Tourist Trap : Return Visit


Following on from yesterdays post our well informed readers have passed on some suggestions  for Wirral tourist figures. As one of our sources says: “Almost died laughing at the figures – ‘plucked from cloud cuckoo land!”

Now let’s talk real figures and FACTS –

Wirral International Tennis tournament Ashton Park West Kirby ‘International event’ attracting Sky Sports and the BBC & regional!!- Average attendance  over 5 days 30,000
Wirral Show ‘Police figures’ – 200,000 over each weekend.
Battle of Atlantic – 270,000  throughout the event
Tall Ships – 250,000 during the weekend between Birkenhead and Liverpool
Kite Festival  – 20, 000 over the weekend
Hoylake Lifeboat Open Day – 20,000
Claremont Farm – 10/15,000 over the weekend
Parkgate Horse Trials – 15/20,000 over weekend
RYH Bob Cats – 25,0000 off New Brighton Coast
RYH Racing class 1 power boats – 20,000 over weekend
International Kite Festival – 15/20,000 over weekend
Beach Soccer at New Brighton  – 10, 000
New Brighton Rock with International stars eg Gloria Gaynor ticketed event – 12,000
Cricket matches at Wallasey Cricket Club with International players attendance  – 5000

So can some highly paid policy wonk at Wirral Council tell us what does go on now? And what are the real figures and revenue generated!? Juggy , where are you?

7 thoughts on “Tourist Trap : Return Visit

  1. Not the Juggy who always seems to be on holiday when the big events come around so he can take advantage of renting his home out for an extortionate price to the golfing fraternity. His head was so far up one senior officers backside that she had to brush his teeth when she done her own!

  2. I suggest that they are plucked from the sky in a similar manner to the amounts paid for the obscene salaries of 3 “consultants”, including the disgraced Stewart Halliday, who between them trousered £507,000.

    390 Band C council Tax payers may well have struggled to pay just to support three “consultants” presumably to undertaker tasks which our own highly paid denizens of Wallasey Town Hall were incapable of carrying out.
    And so the Public Service gravy train goes around and around.

  3. My Lord, I was just ‘wandering’ (Pun for the Aussie) if the BOOMERANG could be classed as a tourist….?

    “We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.”

  4. G’day Leaks

    So I was right Stewie is a bloke.

    I presume the arse that is Stewie has deliberately avoided my insults because everybody knows that you don’t comment on Wirral “Funny” Bizz, BIG, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods.



    C’mon Stewie comment on the Wirral “Funny” Bizz £2,000,000.00 knock off and all your lying cheating scum bag mates at wirral.

    You certainly made the female impersonator look stupid Leaks XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. C’mon Stewie

    Show you have cojones.

    Utter your thoughts on Wirral “Funny” Bizz you seem to know everything wirral……and
    Parkgate, your specialist subject obviously being Wirralgate.



  6. So many dodgy tourist figures. What should we do? Maybe admit the Wirral is shit and send them over to the majestic Liverpool?

    • Jeanette, you didn’t reply to my previous questions.
      No-one writing for you now?
      Well, here are a few more for when you have time.

      Are you in BIRKENHEAD which has become the “Beirut of the North” – according to Frank Field?

      According to you, and Frank Field you say, schizophrenia is ‘rife in Wirral’. Your idea of being hysterically funny on Frank’s behalf, is it?

      If you add that to ‘food poverty’, reduced life expectancy and ‘Feeding Birkenhead’ it doesn’t say very much for 38 years as an MP. Frank Field must add a great deal to ‘poverty tourism’ statistics nationally. The government give him all this stuff to keep him out of their way. Why else do they ditch all his ‘think the unthinkable’ reports and reviews, and hunger and poverty still increases?

      It suits a lot of people for it to remain that way. That is why Birkenhead hasn’t improved over 40 years, People’s poverty gives a lot of others a really good living, and I am not talking about the numerous volunteers who willingly give of their own time in an attempt to turn an overwhelming tide of deprivation.

      You mentioned futility, that might be the only thing you are right about.

      A 40 year legacy appears nothing to celebrate if you read this in the Globe –

      Nobody said the Wirral ‘is shit’, but Frank Field has said as much about Birkenhead, over and over again, while distributing scraps from the master’s table to his constituents. As he can’t manage to stay out of the newspaper, it is no wonder there is no meaningful investment in Birkenhead.

      Yes majestic Liverpool…by comparison, and will remain so until there is a major political change in Wirral. Wirral will be taken over by Liverpool City Council in the future, in my opinion, and local politicians and officers will be paid large sums of money for them to be put out to pasture.

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