Public and Private

Bad Hair day 012

For all you local government careerists who want to ride the gravy train . This is the look you need to go for. It’s apparently irresistible when it comes to high office. No, really!

Now we always thought that Eric Robinson was an odd choice to be the Chief Executive of Wirral Council . But then news has belatedly drifted in from his previous outpost and suddenly it all makes perfect sense. As does his response to appalling malpractice which thus far has not been reported on this blog.

We’ll  draw a discreet veil over the information we’ve received from interested parties in Staffordshire  because everyone is entitled to a private life.

All we will say is dark horse or what? – or should that be dark force?

The relative good news is that as far as we understand  Eric ‘Not So Feeble” is at long last domiciled on Wirral. We found that out because apparently the internet works even in the remotest parts of Staffordshire. This was confirmed after we received the following message:

I find your blog most entertaining. Did you know that Stressed Eric’s partner is the CEO for the Centre of Public Scrutiny? 
After this tip-off and bit of research it would appear that Eric Robinson and Jacqui Mc Kinlay apparently worked together at Staffordshire County Council, which is when they started their , ahem, collaboration .
As our source writes :
Just thought it was interesting. Don’t suppose she’ll be scrutinising the ethics of massively inflated wages or bonus for returning election officers any time soon…..
I will keep enjoying the blog! I think you’re providing much better public scrutiny for the people of the Wirral than Jacqui and her lot will and it’s delivered in a much more entertaining fashion!
Amen to that!

20 thoughts on “Public and Private

  1. Incestuous or what…Burgess from peer improvement board, this guy with partner who dabbles in Transformation in local govt
    And I heard Cllr P Davies on outward facing new Wirral Council, but really it’s all flies in the spiders Web when there is a whole world out there beyond the sticky web

  2. It seems as though Jacqui and her unique skills in ‘thought leadership’ go some way to explaining Eric’s over reliance upon ’emerging thoughts’.
    Isn’t it comforting to know that when all isn’t well, all about you is crumbling and slowly becoming fucked up and way beyond repair, the public can comfort themselves in the knowledge that both Jacqui and Eric are both there in the background ready and able to transform our plight and facilitate us all a positive fucking outcome by simply having a good long thoughtful fucking thought about how best to extract ourselves from the shit we’re all stood in.
    Yippe do I say. Ain’t it a load off and a boost to know that they, Eric and Jacqui, are out there on the Wirral ready and able to do our thinking for us and deliver the people to the land of milk and honey.
    And speaking of honey, a sweet nectar produced and associated with insects that fly about cross pollinating flowers with their antennae and other body parts, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, not that anybody takes any bloody notice of me nowadays, Eric is emerging from a grub to a butterfly if the two strands on his head are anything to go by.

    • I am listenen ter yer Bobby…..

      I would now like to hear Eric’s ’emerging thoughts’ on the BOOMERANG ……

  3. G’day Leaks

    So if Ecca “Spotty Dog” “The Invisible Man” the “Blinking CEO has moved to wirral where is his new job…………………….Liverpool?



    Has he moved in next door to “Ankles” darn the North End?

    Luv you and all your goss L XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    What am I going to do when they fess up to Wirral “Funny” Bizz whistleblowers?

    I wonder if it would be different if it was his clowncil tax they knocked off?

    • Shit Stewie

      Look at the time.

      Been on the piss with the lads?



      Or just in bed with the enemy?

      • The Great Man’s obedient missionaries are more likely to be tee-total, Christian fundamentalist, bending to his every desire, and proud of it.

        Matthew 9:31 ~
        Frank [Hansard] ~

        “But they went out and spread abroad His fame in all that land … He gives sight to blind souls by the power of His grace going with his word, and He puts the cure upon their faith.”

        [Vicar] ~ “This is the word of the Lord”
        [All] ~ “Thanks be to Frank”

  4. G’day Leaksly

    You say

    Eric is emerging from a grub to a butterfly if the two strands on his head are anything to go by.


    Not being Australian you wouldn’t understand………… “Interested” might?

    Ecca, “Spotty Dog” “The Blinking CEO” is very common to every country roadside like what you get driving through Calday, West Kirby pre fucking massive housing estate with a golf resort attached.

    Ecca would sit on roadside eating all the wheat and shit that falls off the back of lorries gobling it up like election bonuses and being fairly fucking stupid, no incredibly dim and quiet would fly up into an oncoming car.

    So “Eccles Cake Face” would go up in a great big puff of grey and pink feathers.

    He is not My Good Lord a grub or butterfly he is a fucking




    Although the way he keeps his head under ground over all things Wirral “Funny” Bizz, ISUS and Working Neighbours £2,000.000.00 knock off and criminality he could just be a rat faced



    Bobster my hero don’t leave it so long next time the posse has been missing you. X

    • Well I understand now I have looked up the word GALAH… thanks for that…

      And here is a message for Stewie (keeping on the Aussie theme)…
      Did you know that there is town in Australia called Iron Knob…?

      It kind of makes me think of you…

      • Fair Dinkum “Interested”

        You can be such a drongo sometimes.

        But that is better than Stewie that stinks like a dead dingo’s donga.



        Keep up the Strine lessons “Interested”

  5. I note with interest that the internet c.v. of the lady to whom you refer states, amongst other things that, “she aims to promote standard of excellence in public service”

    What a terrible shame it has not rubbed off on the gentleman.

    But then. I have often found that people who promote and claim high standards do not think that they apply to them other than to preach and make money.

    • G’day Chasser and Stewie

      Just woken up after reading about Ms Eccles Cake Face.

      Jacqui is a strategy, business planning and governance expert, helping organisations to use insight, planning, governance and scrutiny to become more outcome-focused, effective and efficient. She is experienced in leading major organisational change and is an expert facilitator. She is a regular speaker on national platforms, writer and thought-leader, also a Peer Assessor and sits on a number of advisory boards.

      What a load of pig shit!



      Does this twaddle mean she can show dim-witted public servants like “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING Dill” who produce nothing how to steal from the public purse and get her cut?

      I worry more kids about local government than I do about terrorists.

  6. It looks like Alison McGovern hasn’t quite realised what a liability it is to have the lying “council leader” knocking on innocent people’s doors in her constituency – and at such a crucial time.

    Assuming this madness continues, it may all end in tears for Alison if and when that threatening phizzog sends enough Labour voters scampering across to the Greens and Lib Dems.

    Surely, if Alison had any nous, she’d have followed Margaret Greenwood’s lead and allegedly banished his lurking presence from the area.

    In the case of Wirral West, where he sits off, enjoying his privileged life (12 years longer on average than the Tranmere ward he deigns to “represent”) it’s only a 417 majority, so Ms Greenwood’s alleged caution was understandable.

    But I reckon his unflinching, steamrollering, dishonest, hard right Tory reputation could easily put Alison’s 4,599 to the sword.


    • Good morning James, and everyone

      That was an illuminating rant from Jeanette Stewart wasn’t it?

      Stewie, as you call him/her, will be knocking on doors, but trying to get out.


      • G’day Tiffs

        She/he is just another small town, egotistical, impotent wannabe clowncil leech/parasite.



        I might go to the clowncil Tiff’s and see if I can get a grant for Leakies Posse for vermin removal for wirral.

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