Blank Halliday

Blank Halliday 011

Wirral Council – experts in blanking the people who pay their wages/expenses/allowances

As the denizens of Wallasey Town Hall breath a sigh of relief that they’ve survived another week (well those not on long term sick leave anyway) and can look forward to a bank holiday weekend we provide an update on the Stewart Halliday situation.

Readers will remember Stuey ‘laughing all the way to the bank’ Halliday is the recipient of a humongous salary courtesy of Wirral Council taxpayers despite leaving his previous employer City of York Council (CYC) with questions to ask about his rather casual approach to contracting arrangements.  

Indomitable local resident Charles Nunn is particularly aggrieved that his Council Tax and that of many other Wirral tax payers appears to be being spent on a series of snake oil salesmen and has pursued this matter with Wirral Council CEO (the ‘O’ seemingly standing for ostrich) Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson. Stressed Eric provided the following response:

Dear Mr Nunn

Thank you for your email  dated 13 March 2017 and follow up email on 26 March 2017.

The Council’s Human Resources Team has confirmed the following:

Mr Halliday is engaged via an agency through the Council’s contract with Matrix Ltd.  Under the process, Matrix require supplying agencies to supply references for the previous two years employment history.

These references were sent directly to the line manager recruiting the worker.  There is no requirement for our Human Resources Team to be involved in all such engagements.  The line manager also elected to seek an additional reference from the former Chief Executive of York Council and subsequently a further reference was provided to the agency by the Director of Communities and Neighbourhoods still currently working at York.

We have been advised by Mr Halliday that he refutes all the allegations which are matter of ongoing dispute between him and his previous employer. It is not appropriate for Wirral Council to comment any further on these allegations.


Eric Robinson
Chief Executive
Wirral Council

Charles tells us that in his opinion , of the three statements made in Robinson’s response, which is presumably based on from information supplied by Halliday, ‘one at least is certainly untrue, one probably untrue and another open to conjecture……’
He added further :
‘Halliday may “refute” the allegations but anyone who has read the damning report from York will scratch their heads in wonder  at such a statement………..
That the CURRENT holder of the exalted title of Director of Communities and Neighbourhood at York would not have supplied a reference and indeed the post holder would not have been the right person so to do as Halliday did not report to that person.
I have suggested that Robinson must be very embarrassed (I doubt it to be so) at passing on duff information and await his reply with interest.
I should also have asked why a Line Manager has the authority to dish out such highly paid posts.’
Charles has based his assertions on information he has received from contacts in York. Most notably CYC Cllr Mark Warters who was rather more robust in his enquiries than our very own Stressed Eric.
A blameless CYC  underling contacted Cllr Warters to explain :
‘Mary (Weastall – CYC CEO) asked me to apologise for the delay in responding but to confirm,  as far as the council is concerned we do not have a dispute with Stewart Halliday’
Indeed councillors seem to be made of sterner stuff than our own when it comes to questioning what’s has been going on with taxpayer’s money and now that the Local Government Association (LGA) has been called in to carry out a ‘peer review of the Council’s approach to procurement, including governance’ Cllr Warters remains undaunted by the  LGA’s dilly-dallying  to ‘identify suitably qualified and experienced people who could investigate specific issues and events at CYC.’   Which as Wirralians know means appointing a ‘safe pair of hands ‘ such as the likes of  LGA alumna Dr Gill Taylor  or Joyce Redfearn who shake their heads, give a slap on the wrists, take the money and run to another lucrative gig……..and make NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER.
Cllr Warters asks of LGA  : ‘Without knowing the answers to the questions I posed to you it is hard to assess whether waiting for your investigation to conclude is reason to hold off any longer taking the matter to the police.’
Isn’t it a shame that our own dear councillors don’t take this more rigorous approach and report what we regard to be much more serious concerns to the local police ?

35 thoughts on “Blank Halliday

  1. The short answer is that senior managers (above a certain level) directly employed by Wirral Council are decided by councillors. Whether temporary staff supplied by agencies doing the same sort of work (or at the same salary grade) should be up to councillors to decide is down to Wirral Council’s constitution and therefore a political decision.

    I presume (although don’t know) that Wirral Council’s agency contract will determine who makes decisions over whether temp staff are taken on.

    Obviously as Head of Paid Service Eric Robinson has political accountability for such decisions as according to the reply HR are bypassed, but TBH there are lots of decisions that have been delegated to officers. It’s up to councillors* to determine the right balance between which should be made by councillors or officers.

    *on the advice of officers (which you could perceive as as a conflict of interest)

    And then in theory councillors can be removed by the public at election time if the public disapprove of what they are doing.

    However it’s all a bit “What happens in York stays in York” and trial by media without giving Stuart Halliday directly the right to reply.

    • Mr Halliday can contact us any time to clarify the situation. After what we pay him – it’s the least he can do.If you remember a certain Joe.Blott did contact us on his behalf and clearly Robinson believes everything he tells him. In the mean time we’ll continue to raise the discrepancies.

      • Maybe we can find some ‘clarification’ or answers in the lyrics to Mr Hailidays songs, such as…..

        Oh fuck I can’t be arsed looking them up, it is, as you say Lord Leaks, the ‘blank holiday’ weekend….

      • Dear Lord!

        What is it with local government bods and vocabulary.


        But he refutes not by simply saying ” I REFUTE”. He denies but he is not refuting. Please if you want to do look it up in a dictionary.

        Mr HALLIDAY, and indeed councillor P Davies ( Dec 2016 Council Meeting in answer to my question)do not endow a straight denial with the gravitas of a refutation.

    • Dear Mr. Brace.

      I am an admirer of your fight to open up the Wirral public`s eyes into the many shenanigans at Wallasey Town Hall.

      However I must take issue with your implication – if that is what it is- that we, the Wirral Council Tax payers, should have no interest in large sums of OUR money (£15,000 a month) being paid to a disgraced, former employee of York City Council.

      The York internal audit into Mr.Halliday`s contravention of almost every regulation governing the placing of Council contracts, which amounted to nearly £200,000 being directed towards one company, was comprehensive and damning.

      The report, in typical Local Authority manner, was concealed and only became public knowledge through a Freedom of Information request.
      It was extensively reported in the York Press , the City`s leading newspaper,which said that attempts to contact Mr. Halliday for his comments were unsuccessful.

      I still find it difficult to believe that such a large salary is in the gift of a Line Manager and without involvement of the Human Resources Department ,although note what you say about delegation down the line.

      It will be interesting to learn if the West Yorkshire Police will now look into the matter from, what I understand, will be an extensive file submitted by a local campaigner similar to yourself.

      As Wirralleaks tells us. Mr. Halliday can contact them at any time to give his side of the story.
      I wonder if he will take up the opportunity?

      Charles Nunn

      • G’day Chasser

        I know John knows exactly what goes on and he doesn’t need me to defend him but he is without doubt one of our aces in the posse.

        Have a great weekend Chas and I suggest you go out of your way to meet with the great John “Tarrantino” Brace.



        Luv all of our ever increasing posse but never forget The Good Lord of wirral is the main man.


      • I am fully aware of the York matters you refer to and beyond what is already in the public domain.

        Breaches of regulations are usually civil matters, therefore the police will generally not investigate.

        In response to your criticism, who was it that wrote about the £millions that Wirral Council spent on agency staff in the first place?

        Ranging from a temp SEN manager who caused a lot of upset during the Lyndale School matter to others…

        Wirral Council taxpayers can make an objection to Wirral Council’s auditor if they feel either money is being spent unlawfully, that value for money is not achieved etc….

        It may be hard for you to believe that a Wirral Council officer can agree to such decisions, but the constitution was changed so that councillors wouldn’t get bogged down with the day to day management of Wirral Council.

        For whatever reason management has decided on large spend on agency staff, possibly so that councillors can reduce budgets in the future whioe trying to avoid compulsory redundancies.

        Or possibly alternatively so that they have at least some people available to do the things a Wirral Council employee would find career damaging to do with it it effecting the career of a senior manager.

  2. I don’t believe a single word this Council says anymore! None of what Eric Robinson says rings at all true! As usual this Council never completed it’s due diligence and once again the Council Tax payer is paying the price!

  3. G’day Leaksy

    Happy Bank Halliday to you.

    Have you noticed the trend?

    Only people who aren’t squeaky clean are employed.

    Just sayin!



    All scum bags together.


    Remind me what does “Fartin Lobsterpot” do?

  4. I think both Robinson and Halliday will be gone before the year is out.

    The only factor governing the date of their respective departures is greed. How much more public cash can they stuff into their pockets before the curtain finally comes down on the charade of each actor?

    • Let us sincerely hope so.

      Probably another highly paid numptie will be replacing our beloved Mr. Robinson. He/she will quickly enter into the Wallasey Town Hall ideology of treating the inhabitants like peasants and with contempt, realise that the elected Councillors are totally ineffectual and thus the senior Public Servants ( an oxymoron if ever there was one) can, and will, get away with untold misdemeanours, get their noses deeper and deeper into the trough of public money and deny, prevaricate and conceal.

      My main concern is that the likes of Robinson and Halliday will seamlessly move on to other publicly funded positions through the Public Service Mafia.

    • G’day Paul

      I tend to agree that “Ecca”, “Spotty Dog”, “The Blinking CEO” will be gone soon cos I sense, could be very wrong, he has a modicum of decency and his conscience will tell him it is time.

      Not till after he has pocketed all the filthy election lucre though and like Burgess he won’t be sharing it.



      • James, I’ve been on social media explaining to people about the CEO’s sudden good fortune re: filthy election lucre (x 2 (or is it 3?)) and encouraging the unfortunate victims of the New Ferry explosion to email:

        …to politely ask that he considers donating to the various crowdfunding schemes that have been set up. I’ve told them it was worth a go because at least one CEO in the past had donated his entire filthy election lucre to charity, where it would probably have been put to good community use, rather than say, enabling said CEO to modify his ocean-going yacht so that a smaller yacht could be conveniently parked inside it.

  5. The French Elvis (the blank Halliday) recorded a version of the Hendrix number Hey Joe….. the words were changed from being about escaping across the Mexican border after committing a minor crime, to the French Elvis version, in which he sings to Joe about the insignificance of his own life……

    .. I swear I am not making this up……

    Or as Highbrow might say “This is all very Existential.”

    to which I would reply “well it is ‘the Blank Halliday’ weekend”

    • G’day “Interested”



      Before you see that high vis jacket of the great “Highbrow” you will hear what sounds like a didgeridoo across Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters.

      refute refute refute refute refute

      Their ignorance has really wound him up.



      He tolerates my ignorance because I am on the dole but they get mega money under false pretences.

      Millions between a few and produce nilch.

  6. I note Mr. Brace`s comments about a breach of regulations being a civil matter and the delegation of appointments to senior staff so as not to bog down Councillors in such matters.
    But surely any appointment over say £100,000, should be dealt with by Human Resources and approved by the C.E.O.?
    After all, £100k is the annual Council Tax product of 68 Band “C” homes and four times the average wage of many of those who pay it.
    Mr.Halliday`s remuneration is that of 130 homes and almost seven times the annual wage.

    However, I understand from a York source, that the file which will be handed to the Police will ask them to make investigations into criminal matters concerning the granting of large Council contracts, without proper documentation or recording, to one man and his local media company in York..
    That person and his company are detailed in the York Press report.

    I again stress the point that Wirral Council seemed to have failed to exercise any diligence in Mr.Halliday`s appointment which allowed him to jump from a former York salary of £70,000 to a Wirral remuneration of almost three times that amount.
    And so the Public Service gravy train rolls on and on!

    • Indeed! Let’s face it – he wouldn’t know where New Ferry was. He gets on the M53 at Wallasey and doesn’t look back as he takes his ill gotten gains off the peninsula as fast as he can!

      • Not many.
        If you were running the council – would you?
        We particularly draw attention to Eric Feeble because he made such a big deal of saying he would be moving here.
        No doubt he said he was ‘passionate’ about Wirral in his interview.Not ‘passionate’ enough to move here obvs!

      • I wouldn’t mind betting that Halliday spends Monday to Thursday in a local Travelodge and drives back home to York on Friday on an early dart!

  7. G’day Leaks

    Cos I’ve been so stupid expecting wirral clowncil to be an honest organisation I thought I would be stupid again today.

    Being a Bank Haliday Sunday, every days a bank day for this overpaid buffoon, I thought I would give “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING, Deluded Dill” a shorter nickname for his staff and fan club


    A lazy, irresponsible young clerk in provincial Northern England lives in his own fantasy world and makes emotionally immature decisions as he alienates friends and family.

    The perfect fit for a man who’s ONLY friends are those he gives big pay to.

    Why on earth would anyone want to be friends with this mamby pamby Caldy mummies boy, little “Matty Patty” excluded?

    Even “Little Matty Patty” will dump him when puberty is finished.



    Oh Leaky why don’t they sort out Wirral “Funny” Bizz, Big ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods £2,000,000.00 and I can stop writing this shit.


    • Yea and I can stop throwing this BOOMERANG…..

      “We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong….”

      • “…….They’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.”

    • 15k try 20k with the added expenses & bonus for brining in investment. What’s this Halliday’s role at Wirral again? To strip all the assets and then ride off into the sunset – mmmmm feel an foi coming down track
      Loves ya x

  8. Just a thought on our beloved Chief Executive Mr. Robinson, not living on the Wirral.
    Who can blame him?
    Who would wish to pay Council Tax to an inept,inefficient, lying, corrupt and money grabbing bunch in Wallasey Town Hall?

    Ah damn. I just remembered. He runs the place!

    • G’day Chas

      The more you write the more I like you.

      I just hope “Philly Liar” “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive. LYING Dill” reads this as well.

      If he reads it often enough, I’ve only being saying it for almost six years, he might take notice, admit and his gang have achieved nothing, absolutely nothing decent, and, realise he only got the job as “Ankles” sloppy seconds when he blew it and toss it all in an abject failure that goes scarlet when he lies.



      Luv your work Chasser but don’t get jealous “Interested” that boomerang is ever loaded.

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