Told You So

Told You so

If there is one maxim that you should live by it is this : Wirral Leaks is always right.

But this is getting a bit tedious now.

With depressing predictably Wirral Council have seemingly come to the conclusion that their ‘People and Overview and Scrutiny and Overview Committee’ is not fit for purpose or rather they’ve been told by external experts :  ‘ WTAF is going on here? – AGAIN!’

We called out this particular Committee out in July 2016 (and indeed way before that) :

People Who Need People……

However a ‘Council representative’ or rather an anonymous no-mark tells us:

“The council is working towards a major programme of integration with the NHS to improve adult social care and support and a detailed improvement plan is in place to support children’s services following last year’s Ofsted inspection.This work needs extensive oversight and support and members need to have the time and capacity to provide it. This is why it is being proposed the current ‘People’ overview and scrutiny committee is expanded, allowing for the creation of a dedicated committee to scrutinise, oversee and support children’s services and a further committee to provide the same support to adult social care.”

Yet more specious doublespeak from a Wirral Council ‘representative’ . There is a proposal that the ‘People Overview and Scrutiny Overview Committee’ is being  ‘expanded’ is it?. Not torn asunder as it should have been a long time ago ? Of course not ! – we’re so pleased Wirral Council’s press office is still spinning out of control as it gives us an opportunity to get our moneysworth out of our BS detector. The red light also came on at the words ‘Oversight’ and  ‘Scrutinise’? – oh come on which dictionary are they working from and are they sure it’s in English?

And Tory Councillor Paul Hayes get off the belated bandwagon .

“The need to break up the so-called ‘People Committee’ has been obvious almost from the day it was created.”

Jeezus where have ‘opposition’ councillors been since July 2013?  ‘The People Committee’ is but the bastard offspring of the Families and Wellbeing Policy and Performance Committee ( no pun intended!).

We called it out way back then that it was doomed to fail and indeed the chair of the committee was the proud recipient of a Leakys 2014 Award for that exact reason

Comeback of The Year –

After being responsible for an appalling lack of scrutiny and poor governance during her previous tenure as overseer of adult social services which resulted in eye-watering toxic debts ,financial abuse and appalling failures to safeguard vulnerable people which were identified in a series of damning reports Matron McLaughlin crawls her way back to become Chair of Families and Wellbeing Committee. And so having failed so catastrophically McLaughlin now has an even bigger and more unwieldy portfolio than before – incorporating as it does Children and Families and Public Health. What a reward for failure – way to go Wirral Council!

Talk about set up to fail!


17 thoughts on “Told You So

  1. My Lord, I like the sound of your ‘BS detector’. I think it will go well with my Aussie sat nav.

    I feel all tooled up!

    It’s gonna be a Mad Max weekend!

    Happy Easter. (And to the Aussie!)

    AND I’ve got my BOOMERANG….

    • G’day “Interested”

      Happy Easter to you and yours.

      The only good things that have come out of my being a whistleblower over the past five and a half years is the support I have received from “Highbrow”, Cardin, Leaky and your good self.

      Why would people stand up at wirral if they are going to be shat all over by the likes of Davies, Adderley, Jones, Basnett, Tour, Armstrong et al ………… I’m getting to the point “Interested”…………….

      They are just as Lordsville so eloquently put it a…


      Nothing potent just shit.

      They tried with Big money to be big but were abject dishonest failures as usual.



      That “Interested” is why there is never any result from their activities, honest or nefarious their affairs never cum to anything.

      Smoking can cause that I believe.

      Luv ya “I” but luv Leaky more. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      Stick The Good Lord’s H O F I in yer arsenal “Interested”.

  2. Apart from the captain of SSASS jumping ship to Health and trusering a nice fat pay rise together with his acolytes,the staff,who do all the work mainly trying to interpret the ‘News speak’ that emenates from the HR department,just have to get on with it while being concerned about their pensions going into the black hole that is healths pension scheme

    • I am currently reading about the French Revolution.
      It gave me a mental picture of tumbrils, loaded with overpaid, arrogant executives and useless Councillors, leaving Wallasey Town Hall to the jeers of the Wirral voters, en route to a guillotine in Hamilton Square.

      Then I came back to reality and the increased Council Tax which keeps these awful people in a lavish lifestyle.

  3. G’day Leaky

    Ahh the icing on the Easter Bunny cake this morning.

    If a local politician wants to report someone for insulting one of their favourite little boy footballers who will possibly play in their new stadium in Everpeel Waters to their police the wooden tops will say “how high do you want us to jump Uncle Joe”?

    They won’t like him though when he signs for a BIG club. Pun intended.

    If you go to your LGO (Lying Government Officer) and report a Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off the same wooden top force will say “what did you say “Dill Wit” and “Mr Shyster” “no case to answer”?

    Don’t you love the the mentality Lordy?



    I shouldn’t have had that third hot cross bun Leaks its made me cross.


  4. Hey Interested, come on lets give the guy from Oz a break. Guzzling cheap booze for 1622 days straight would leave anyone feeling obfuscated and hazy….

      • G’day Interested

        Luv you and your support don’t lower yourself to “Ankles” and “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING DILL’s” level.

        Karma is a wonderful thing and with their big fat ugly bulbous purple heads growing like AdderleyDadderleyDooLally’s thing won’t its just around the corner.

        Smoking kills.



        Not to mention stinking like an old ashtray.

        Or, having blood pressure off the scale because of his lies.

        Luv you boys, play nicely XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

        Chuckles I can’t even afford cheap booze now, thanks.

  5. G’day “Interested” and Leaksy

    You know “Interested” how you know someone who writes radio plays?

    Here is a scenario that is too bizarre to be written.

    I had a dream. ha ha ha ha ha ha

    That whistleblowers went to the police, not saying it was wirral.

    It was.

    They got a crime number.

    They checked later of the progress and the police told them that they could no longer talk to them because they were no longer the complainants the CRIMINALS were now the complainants.



    Oh Lordy and “Interested” how the law can be twisted by twisted ill Legal Departments.

    Take your hat off “Sir Git” you are even lower than “Ankles”.


    Full story to follow.

    • Time for the multi functional BOOMERANG……

      “We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.”

      (It appears to bring ‘old boys’ out of the woodwork as well…. Ha ha)

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