Election Selection : Week 4


The Curse of Pip (Part 1)

Our commiserations go to Tranmere Rovers as their hopes of promotion to the Football League were dashed today in their clash with Forest Green Rovers at Wembley.

As much as we would have liked to see our local team reach the lofty heights of League Two football we have to say that defeat was seemingly inevitable as it would seem the dreaded ‘Curse of Pip’ has struck again.

By which we mean anything council ‘leader’ Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies touches turns to sh*t.

As we’ve said before he appears to be King Midas in reverse.


As we all know he has previous form when it comes to endorsing Tranmere Rovers. Who can forget when he held a reception at Wallasey Town Hall to promote Tranmere Rovers unofficial role as ambassadors of Wirral and then, hey presto ,their then manager Ronnie Moore was suspended by the Football Association for alleged breach of betting rules ( of which he was later cleared). Then the next thing you know Tranmere are relegated to non-league football .


We reiterate this as we understand Pip’s toxic touch continued today as a well placed source informed us prior to today’s sporting event that :
Paula (Basnett)  is going ! On a coach with ‘Councillors’ paid for by the Chamber and The Merseyside Maritime Museum!! All very strange…… , So xxxx councillors and no idea about Maritime Museum guests………So these ‘hand picked ‘ councillors are getting the VIP treatment. But  who actually pays for this ‘perk!! Well if it’s the Chamber no doubt  Power Boy Pip and his beloved Paula will have that covered.
Also I am told that certain Councillors Anita Leech, Foulkes, Comb over Davies and their personal ‘friends’ are also afforded complimentary tickets at TRFC, (all matches) for EVERY  GAME. Is that a perk they declare on ‘members interest! Of course not!!
And more to the point why do they get these perks?

Can we suggest that if TRFC want to ascend the football ladder they need to distance themselves from the snakes who want to make political capital out of other people’s sporting achievements particularly during an election campaign. Just sayin’

The Curse of Pip (Part 2)

We were delighted to read that long time Mayor Joe Anderson was rejected by the Labour Party as their prospective MP  for Walton – now that current incumbent Steve Rotheram has gone on to greater things as Metro Mayor of Liverpool City Region.

(And boy, did Martin Liptrot’s plans to be the power behind the throne when Mayor Joe was elected as Metro Mayor come back and splatter him all over his deeply unappealing face  – no wonder he sailed the gravy boat back over the Mersey).

Apparently perennial bad loser Joe has now refused to work with freshfaced Daniel Carden, the guy that Labour parachuted in over Joe to serve the people in the safe seat of Walton. Keepin’ it classy as ever Joe!


Once again we have to say we’re tempted to attribute this demise to ‘The Curse of Pip’. We state this as we are grateful to John Brace for his recording of Pip indulging in world class sphincter licking action at the last City Region meeting in the vain hope that Joe will end up as a Member of Parliament . Just think about that for a moment-Mayor Joe as an MP !

Pip’s eulogy to perhaps the most repellent politician on Merseyside outside of Frank Field is so toe-curling it’s almost like watching Diane Abbott reading her times tables. If you can bear to watch Pip starts flexing his tongue at approximately 13.48.

Fox Hunt

We don’t know what PM Theresa May thought she was doing this week by endorsing fox-hunting. We know we’re members of the landed gentry here at Leaky Towers but even we know that fox-hunting with hounds is barbaric and what’s more, a vote-loser.

Now if she endorsed the hunting of ‘The Crafty Foxes’ that would be another matter. As you may have noticed it’s our favourite pastime!

The Crafty Foxes


4 thoughts on “Election Selection : Week 4

  1. Scrooges in Wirral their latest trick is to charge charitable projects for using the parks. Latest stunt is charging £1000 for the Oxton Secret Gardens for car parking! Next big money spinner will be the Bikeathon at Arrowe Park. Yet to see a few rotund councillors and Chief officers pedalling or maybe a tandem with their driver in front!

  2. The full verbatim Arslikhan:

    “Chair, Chair, okay, j-just before we, er, we finish, can I, erm, just behalf on, of the, the other leaders just say, er, a big thank you to you, erm, for the, erm, the excellent way you’ve led the combined authority. You know, you took over f-from me and I think you’ve taken it, you know, further forward and made fantastic progress, to the point where we will have the, the new, er, Mayor in, in place in a few weeks’ time. And, er, I would just like to put on record our thanks to you. Erm, you may be, I was going to say, you may be moving onto bigger and better things, but I’m not sure whether, whether, whether that’s the case, but i-if, if you do, er, i-you go with our, our, our best wishes and best of luck for the future.”

      • G’day Leaks

        The whole article just shows they are just non-league, small town, wannabe, parasites and leaches.

        Are they door knocking or canvassing or do they know they can just live off the fat of the taxpayer, take trips and games off people that want to bleed the clowncil and walk in to power anyway.

        They don’t do freebies for anyone but their little fat piggy faced selves.



        They don’t care if the people like Wirral “Funny” Bizz are given a contracr incorrectly and they knock off £2,000,000.00 of taxpayer monies they will be at the footie or the golf………………….for free.

        Luv ya L XXXXXXXXXXXX

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