Election Selection : Week 3


Frank’n’Jezza do the foodbank fandango

Fleetfooted Frank 

When it comes to the question of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn ,our very own Labour Party parliamentary candidate for Birkenhead ,Frank Field, have danced around each other with all the deftness , if not the grace, of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

Firstly it should be remembered that Frankfield nominated Jezza for the Labour leadership to encourage ‘debate’ within the Labour Party , when Corbyn cruised to victory he immediately started backtracking and backstabbing  Jezza – regularly briefing the press about Corbyn’s supposed shortcomings including agreeing with J.K.Rowling, the dreary and self righteous writer of tedious children’s tales, that Corbyn was an electoral liability. There appeared to be a slight rapprochement when last year Frankenfield invited Jezza to one of his ideologically dodgy ‘feed the poor’ projects just after the latter had seen off a leadership challenge . Frankenfield was even recently named in an article in the Daily Telegraph (aka Torygraph) as one of Corbyn’s staunchest supporters alongside John McDonnell and Diane Abbott. Huh? – we must have missed that!

The Urge to Purge

Now in his latest media interview published this week Field acts the drama queen again –  clutching his chest and saying that it’s a ‘tragedy’ that Corbyn can’t sell vote winning policies. We’re wondering whether Field is referring to same policies which he described last year as ‘serious claptrap’!


There is a particularly interesting revelation in the interview that ‘left-wingers’ (presumably Corbynistas within the Birkenhead Constituency Labour Party) had been preparing an attempt to remove him as Labour candidate for the next General Election – just as Militant tried 30 years ago. Sadly, this latest threat to his personal fiefdom of Birkenhead vanished when Theresa May called a snap election and all sitting Labour MPs were automatically reselected. “I have been imposed by Jeremy,” he joked. “I have had this indignity of the leader imposing me on the party.” 

Oh, Frank you’re such a wag!

Frankenfield, 74, also said the prospect of retirement filled him with dread: “I would collapse soon, it would be over. I hope to hit the wall running, that’s the aim.”

Talk about amateur dramatics! – makes us want to pass Frankenfield some metaphorical rollerskates so he can hit the wall much quicker and with greater force.

Read more at: https://inews.co.uk/essentials/news/politics/frank-field-tragedy-corbyn-cant-sell-vote-winning-policies/

Angela’s Activists

Talking of amateur , Wallasey MP Angela Eagle has proved herself to be a rank amateur when it comes to political guile , especially when compared to Frankenfield. We hear from a Labour insider that Wallasey Constituency Labour Party activists have flown the Eagle’s nest to assist Margaret Greenwood’s campaign in  Wirral  West.

Now we don’t know whether this is a result Ange’s attempted leadership coup against Jezza which might have upset the Corbynistas within Wallasey CLP or it was the Brickgate episode or the false allegations of homophobia made against party activists . Alternatively  it could be Labour party activists have made a pragmatic decision to campaign in what will be the only closely contested election on Wirral.

As surely they must know that  Tony Caldeira – a distant runner up in this week’s Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor election to Steve ‘The Brickie’ Rotheram-  will find much richer pickings ( pun intended) in the West Wirral constituency.

Rising Wood

Gillian Wood’s ascendency to councillor for Claughton, where she stand alongside Cllr Steve Foulkes and Cllr George Davies, elicited some comments about her involvement in the Wallasey CLP shenanigans

Gilly Keeps Bad Company in Claughton

We can’t confirm any of these allegations , mainly as the people who made the allegations have never been identified . However  we have been reliably informed that her partner, James Laing, stood for Labour in a safe Tory seat of Eddisbury in the last General Election. Her son Tom Laing is also active in Wirral Young Labour.  So with Gilly’s electoral victory could we be looking at a rising political dynasty on Wirral?………….

57 thoughts on “Election Selection : Week 3

  1. My Lord, on your last point about the accusers never being identified.

    This was done by careful design and true to the character of bullies. It’s how they operate as I’m sure you know. By feigning victimhood. All 17 of them got their story straight, then assumed the mantle of “brave whistleblower” in public, hiding behind the suggestion that were they to identify themselves, they would have come in for even more “bullying” and even more “intimidation” and even more “homophobic attacks” – (all allegations have collapsed now as expected).

    But what hasn’t collapsed is their desire to remain in the shadows, unidentified, chucking mud in the hope of getting their preferred candidate Theresa May elected rather than Corbyn !

    All the allegations were nonsense of course, but creative enough and sleazy enough to hold fast in the minds of the ignorant, romantic public after influential friends at The Guardian and The Echo gave them acres of free column space to do their worst.

    Normally, boring old internal Labour Party due process would have been used for such matters, whereby cases are painstakingly fleshed out and accusers and accused are named.

    But that was relegated because it grinds exceeding slow and it simply wouldn’t do to emerge from the shadows and identify themselves. Cowards don’t engage in that.

    Their ambition was to get Corbyn beaten and Angela elected as leader by collecting some sleaze and depositing it at the door of local Corbyn supporters, and also time #Brickgate two days after her leadership bid announcement. Perfect timing to kick off her campaign with some hard-hitting bogus headlines.

    What nobody ever saw six months later was the following statement released by Merseyside Police via the Information Commissioner’s Office:

    “The person reporting the damage to the police is likely to have known if any damage had been caused to the constituency office window, but no such damage was reported to the police.”

    Which is the truth and the exact opposite of all the headlines that still remain in 12 + national daily newspapers online.

    It’s a quite wonderful example of #Fakenews writ large, although it failed to get Eagle (or wotsisname who everybody’s forgotten) elected.

    • G’day Paul

      You were in that court house over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters with some of our posse when the “wirral” judge was pretending to consider the wrongs of that election and “The Shyster’s” part or lack of.

      I half heard on the radio at lunch time someone talking about the Liverpeel elections and rent a postal vote counter and the company that does it.

      He was surprised to hear and wondered how many people knew that the clowncil had partners in all of this?



      Do they do any work at all other than answer FOI’s………late, Paul and collect their big pays?

  2. G’day Leaks

    I think you might be flogging a dead horse over elections on wirral.

    They are a forgone conclusion and the only people who benefit are those like “Ecca” “Spotty Dog” “The Blinking CEO” his sidekick “The Shyster” “Sir Git” and some clowncil workers if they have been obedient little kow-towing cowards with no conscience.



    I’ll give you one guess who is going to win L?

    Luv ya elected or not xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. G’day Leaky

    Got to go to Anfield yesterday due to a friends illness and saw the banner with their favourite politician Corbyn on.

    In the 60’s we took a banner to the West Ham game that Alf Garnett attended, remember Alf he would not have been out of place on their Wirralgate tape, and our banner appeared on his television show.

    It got me thinking that when my mate from Oz is here for the next home game we might take our

    wirral Whistleblower banner.



    I wonder if “Highbrow” has heard about his court hearing yet?

    “Highbrow” v SCUM

    Can’t wait to see “The Shyster’s” timepiece in that court room over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters.

    Win, lose or draw I will find it hilarious.

    Luv L guess what the banner says? XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • We’re glad you asked Jeanette because a couple of people from the project have raised objections to our description on Facebook. We don’t respond to comments on Facebook or Twitter.So for clarification what we were calling ‘ideologically dodgy’ was not this specific project but how food banks are used by politicians to make political capital out of poverty and hunger (seen in the Field/Corbyn photograph)..
      Whilst we’ve commented before on foodbanks , most notably in a post from January 2015 titled ‘Wirral’s Growth Industy : Foodbanks’ we readily acknowledge that kindness is never wasted and the use of food destined for landfill can only be a good thing. However……we’re with Nick Saul, a Canadian anti-poverty activist, who has warned UK against adopting a model that fails to tackle the causes of hunger. He wrote in 2013 – ‘ the more time I spend in the food bank, the more certain I am of the failure of a charitable approach to hunger and poverty, which suits the interests of food corporations and some volunteers better than it does the poor themselves”.
      Who benefits from vans with ‘Feeding Birkenhead’ emblazoned on the side? – who’s agenda does that serve?
      There’s also the ‘evangelical zeal’ (and we use the term advisedly) with which foodbanks are adopted. Frank Field for one is particularly keen to praise and promote the role of the church and religious groups in their development. Again – who’s agenda does this serve in an increasingly secular society?
      What worries us further is that Council resources can always be found for Field’s pet projects be they hunger /poverty or anti-social behaviour ( to which Wirral Council seems to be adopting a similar religious/charitable/paternalistic approach).
      The lure of food projects is understandable ,not just for volunteers, but for businesses who as Saul says ‘catch the glow of being a good corporate citizen’ and particularly for our local authority who (rightly) praise volunteers as they consider the ‘problem is being taken care of’. It isn’t.
      Saul asserts :’ The only person who is not benefitting is the person who this was set up to help. Most people who have to visit food banks say it is a slow ,painful death of the soul’.

      • Do you think it might be incumbant on an MP to work within the restrictions placed upon them by the government in power though? I mean, presumably Frank Field had some constituents who were not able to afford food (for the ‘many and complex reasons’) and had to react to this in some way. Foodbanks have become part of our society, and this is appalling, but I wouldn’t necessarily blame Frank Field for encouraging organisations to run them, as he didn’t impose the idealogy that had created the situation. And projects such as this one are about removing the indignity of the visit to the foodbank by making the offer available by presenting it as a supermarket and allowing the user to make some form of payment in the form of a cash donation or time volunteering. I didn’t like you referring to it as a ‘feed the poor’ project because a lot of thought had been put into this particular project to remove such stigma and make it more about reducing waste and stretching budgets rather than getting any sort of personal glow. It is about dignity really, something which has to be left at the door at a foodbank which would still not be the fault of the MP making sure that provision was there, the council assisting it, the volunteer providing it or the person finding themselves having to use it. It is the fault of the government creating the need for it.

      • We appreciate your response and your commitment to the project. We also understand why you would object to us calling it a ‘feed the poor ‘ project – but that’s how it’s portrayed (mainly by politicians).
        However we remain unconvinced about Field’s motives (but the we admit to not being objective when it comes to our revered MP – perhaps because we know too much about how he operates).
        We agree that foodbanks etc; shame the nation but we believe the narrative is a lot more complex than ‘Tory cuts’- although cruel austerity measures certainly play a part. Good luck in all your future endeavours.

      • I’d be really interested to know who portrays the project as a ‘feed the poor’ project. The reason I ask is that it is actually a project that has never asked for any validation of need or income. It is solely around using food deemed as waste in order to stretch people’s budgets. You could use it yourself if you wanted. My advice to you would be to find out about a project before using it yourself for political ends, which seems to be what you are accusing Frank Field of here. Then maybe use some of your own opinions rather than quoting a Canadian. Good luck with your future endeavours too.

      • I think we’ve answered the question about who portrays the project as a ‘feed the poor project’. There’s a ‘Feeding Birkenhead’ van in the picture!
        How can we have political ends? We are not a political entity.
        We observe the madness of modern politics with a jaundiced eye. That’s what we do.
        Oh believe us some of our contributors know a lot about this kind of project.Unfortunately UK doesn’t seem to have a commentator as eloquent or knowledgeable as Mr Saul. Perhaps you can enlighten us.
        Some of our contributors

  4. I do love the way you use ‘some of our contributors’. You know, you don’t have to be eloquent, remember you are only writing a blog about some councillors in a very small area of the UK. Just use your words. Your own words.

    • We weren’t trying to be eloquent – we’re not apologising for being well informed or for questioning everything.
      As for our own words – there are 758 posts on her – we may not always be eloquent but it is all our own work.

      • I have followed your exchanges with Jeanette Stewart with interest. You asked for a contribution, so this is mine. It was the word futile, that prompted me to comment.

        I understand self-help, which is what usually underpins this kind of initiative. I’ve volunteered with Wirral youth groups, disabled people, museums, a care home for the elderly, so if they are qualifications for commenting, here is my starter for 10.

        It is very difficult being critical of schemes such as these under discussion here, as it is extremely difficult to avoid appearing critical of those who willingly volunteer, at their own cost for their time, travel, etc., to deliver services to people who need them to enable them to ‘get by’. The reality is that there have always been people who are struggling to ‘get by’, my family being one of them. Fortunately for most, there has usually been someone, be it family, friends, neighbours, charity, church or other organisations to help.

        My experience of growing up in north Birkenhead has included all of those things, parents out of work, the dole, domestic violence, signing on, successful self-employment, and eventually creating jobs for others. I’ve spent most of my life living and working in Birkenhead, and I have direct experience of Frank Field MP.

        Community spirit has not died out completely, and fortunately community life-support has not yet been turned off, but this is where I place these schemes. The ‘last resort’ maybe, for some people.

        Foodbanks and food schemes are symptomatic of growing economic and social problems (which makes them political issues) that take on quite differing perspectives dependent upon any particular standpoint. This is where I make distinctions between the benefits to those genuinely in need, those who actually help alleviate such problems solely through goodwill, and those who profit in some way from it.

        I have looked for the picture at the top of your piece which seems to have kicked this off. This picture was in the Daily Mirror, so I presume it was taken by an ‘official’ photographer working for the visit organisers? It is published in its full glory on WL, so if you haven’t altered it in any way, why should you come under criticism for the composition and content of the picture?

        It was taken promote a particular issue, ie food poverty in Birkenhead, focussing on Frank Field, Jeremy Corbyn and a Feeding Birkenhead van. No van, no location. That is no accident, it was carefully composed to achieve that result. Labour leader, Frank Field, Birkenhead, food poverty scheme, also described by a Guardian journalist as a ‘foodbank’, as it happens.

        From 1969-79, Frank Field worked as Director of the Child Poverty Action Group. In 1979 he became Birkenhead’s Labour MP. I well remember Birkenhead in 1979 (and earlier). A drive or a walk around will tell you the local story of the last 38 years.

        The notion of futility feeds apathy. Apathy is what maintains the status quo. Occasional scraps from the ‘Master’s table’…feeds hope and creates dependency. That is what has been feeding Birkenhead for decades.

  5. How well informed are you over this project? I mean, your answer was all about foodbanks, and this project is not a foodbank. It doesn’t run in the same way as a foodbank.

    • Our answer also referred to food projects. We acknowledged and praised the use of food that would otherwise be dumped. We get the fact that you do more than just distribute food to the poor – but ultimately food is the raison d’etre of the project (or tell us we’re wrong).
      Our interest is the politics not the semantics.

      • As I have previously mentioned Lord Leaks….Marat did end up getting stabbed to death in his bath…. sounds like you may have met your ‘Charlotte’ Ha ha

      • My interest is the fact that thiis blog seems to be run on the premise that you aren’t able to prove any of what you say in order to protect your sources, but in this case you ckearly didn’t do research on the subject, all of which is in the public domain, before you wrote this piece. How can we now be asked to take anything you write as well informed, and as truth?

      • Let’s put this into context Jeanette – we didn’t name your project and the post was not about your project. Therefore it was not the subject of the post.The comment which you seem to object to consisted of 6 words (and that’s what it was – a comment – not an in depth analysis of food poverty) and was made in one of 3 pieces about local politics and electioneering.We subsequently explained why we made that comment.

        Somehow from this you ask :”How can we be asked to take anything you write as well informed, and as truth”
        We suggest you ask Frank next time you see him.

    • To be honest, I’m more interested in you. Everything you say mentions Frank. I wasn’t asking about Frank’s views on why the project was idealogically dodgy. He didn’t say it, you did. As a basis of your explanation you gave the opinion of a Canadian campaigner on how the whole of society should be changed. Well, wake up, because it isn’t going to be. This project has a completely different approach than a foodbank anyway. But, let’s not let that truth get in the way of your latest Frank Field wank fest. And you know it’s futile don’t you? You know he’s still going to walk back to Westminister. You know more than enough of his constituents love him. You aren’t making a blind bit of difference. Another comment here likens you to Marat. I’d see you more as a Poundland Russell Brand really. Lots of words, lots of criticism, a few followers but not making a blind bit of difference and certainly no ideas on how to fix things.

      • You’re the one that went from measured , reasoned debate to hurling insults.
        We’re OK with that – we do enough of it ourselves. We may have been called ‘Torie (sic) scum’ yesterday but I’m sorry being compared to Russell Brand is an insult too far!
        However as much as we’re enjoying the badinage – can we just say we’ve got bigger fish to fry (no pun intended) and so bid you a fond farewell.

    • They weren’t insults by the way. You say you have bigger fish to fry, but what do you actually achieve? It is futile isn’t it, what you do?

      • OK – so where were we?
        Oh yes – we were in the midst of a wankfest and you were wallowing in self-righteousness.
        You asked the existential question : “It is futile isn’t it, what you do?
        You’re absolutely right , we’re with Jean Paul Sartre on this one : ‘We strut,fret and delude ourselves as we may, our lives are of no significance, and it is futile to seek to affirm meaning where none can be found”
        As far as we know Jean Paul Sartre is not Canadian. Or even French-Canadian.
        We’ll now pass this philosophical debate over to you.

      • Yes, this all is a wankfest isn’t it? You engaged in this little activity of yours, banging on and on, thinking about one person always. But it never comes to any fruition does it? You are never fulfilled, because he always gets in, he always will. You need to get over it and get yourself a little hobby.

      • OK – we’re here all night.
        Just poured ourselves a nice red (there is such a thing).
        Just need to tell you sweetheart,you don’t need to tell us ” he” will get in – he always will because of the likes of you. Have you actually read our blog and the cast of thousands we castigate?
        We’re lovin’ this sub-Shakespearean feud by the way – more hits for us.
        Go Jeanette!

      • So tell me, what were the bigger fish you had to fry today then? Which of your cast of thousands did you use to take you to your happy place?

      • Someone commenting on your blog. I hadn’t seen it until yesterday. How long have you been doing it?

      • Do your research.That’s what you told us to do.
        You only took an interest when it impacted on ME, ME, ME
        Which just about sums up the political apathy on Wirral.

      • But nothing you write actually impacts me. I took an interest in you. Why you do this? What you hope to achieve from it? Does it give you any satisfaction? Can you remember a highlight in your time as a blogger? Can you suggest a top 5 entries say that someone like me, new to you blog, might find interesting? What impact has it had?

      • ” But nothing you write actually impacts me” you write in your 14th response in less than 24 hours ( yes,rather sadly I counted them).
        *pours second glass of vintage red*

      • It is interesting me but it doesn’t impact me. I’ve got to go now, but have a think about the questions I asked. Especially those pieces you’ve written that you are particularly proud of. I’ll check back tomorrow and have a read.

      • ” Have a think about the questions I asked”
        What are you ? – a primary school teacher?
        We are proud of all our posts. Right or wrong – we own them.
        That’s your answer.Get an education courtesy of Wirral Leaks.

      • Morning! I have to admit it was a conscious decision to leave you to it last night. I know you’ve got that ‘Lord Leaky’ fantasy thing going on, but to be honest I did find the vintage red wine thing was getting a bit cringy, especially as I had googled wirral leaks at that point and the image of you in your bedroom in your mum’s with your superman pjs on had been firmly planted in my mind. Glad you are proud of all your posts. I tried to have a look and they all got a bit samey if I’m honest. I suppose you had to be following them from the start to make any real sense of it all. Anyway, have you got anything on Frank Field today?

  6. G’day Leaksy

    Luv to see someone like Stewie having some cojones and taking you on in an open, honest and transparent way.

    Unlike mamby pamby mummy’s boy “Philly Liar” “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING Dill” who runs away as soon as Martin Morton stands up or “Highbrow” makes him look like the mug he is time after time.



    Trust you are well now “Interested” I told you to wear sunnies and zinc cream when meeting “Highbrow” in his high viz jacket.

    Keep up the argument Stewie it doesn’t might if the Lord is right or wrong STAND UP unlike the cowards that hide behind each other at wirral asylum in Brighton Street run by another coward “Spotty Dog”, Ecca”, The Blinking CEO.

    Luv ya Leaks respect ya Stewie XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  7. G’day Leaky

    How’s the blood pressure?

    See they have got rid of that useless tory leader who couldn’t even look good over wirralgate.

    I wonder if their new kid will bring up the Wirral “Funny” Bizz, BIG, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods scandal and £2,000,000.00 knock off.

    I like Stewie’s passion so I suppose whoever she is she is not under the control of the Clowncil otherwise she wouldn’t have an opinion that she could talk about?



    Respect Stewie but the likes of Frankenstein, Davies and Corbyn will use you more, no just use you, Leaky won’t.

  8. G’day Leaks

    Just lost respect for Stewie.

    I question whether this person is even a woman, almost as childish as me.

    That’s what men do.

    Oh I do hope she/he keeps this going.



    I’ve lost as much respect for her as they showed me lack of respect when I blew the whistle on a £2,000,000.00 Wirral “Funny” Bizz, BIG, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods scandal and knock off.

    See Leaky and Stewie its all about



    • I have been most entertained but think that the Aussie is most right ( and thank you for asking after my health). I do look forward to being even more entertained in the big court house, when the Highbrow (he has been to Oxford) appears in in his full high viz and does battle with the shiny (Sir Git) wrist job/clock. Such brightness and illumination must be the order of the day. I will be wiser and wiser….but the Aussie will always rule ok?

    • The irony of you using the article of the person running London’s largest independent foodbank is not lost on me. What this article isn’t doing is blaming the people setting up the foodbanks, in the same way that noone would blame St Johns Ambulance for the state of the nation’s health. However, and I’m afraid I’m going to have to resort to the broken record technique here, the project you have pictured is not a foodbank. You do not have to prove your income to use it. It’s a way of using good food destined for landfill to help people, anyone, stretch their budgets. You can use it yourself. Anyone can. It’s a community thing. I wouldn’t like people to be put off from using it by this ‘feed the poor’ label you are putting on it. It’s false, and it takes away the dignity of those using it, which would be a massive shame, considering that teo of the things it is doing really well with are overcoming social isolation and providing skills and experience for people happy to volunteer there.

      • We’ve already done that. And we didn’t ‘blame’ anyone. We referred to ideology and politics.
        Yes,it’s time to change the record

      • And yet you do keep referring to foodbanks, and particularly the ideology around foodbanks, in relation to this article which pictured a project which it then refered to as an idealogically dodgy ‘feed the poor’ project. It’s not a foodbank though, and it doesn’t actually fit the argument used in the article and your subsequent comments. You say this is semantics, but it isn’t really. As I say, this project has many benefits over and above the provision of cheaper food, and those benefits could actually go toward the alleviation of poverty in less tangible but more far reaching ways than the provision of emergency food parcels, so why use it as your example?

      • Ok Jeanette – we totally understand that you have invested time ,effort and commitment into your project (is this the correct terminology?) and somehow feel the need to defend it.However we did not attack your project.Which by the way was not been named in the original post or any subsequent comment.
        We have acknowledged the work of volunteers and praised that you use food that would otherwise be destined for the tip.
        What more do you want us to say?
        The fact is ,and I need to stress this one more time, the fact is the ‘Feeding Birkenhead’ van was parked outside your project. We did not use your project as ‘an example’. We did not picture your project.We did not name your project.Your project was not the subject of the post. The van could have been parked anywhere and we would have made the same comment. And it was a comment – and we stick by it.
        Once again we genuinely wish you well in all you do but I’m sure we’ve both got better things to do. You more than us probably.

      • ‘There appeared to be a slight rapprochement when last year Frankenfield invited Jezza to one of his ideologically dodgy ‘feed the poor’ projects just after the latter had seen off a leadership challenge’.

        It was reported in the national press on the day that Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership election that he visited the project afterwards. You also have a picture of the project. And yet because you didn’t actually name it you didn’t attack it. Isn’t that just semantics?

      • And that was the sum total of our comment
        Note we called it a project ! Note also we said ‘one of’
        Once again ( and finally) if were attacking anything it is the ideology and no matter how much you want to bludgeon us into submission by repeating yourself- we won’t be. Why are so concerned about our views anyway?- you’ve said yourself you consider what we do to be a wankfest.
        We have a different ideological viewpoint to you – it’s allowed.
        We were going to post a comment which was far more eloquent about the the subject under discussion. But we’d lock horns again – you’d get derogatory and we’d get sarcastic – and ain’t nobody got time for that.
        So Jeanette – here’s the deal . You have the last word on this and then we’ll leave it there shall we?

        We read a great comment yesterday which

      • I suppose the last word would be the same as the first. What’s ideologically dodgy about the project in the photo?

    • I thought I was getting the last word? I’m going to read this blog more. You really are hilarious to me, probably not the way you intend. All the black background, mysterious persona stuff, the fact you put ‘leaks’ in your title to make it all seem relevant and explosive, while really just reporting the little vendetta you have against the local MP and the council. I wish Little Britain were still on. I reckon David Walliams could play you brilliantly. There, this isn’t futile is it?

      • Oh Stewie

        I sense, I don’t care……. you are probably connected with them at Egerton House.

        Seems/feels like I met a lot of ewes at Wirral “Funny” Bizz.

        You really do have more stamina than I expected, what a flex day today?

        The more you become childish and ridiculous the more I believe you are a man, could be wrong, couldn’t care.

        I don’t even care where you get your funding but I could guess.



        Keep winding him/her up Leaks it is the best laugh I’ve had since I saw “The Shyster” “Sir Gitin that court house over Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters.

        Luv yyyyooooouuuurrrrrrrr XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Leaks

    • Will you have a word with Lord Leaks then? He started on the red wine awfully early the other day and I’m a bit worried he might have a drink problem.

      • I am sure he will be touched by your concern. I’ll drink to that.

      • Stewie

        Haven’t your mates at the clowncil told you to keep your gob shut yet or are they too stupid to work out who you are?



        It doesn’t end well for people that speak up.

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