Election Selection : Week 2

Corbyn Street 011

So how are you good people bearing up to the pressing of the flesh and unexpected visits from strangers suddenly seeking your votes to keep them in the easy life to which they have become accustomed? Sickening isn’t it?

Fear not – Wirral Leaks is here to delve into the dark depths of the democratic process and reveal what an utter sham modern politics has become.

Blonde Ambition Revisited

We note that Wirral West political failure Esther McVey has landed on her kitten heels yet again and inherited the safe Tory seat of Tatton previously occupied by former Chancellor George Osborne. Decorum prevents us from commenting further -otherwise c’s and t’s would abound. And we’re not talking Conservative or Tories!


Corbyn Street

As you can see from our main picture , one of the first streets you enter when you cross the border from Birkenhead into Wallasey is funnily enough called Corbyn Street.

So let’s start off with the battle for Wallasey. Not between the political parties but the in-fighting within the Wallasey Constituency Labour Party (CLP). Let’s hope they’ve called a ceasefire in the run up to the General Election (GE). After Brickgate, and the sudden suspension of Wallasey CLP members for false allegations of homophobia and just when current incumbent Angela Eagle declared her challenge to Jeremy ‘Jezza’ Corbyn’s leadership we now understand Wallasey CLP will not meet until after the GE. How convenient for political opportunist Ange seen here slumming it over the weekend at the Typhoo factory in Moreton

Ange - Typhoo

You only get an OMFG with Typhoo. Ange covers up – and not for the first time!

Premature Electioneering

Of course Ange is a rank amateur when it comes to local politicking. However the master of the genre, Birkenhead MP Frank Field (aka Frankenfield)  is showing signs of slacking. Has he peaked too soon ? ( oo- er missus!). He’s already called up the Green card ( yawn!) and attacked an easy target in the rotund shape of  ‘Sir’ Philip Green.


The tittylipped billionaire peer of the realm immediately hit back and said Frankenfield was using him as a ‘political football’. If ‘Sir’ Philip lived on Wirral instead of sailing around on his yacht in the Med he would understand that it is what Frankenfield does best #Wirralgate!


All we will say is that those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. As far as we’re concerned Field is currently camped (no pun intended) in Sefton Park’s Palm House.

Needless to say Frankenfield has already called the ‘starving mites’ into the political equation.


The only place he has left to go is anti-social behaviour. To which we can only say has he checked out the Birkenhead CLP lately? If he has he must realise that ASB (#Foulkesy etc;) is essential to keeping this vile hypocrite in power.

9 thoughts on “Election Selection : Week 2

  1. I haven’t done anything wrong honest my Lord…….but I am up early worrying about my high vis meeting with Highbrow…..(date to be confirmed)…. obviously I am reading up on the French Revolution……and guess what? Highbrow says that you can be compared to Marat …..but I seem to remember that he ending up being stabbed to death in his bath……(see I am thinking about it all too much…..)

    Anyway, I am up before the Aussie today…..ha ha

    • G’day “Interested”

      Don’t forget your sunnies when you meet “Highbrow”.

      Block out too just in case the genius burns.

      I love you complimenting

      Lord “Jean-Paul Marat” Leaks



      Much luv to both of you but

      Plus d’amour pour Lord Leaky XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. G’day Leaksly

    What wirral needs is a couple more Mayors.

    When things go wrong or as it is known in wirral, business as usual, we can just get one of the Mayors to criticise it and then it is all better.

    The rubbish paper from over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters

    Mayor Joe Anderson says council has “failed” over £2.5m St Johns Market revamp

    So Uncle Joe has said the clowncil has failed so that is their punishment and now they will throw more money at it.

    Uncle Joe is the poor peoples hero and they have been punished…..NOT.

    Lets do something proactive in wirral and have 65 mayors.



    What is the use of the Clowncil Leaky?


  3. Esther McVey.
    Love her or loath her.

    At least she had the courtesy to quickly reply to a number of e.mails I sent her when she was my Member of Parliament and, on one occasion, telephoned to give me a personal reply.

    Unlike her successor, Ms. Greenwood, who has steadfastly declined to reply to any one of my four e.mails about the disgraceful appointments to Wirral Council of Messrs. Liptrot and Halliday.

    But then, she is of the same political persuasion as the ruling Party so would not wish to say anything which might upset them.

    As she has only a 400 majority, the forthcoming election in Wirral West could be of great interest.

    • G’day Chas

      It took “Philly Liar”, “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING Dill” almost one hundred days to reply to “Highbrow’s” question from December 19 arriving in time for April Fools Day.

      When it did come it was a non-answer.



      Can you think of anything Chuckles that “Philly Liar” has achieved?

  4. Great excitement this morning.
    An e.mail from Margaret Greenwood who had neglected to answer four of MY e.mails about the Liptrot and Halliday appointment scandals.

    At last a comment on the shenanigans at Wallasey town Hall thought I?
    With bated press I clicked on the message.

    How wrong I was.
    It was a round robin, electoral address, telling us all what a superb Member of Parliament she has been and soliciting my vote.

    Quickly consigned to my Trash box as may well be her Parliamentary career in Wirral West.

  5. Cmom Leaky. You must have a clear idea of the Wirral polls now. This guy can read Wirral! Alert the BBC! But please please please if you go on the telly take your bottle of vintage red.

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