Pop Ups For The People

Barclays 011

When we first heard that a disused bank in Hamilton Square had been taken over to house and feed the homeless we naively thought that  Wirral Chamber of  Commerce under the guise of a ‘Birkenhead First ‘ initiative were behind it.

We weren’t just convinced because the former bank was a Barclay’s – which let’s face it has to be the Chamber’s bank of choice! No! -we also found out the ‘Love Activists’ were involved . We assumed this was an offshoot of  the Chamber’s  ‘Fantastic Festival of Beautiful Things’ . All very touchy-feely, hippy -drippy and vaguely nauseating.

Fantastic Festival of BS

Plus the fact it all seemed to encompass two headlining modern themes : ‘pop ups’ and ‘homelessness’ – which all of a sudden are ‘sexy’.  As we know the Chamber of Horrors CEO Paula Basnett can’t open her mouth without using the term ‘pop- ups’  but when it comes to homelessness were not talking about vagrant love we’re talking about how homelessness (like foodbanks) have suddenly become a fashionable issue to be seen to support . Something which shames us all.

Birkenhead First (Among Equals)

Now we hesitate to use the term virtue-signalling because as Aesop said : ” No act of kindness ,no matter how small, is ever wasted” . However there appears to have been a worrying shift from preventing homelessness to sustaining the homeless on the street. Dare we suggest this approach only exacerbates the homelessness situation. There are sandwiches, hot drinks, blankets and even haircuts dispensed by commendable volunteers but no money for support services and a lack of affordable housing which would prevent vulnerable people ending up on the street in the first place!

As far as we’re concerned this is David Cameron’s nightmare vision for a ‘ Big Society’ made flesh . A community of volunteers providing what were essential public services to the vulnerable as there is no other option because public money has been diverted to pay inflated salaries to high level ‘public’ servants who frankly don’t care if the homeless (or any of us) live or die.

Now of course we know that Wirral Chamber of Commerce have nothing whatsoever to do with this particular ‘pop up’ we are warming to the ‘Love Activists’. They even offered our photographer a cup of tea. They seem to understand that life is is rough out there for rough sleepers especially when it isn’t for our rapacious leaders .

Barclays 012.JPG

9 thoughts on “Pop Ups For The People

  1. G’day Leaky

    I love it when you talk about my favourite couple.

    “The Permanently Peroxided Chamber Potty” and AdderleyDadderleyDooLally of “The Chamber Pot” infamy once of Invest (In Thyself) Wirral.

    You say Aesop said :

    ” No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted ”

    The modern day Aesop “Highbrow” said :

    ” No act of LYING, no matter how small, is ever wasted ”



    I’ll never forget “Addles” with his dogsbody wide eyed telling me about what geniuses his Big fund panel was

    They haven’t got one right yet Leaksy.

    Luv ya XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX have you thought of peroxiding L?

    • Well I think it is a ‘pop up’ BOOMERANG….

      We have given them almost six years to own up, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies..

      The Aussie, on the Wirral Biz/Council

  2. G’day Leaksy

    Can’t think of anything to say that I consider ridiculously funny today



    BIG ISUS Working Neighbourhoods

    Lockwood Harbac

    Aspire or whatever they were called

    Wirral “Funny” Bizz

    Rawworth Turnbull

    Adderley Basnett

    Tour Armstrong

    Davies Davies

    Jones Jones

    Patrick Williamson

    Crabtree Doughty

    Green Gilchrist



    I wish them all what they deserve.

    Robinson doesn’t deserve anything not even mentioning.


    C’mon defend any of theses half wits, I dare you.

  3. This takeover should add to the ambiance of The Square, that ‘frisson’ of reality. I hear that The Council is to take over the rebuilding of New Ferry post explosion. Great news for local residents, after all this council are expert in boarding up derelict properties and leaving them to rot. No point my listing them, you all know where they are, but can I now add Central Hotel. Windows are being boarded up or hanging off, it looks a real picture as you come in to Birkenhead over the flyover on the way to visit the UKs timeless and derelict row of boarded up shops on Borough Rd. Take a step back and the terrace is almost beautiful now, a real ‘Banksy’ ruin of urban planning. Almost a shame to knock it down really. Stopping briefly on Charing Cross we can admire the almost complete dereliction of buildings and people as we move up to admire the renovation of The Vale public house, clad surprisingly in pine floorboards for some reason and next to more derelict houses and the emerging LIDL supermarket. New Ferry must be quaking in its boots at the thought of what WBC will do to their little bit of this leisure peninsula. Should make for some great photo opportunities for Pat Cleary and his green pointing finger of shame!

  4. G’day Leaks

    Happy and Holy Easter to you and yours.

    Lets hope the scum bags at wirral reflect on what “Interested said

    Well I think it is a ‘pop up’ BOOMERANG….

    We have given them almost six years to own up, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies..

    The Aussie, on the Wirral Biz/Council



    When they are in church over Easter with their egos and pressing the flesh let them think about what they did


    Luv you you little bunny Lordy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • Wonder if there’s a full alphabet of them yet?

      Adderley, Armstrong
      Basnett, Ball, Blakeley, Burgess
      Davies, Davies
      Foulkes, Field
      Green, Green
      Hackett, Halliday
      Jones, Jones
      Klonowski, Kenny
      Mooney, Maddox
      Norman… etc.

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