?

    By the way surprised you have not found the cosy working relationship between Liptrot and Halliday yet. Day to day line “management” of Liptrot is the French Elvis.

    The 2 Butterworth’s aren’t related. Nicola has been brought in to manage contracts. Believe me this is one thing the organisation needs. Just look at the Biffa contract 😉

  3. G’day Leaks

    Two of my favourite people in harmony.

    What a beautiful thing.

    You and St Wirral in it Together.

    I spend some of my days insulting “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING Dill” “Ankles” “The Pretend Friend” Phil the Dill’s Ugly Twin Brother with the Comb Over from Hell” “Missus bilong the Pretend Friend Nurse Girtrell Rat” “The Shyster” AdderleyDadderleyDooLally “The Peroxided Chamber Potty” “The Angry Little Man who Never got the Job” et al because they shat all over “Highbrow” and I.


    What has that scruffy old man who’s too tired to shave let alone lead a party, or, the leader and the only man that smokes more than AdderleyDadderleyDoolally and anyone else in that shit hole of a chamber in Brighton Street done for honest upstanding Wirral Funny Bizz whistleblowers?

    They are all tarred with the same brush.

    Get out now “Little Matty Patty” before you become one of them.

    Have a word with mummy son and smell the coffee.

    Nobody wants to be one of them cheats and liars that reads on the radio the propaganda they give me to read.

    Look what they did to their Fudge It and Risk It Mis-Management Committee stoolie when the shit hit the fan………absolutely nothing.

    Public servants ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha



    The only one that stood up to them vaguely was Stuart Kelly and they got rid of him……

    No one has stood up to them and said but they had a whistle blower contract with us.

    Luv ya Paul but not as much as The Good Lord XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. The only public servants around here are the residents. We brush and pick up the rubbish in the streets and on the beaches. We park where we can , even though we pay for the privilege . New Brighton where I live, has had lots of money spent on it, but because it’s not being looked after by the council, properly, the street lights aren’t working already. But as we’ve been told no money. I love my home town, and despise these stupid money grabbers for what they’re getting away with, as has been said we let them get away with it. So so pathetic.

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