Green ‘N’ Gone


Jeff Green

So farewell then Cllr Jeff Green as leader of the local Conservative group.

We won’t be shedding a tear as we were never a fan. We regularly made the observation that he was someone who seemed more comfortable being in impotent opposition than being in a position of power.

As we know Green briefly reaped the rewards of the Martin Morton whistleblowing scandal by getting the backing of the Lib Dems to oust Labour leader Steve Foulkes and to subsequently become the leader of Wirral Council.

However his tenure as leader was short lived and he seemed relieved to resume the position of a perpetual purveyor of “‘faux outrage” (to quote Labour councillor Matthew ‘Matty Patty’ Patrick) . Meanwhile the returning Labour administration, this time under Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies, went back to their bad old ways – cover ups, secrecy and cronyism – all in the name of rampant reputation management.

All of which meant that the seismic shockwaves that were supposed to result from a series of whistleblowing cases ended up being no more than mere tremors.

Of course Green should have read the writing on the wall ( or more accurately the writing in the first Patricia Thynne investigation into the Wirralgate scandal ) when Foulkesy described him as ‘kindred’.  As both are now ousted party leaders their bond can only be closer.

As far as we were concerned his apparent complicity with the Wirralgate scandal revealed in the second Thynne report is his biggest failure when it comes to trying to hold the Labour administration to account. His compliance resulted in the biggest scandal in Wirral Council’s history to be all neatly wrapped up in an unwarranted apology from Foulkesy to Green.

WIRRALGATE! – A Portrait in Green and Yellow

We shall wait and see as to whether Green’s successor as Tory leader , Cllr, Ian Lewis adopts the same collusive approach as Green and takes to winking at his oppo, Power Boy Pip, after declaring how ‘outraged’ he is about the latest Wirral Council cock up.

7 thoughts on “Green ‘N’ Gone

  1. G’day Leaky

    When are they going to hold their hands up and say they, individuals and the authority got Wirral “Funny” Bizz, BIG, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods wrong and apologise unreservedly?

    When are they going to say they didn’t deal with the issue as per their whistleblowing contract with the whistleblowers?



    Good job Stewie didn’t have more than a mornings stamina, we’ve been going almost 6 years.

    She/he met her match with The Good Lord. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • Or in other words… the BO0MERANG…

      “We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies”

      (Hope you get the message Stewie !)

  2. G’day Stewie

    How ya feelin this morning after your one day battle?

    I have been doing this for nearly six years now.

    Not giving you any advice but you are flogging a dead horse.

    The Leaks is a good man as opposed to those cheating, obfuscating liars that I am dealing with.

    They won’t speak up individually, unlike the great Leaker.

    They don’t put openness, honesty and transparency and the peoples interest first.

    It is all about being big labor bullies.

    They are pathetic small, town, small minded bullies.

    Don’t know what you do, or care, but they will use you if you think they are decent and you might get a photo shoot, for their benefit, or, a free cup of tea and cake….that the taxpayer will pay for.

    If you are anybody, they will get to you very soon and tell you in no uncertain terms to keep your big fat gob shut or they will get “The Shyster” “Sir Git” to send you a threatening letter.

    I hope you have a contract with them for your sake….we have a whistleblowing contract.



    Doubt you will make it past day two against the great man so goodbye and good luck but whatever you do, be warned, don’t get into bed with them it will all end in tears.


  3. Interesting to see Ian Lewis hs been crowned his successor. Cllr Lewis was a bit of an anomaly when in Leasowe, standing a as he did under the Tory banner. Naturally he was soon booted out – shows how dim most of the electorate is as he was an outstanding local representative. Mind you, seemed to be Tory in name only. Now no doubt seen as the caring face of the nasty party.

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