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what da faq
A student journalist called ‘Charlie’ has been in touch . Apparently he’s writing a public affairs story for an assignment and has asked us some pertinent questions . We thought it would be a useful exercise to share his questions and our answers with readers and critics alike as it will save us a lot of time explaining what we do and why we do it :
1. Why did you start your blog? And what are you hoping to achieve?
Astonishingly we’ve just realised the blog started in November 2010. So you could say we’re heading for our ‘Seven Year Snitch’ !  Wirral Leaks started as tool to give an alternative voice to town hall spin – often using satire to expose Wirral Council corruption . Our ‘Contact Us’ page reads: ‘Hello Citizens! If you have news, grievances or proof of bullying, incompetence, cover ups and malpractice share it in confidence HERE & one of our operatives will get back to you.’
This sums it up. Where else can people go? 
What are we hoping to achieve ? – the downfall of western civilisation or failing that waking up the apathetic electorate of Wirral! We think it is fair to say that many significant Wirral Council public interest stories might never have been fully exposed or quickly forgotten about if we hadn’t existed. There are too many to list here but our readers will have their particular favourites. 750 posts and an ever increasing readership suggests a continuing need for this type of blog.   
2. How much attention does your blog have? What impact does it have?
It all depends whether you’re talking about blog stats (read them for yourself) or attention that is actively sought. We have Facebook and Twitter links but we don’t whore ourselves out on social media – it’s madness out there!
It’s fair to say we only seek approval of our mates and who we consider those to be our (superior) peers. We’ve been referenced in Private Eye as an ‘excellent local blog’  – high praise indeed! and local freebie Wirral Globe newspaper who’ve described us as ‘caustic’, ‘mischievous’ and only today (19/4/17) in Granty’s Inferno as ‘guardian of the free press’ . Guilty as charged on all three counts!   
Although there’s a concerted effort by the powers that be not to give us any recognition we’ve been mentioned in legal proceedings,council meetings and independent investigations. We have been contacted by representatives of ALL local political parties and recently were surprisingly given the endorsement of a senior local political figure (more on that at a later date). Having said all that we’re probably not the ones to ask when it comes to impact – you’re best asking targets of our stories who contact us (usually after a few scoops too many ) . There’s public impact and personal impact. There’s also our impact on the reputations of those in power and the decisions they make.This is incalculable.  
3. What would you say are the main issues with the council?
Where to begin?
The two words that we receive get most often to describe Wirral Council are ‘ shambles’ and ‘cesspit’ . So we’ll go with that description – shambolic cesspit.
Wirral Council was described in an independent review in 2012 as a place where the ‘abnormal is normal’. Despite their desperate pleas that ‘lessons have been learned’ nothing has changed . All of the slugs that were around then have slithered their way back and acquired yet more slime along the way.
4. Where would you say the council should focus their spending? 
It’s not for us to say where Wirral Council should focus their spending. Councillors get elected to do that – unfortunately their IQ doesn’t seem to equate with those making the real decisions as they are too easily duped by senior council officers who just want to get through Monday to Friday with the least minimum effort. Doing things properly or in the public interest doesn’t come into it!   
However what we will say is that we do know where they shouldn’t spend it on serial failures or paying off incompetent,corrupt council officers – INSERT NAME HERE.  
5. What was your take on the council bringing out the ‘Wirral View’ paper?
We were trying to keep this clean but FFS have you read the wretched thing? And have you read our repeated ripostes? When you read that a damning report about how Wirral Council’s Children Services and their assorted partner agencies have repeatedly let our vulnerable children down is reported that Wirral Council is investing £10 million in Children’s Services you know the true intent of this sinister publication.
The fact that Wirral Council are actively seeking advertising suggests they want to put the local press out of business. The question is – what are they going to do about blogs like us? 

10 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. And what are they going to do about the BOOMERANG?

    “We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.”

    The Aussie on the Wirral Biz/Council scandal…

  2. G’day Lordsville

    This all looks like a school assignment that “Fartin Lobsterpot” has set for little chubby cheeks “Little Matty Patty”.



    Just re-read it Leaks definitely “Little Matty Patty” showing his mental how smart he is.

    Luv you and let me scratch your seven year itch and you can scratch the Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistleblowers seven year itch next year. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. One of the items in your excellent piece which jumped out at me was the reference to the “apathetic voters on the Wirral”
    The majority have no idea of the crimes, corruption ,nepotism and cover ups which are committed in their name inside Wallasey Town Hall. Nor of the arrogance of the lavishly overpaid senior staff who treat the Wirral as their own personal fiefdom, the residents with contempt and make every effort to prevent the truth becoming public knowledge.
    Nor of the utter ineptness of our elected Councillors who should be taking OUR EMPLOYEES to task over the many misdemeanours they commit.
    The Councillors seem more interested in securing their expenses, safeguarding their “Cabinet Posts” with the increased money resulting and looking forward to the next freeby.

    I recently attended a lunch of retired businessmen. All intelligent and erudite.
    A sigificant number had never heard of Liptrot or Halliday.
    They do not read the Wirral Globe with its disclosures of council malpractice and, sadly, did not know of Wirralleaks.
    Their attitude seemed to be that, whichever political mob are in charge, the C.E.O, and his acolytes are given free rein to continue to behave as they have now done for several decades.
    I can only hope I left the lunch with my fellows being more knowledgeable about local affairs.

    • Twas ever thus I think Charles. The Wirral-based judge at the Alison Mountney 10 day tribunal hadn’t heard of Graham Burgess, former CEO. Most people get on with their working lives and only notice these rogues when they or a vulnerable relative – which is usually the case – becomes victim to a council failing. If they then start focussing and digging, the players and tbeir sordid acts are revealed. As for the impact of Wirral Leaks on the council, I see it as being quite noticeable – as evidenced by what seems to be a growing number of unhappy, demoralised employees contacting Lord Leaky. More people are contacting me and my blog these days, some of whom have pretty startling revelations. Okay, people could have their own agendas, but very often another separate source confirms the same details later. I think Lord Leaky’s anonymity is a massive frustration for those who readily abuse power and collude together to lie, squander good public money and despoil bibles in local courtrooms.

      Although it’s being eroded by filthy politicians, long may the undelegated power of the free and open internet continue.

    • Well done Chas

      Every little bit helps make these scum bags feel more inadequate.

      I hope you named names.

      I, and others, sat through a wirral whistleblower case recently and the LEARNED wirral judge said he didn’t know who Burgess was and wouldn’t call him.

      As you can imagine Burgess was not of the same opinions as the fucking great timepiece with “Sir Git” attached.

      Handy that.



      Luv ya Leaks, has “Little Matty Patty” fessed up to being Charles the kiddie student yet? XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

      • Yea well done Charles…. And I can confirm the size of Sir Gits Clocker because I was there in the court house as well….

    • charles, I have met a group accountant who relates a sorry story of the day Mr Kevin Adderley and one other Regeneration employee called.

      Mr Adderley came to persuade the manufacturer to remain in Wirral rather than move to Liverpool. The effect was firmly to cement the move across the MERSEY. KEV really angered the accountant and the owners. The second regeneration bod returned after KEV left to apologise for his boss’ behaviour.

      My interlocutor retains a vivid dislike of KEV ever since.

      so much so Regeneration!!!

      • G’day Bizzywirral

        Sounds like its a good job AdderleyDadderleyDooLally has gone down “The Chamber Pot”.



  4. Wonder if the new Wirral Council Electricity Company will do what it says on the tin?

    Or will we have our electricity wired up to the gas and New Ferry style appeals for rebuilding breaking out across the whole borough?

    Still, with senior officers safely and cheaply serviced in leafy, comfortable Cheshire by the Big Six, that will be reassuring.

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