Tourist Trap

Demolition 014

It seems as though that the demolition of this infamous Borough Rd eyesore in Birkenhead has taken as long as the construction of the famous Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona.

You may remember an excellent report which we published earlier this year which questioned Wirral tourist figures which were being bandied about.

Tourism Awards : Wirral-style

Our knowledgeable contributor has undertaken further analysis and apparently according to the figures Wirral has the same lure for tourists as Barcelona (hence our picture and comments above).

Therefore the moral of this story is , as we’ve often said :  question everything !

Wirral Tourist Figures – Fake News?

As a rule I hate banging on about things, but, in this case I’m going to make an exception and bang on about the Wirral Tourism figures!

I apologise for the length of this item but I am truly dumbfounded that the people who are supposed to be running this Borough believe the figures.

Power Boy Pip and our very own tourism champ Tony ‘The Hoff’ Jones have both quoted the figures.

Wirral Chamber of Horrors, Wirral View, the Liverpool Echo, and various other outlets have fallen foul of the scourge of the internet age, copy and paste (ad infinitum). Nobody questions the figures because they are on the internet, therefore they must be true! Everybody believes them.

Well after contacting Lord Leaky a few months ago I got to thinking about the figures and did some deeper digging. I have come to the conclusion they are a load of spin. Should I be surprised? Probably not.

Were they used to ‘woo the Shiu’? Or are they to reinforce the case for a golf complex? Maybe they are just to say what a wonderful job the council and our esteemed Chamber of Horrors are doing in promoting this green and pleasant peninsula? Whatever the reason, they’re rubbish!

Its difficult to present the full picture succinctly so I shall use round figures and as few as possible.

Links to the documents are scattered around if you really want to read them???

The figures quoted for Wirral are:

8 Million visitors

£385m income

Over 5000 jobs

That equates to 22,000 visitors per day each spending £48 each! Do you believe that?

Lets put this into perspective. Barcelona is introducing legislation to limit tourism as they are overwhelmed. They had 8.3m tourists in 2015. (About the same as Wirral. Ha Ha Ha Ha)

Now at this point dear reader you are probably thinking ‘I’ve read this before’ but please bear with me. (You don’t need to read all the figures below, just look at the total.)

Figures from North West Research, Tourism Data Summary published July 2016.

Top Events Attendance 2015

Top Free Events

Three Queens – 1.2m

Mersey River Festival – 220,000

Transatlantic 175 – 200,000

International Music Festival – 161,000

Africa Oye – 80,000

Top Paid Events

Grand National – 142,500

Southport Air Show – 80,000

Creamfields – 70,000

Southport Flower Show – 54,000

Musical Fireworks – 35,000

Top Free Attractions

Museum of Liverpool – 747,000

Merseyside Maritime Museum – 662,000

World Museum – 658,000

Tate Liverpool – 626,000

International Slavery Museum – 460,000

Top Paid Attractions

Mersey Ferries – 607,500

Pleasure land Southport – 500,000

Beatles Story – 250,000

Haydock Racecourse – 203,000

Aintree Racecourse – 173,500

Total attendance for all these events held in the Liverpool City region 5,395,500!!!

That means more people visited Wirral than went to all of the above attractions and events (and some). Yeh!

Are you starting to see where I’m coming from with this?

The World Tourism Organization defines tourism as people “travelling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes”

(Acronym alert!!!!)

The figures are compiled using the STEAM model, (Scarborough Tourism Economic Activity Monitor) by on behalf of Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership.

Well, I don’t know how they do things in Scarborough but it don’t work in this neck of the woods!

Their beautifully illustrated pdf is available here

And this document gives the game away.

Section 1.5 tells us that:

A key component of the way in which STEAM works is its definition of ‘day visitors’; this is

defined as a person travelling to a district other than that in which they live, for a non-

routine purpose, with a stay of over 3 hours. Thus, someone making a trip to Southport Pier from Liverpool could be classed as a day visitor, but not someone making a

similar trip who lived in Formby.

Now I understand. These aren’t visitors to the Wirral, they are visits within the Wirral by people who live here. Hardly tourism or even visitor numbers.

Do you now see how useless these figures are?

So there you have it. Fake news!!

And yes, I did lose my bet on The Wro winning bar of the year 2017. They weren’t even nominated so I suspect they were asked to withdraw this year to give someone else a chance!

Demolition 012

Sagrada Familia it ain’t – but at least it’s a start.

23 thoughts on “Tourist Trap

  1. G’day Leaks

    Think I was right about Stewie, no stamina and/or someone has had a word in her shell like.

    She vaguely got to day 2.

    Mate, would you believe any numbers that come out of the mouths of Davies, Burgess, Adderley, Ball, et al?



    That stupid old fool of a tory would believe them, the idiot that suggested “Highbrow” should apologise.


    Of course it is all very samey, especially in our Wirral “Funny” Bizz, BIG, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods Stewie because from our point of view absolutely nothing has changed and they work on the theory that if you ignore it it didn’t happen and people will give up.

    Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistleblowers are going nowhere.

    Well maybe court!

  2. They didn’t include the Wirral Folk Festival,originally funded by Wirral,now in Ellesmere Port as its outgrown all the sites on Northern Wirral, Oh and yeas it is now self funding and in its 13th. year and Wirral tourism has to be pushed to promote it,tickets from the Floral Pavilion.

  3. Oh facts and figures are a great thing…. did you know that in any year more local people visit the live theatre on Merseyside than watch Liverpool play at Anfield….. (And no, I am not going to explain that) ha ha

  4. G’day Leaks

    So the Clowncil still haven’t worked out what caused all that damage.

    The police were involved.

    Still no result.

    Who is running the investigations?

    Its all there in front of them.

    Handed to them on a plate all the criminals and culprits.

    They are an absolute disgrace.

    People have been used and abused.

    How long will it take?

    “Humpty Dumpty” was all over it and “The Chamber Potty” has had numerous photo shoots not showing her roots, apart from Adderley.

    ‘Roots’ is an Australianism “Interested”.

    When will they resolve it?



    Wirral “Funny” Bizz a Rock Ferry tragedy.

    A £2,000,000.00 knock off.


    Hope you are fit again “Interested” don’t go near that high vis of “Highbrows” without protection look at the damage its done to “Philly Liar” probably the next to go the way of Green.

  5. It’s no excuse for Wirral’s diehard crooks, but Central Government don’t appear to be setting any standards for good behaviour.

  6. Woah! Over inflated tourism figures! Who dug out the true ones for you, Edward Snowden I’m guessing. Makes you wonder how the Western Civilisation is holding together at all. Keep up the good work lads!

    • Looks like you’re hopelessly and incongruously out of your depth here “Ms Field” . Amongst whistleblowers. It’s a completely different mindset to that held by those nursing ambitions whilst ignorantly defending the broken status quo.

      Now hurry along, burn yourself out, fire all your blanks, exhaust all options, then trundle back under the wing of your Svengali master, the weaver of the web. The rogue who’s convinced you that stepping in to bail out millionaire Tory ministers and covering up for their callous, ideological negligence is somehow a progressive thing to do.

      LOL, try taking a long, hard look in the mirror next time you log out xx

      • But we do need to call this a ‘gate’ though don’t we? You know, to fit in with the vibe. Or make an Anonymous video maybe? Do you lot have the masks?

      • I suppose in your topsy-turvy world… Nixon was framed. Haha. 😂

      • Did you lot expose Nixon? I bet you did didn’t you? Do you think you are all on a watch list? Maybe I am now. Ooooohhhhhh

      • Hi Wirral Leaks
        God, what a relief, and I’m really sorry, but we’ve all been away for months.
        Jeanette, where are you? Get in touch, we’re all out looking for you.
        I know you can’t help wandering off on your own, but we’re worried sick. Your note said you were looking for Superman pyjamas at the foodbank? Have you got my iPad and socks?
        Why is it always like this?? We’re frantic. I know you can’t help it but I’m really cross and your Mam’s worried sick.
        If you don’t want to speak to me, then ring Uncle Frank.
        Tiff X

      • Ahh tiff thanks for getting back in touch. Frank was worried about you. Of course he realises the problems with schizophrenia totally rife in the Wirral and is willing to make it the subject of his next bid as supremo for another parliamentary committee. That is of course, if he’s elected. Which of course he will be. Oh dear, have you just soiled your superman pyjamas? Your mama will be so cross…

      • Jeanette Stewart on May 12, 2017 at 8:18 am said: “Oh you do get me wrong.”

        In order to get you ‘exactly right’ I respectfully ask you to clarify what you mean by schizophrenia being ‘totally rife in the Wirral’?

        Are you stating that Frank Field’s next political ‘career’ move, which would appear from what you say, to therefore continue a calculated manipulation of vulnerable sections of society, ‘as supremo for another parliamentary committee’, is an accurate reflection?.

        Does that mean his ‘career’ to date has been calculated and manipulative of disadvantaged and vulnerable people in Birkenhead and Wirral, who you appear to denigrate as a source of amusement? Schizophrenia is no joke and the sufferers of this condition are not cannon fodder for Frank Field’s political aspirations, although you appear to think differently?

        As part of his ‘inner circle’, it is essential that you take this opportunity to clarify exactly your, and Frank Field’s position, in order that we all ‘get you right’ prior to the election.

      • Ohh I’ve never been in an ‘inner circle’ before. Do I get a special badge?

    • Oh you do get me wrong. This is a valuable ‘whistleblow’ which should surely bring down the council. Can we make it sound more important do you think? Tourist-gate? Oh hang on, tourists like open spaces, parks and gardens – Park-gate! We could even get an ice cream while we are there…

      • Parkgate is in Ellesmere Port & Neston, so you would be a tourist in their area, not spending in Wirral. Local people like open spaces, parks & gardens, and ice-cream. All desperate for investment and available in Wirral and you want to spend in a neighbouring borough…
        Did I get you wrong?

      • Fancy that. Foodbank Franchises on sale for £1,500 to grasping entrepreneurs darn sarf, with Frank Feckin Field homing in on the local action to grub votes and polish his phantom street cred at election time.

        Sharks and bottom feeders are turning a profit through ideologically imposed Tory hardship. Meanwhile Frank feeds from the high table in the Caernarfon Castle (all paid for) while his struggling constituents are marooned and left in the firing line.

        And to rub it in, Frank’s brain dead, obedient emissaries are briefed then dispatched to defend it all on the local blogs. How sick is that?

      • Wirral In This Together. Too many words! We could never get a -gate out of that!

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