Basket Case Review

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Even gormless Wirral Council ‘leader’ Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies must know he’s in big trouble when the usually lazy and compliant  Wirral edition of the Liverpool Echo runs the front splash – Wirral Council boss ‘must resign’  followed by a double page spread headlined  ‘Five Years of Shame : How Wirral Social Services Failed Its Most Vulnerable’ and Leader Under Pressure To Quit Over Child Abuse Failings’.

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It comes to something when the most complicit agent of Wirral Council’s armoury of reputation management realises that artist’s impressions of the International Trade Centre on Wirral Waters just doesn’t cut it when a couple of miles away young girls are being groomed and abused in a tawdry cornershop.

And as for the mantra ‘ lessons have been learned’. Just cut it out. We don’t care if it’s Pip, new Cabinet member for Children’s Services Bernie Mooney ( Gawd’elp us) or the new Chair of Wirral’s Children’s Safeguarding Board – Dr Maggie Atkinson who use the dreaded phrase . Dr Atkinson in particular needs to realise the people of Wirral have been here many times before and we’ve had enough of the platitudes and the cliches and the soundbites.

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How we remember another so-called Doctor  – Dr Gill Taylor from the Local Government Association (LGA) who breezed in the last time Wirral needed an Improvement Board and then breezed out with plaudits and pay cheques for the LGA  and abolutely nothing for the people as she declared ,yes you guessed it, lessons have been learned.

I suppose we have to wait for the publication of the Serious Case Review in the summer before we can FULLY judge the failings of Wirral Council and other statutory agencies involved in the appalling Rajenthiram brother’s depraved exploitation of our most vulnerable.

Although we have to say a Serious Case Review (SCR) is a step in the right direction. The last time an Improvement Board was set up they’re wasn’t even a  SCR to consider when a vulnerable adult had been found dead after 13 hours after repeated warnings that his placement with an abusive organisation linked to drugs money laundering was putting him at grave risk.

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Finally can we say – fuck what Ipsos MORI tell us – the most disempowered members of our community, young vulnerable girls, do not need their ‘information deficit’ met by Wirral View .They need protection and support from the agencies that get paid handsomely to do their jobs.  Not much to ask is it?

ps  can we just hope you’re all tuning into ‘Three Girls’ right now  on BBC1


5 thoughts on “Basket Case Review

  1. Hey Phil you can stop telling us Wirral Council is the most improved Council in the country while you’re at it! Bury your head in shame that this has happened on yours and Robinsons watch.

  2. In many ways it was bound to happen. The last “Improvement Board” left many of the abusers unaffected and still in place, particularly amongst councillors, some of whom had undeclared links to senior officers and in turn to gangster care companies who were receiving council accreditation, and nobody was ever called in to investigate what was going on in this key area.

    Anna Klonowski could have done it BUT – earlier she’d been training councillors and senior officers in … wait for it … governance … the very area that got hammered by er… Anna Klonowski, the person who’d been providing the governance training. A strange circularity there.

    So this was an undeclared interest and who knows? Perhaps she didn’t want to damage her own prospects and wreck any chance of picking up further training gigs in the future, and maybe this was the reason she stated that she ‘didn’t have the time to investigate councillors’.

    So there was a huge collective sigh of relief amongst bent members and on they went. Also, the reports that had names redacted or codified to protect officers “so they could have a right of reply”…er, still remain redacted and codified TO THIS DAY. Bill Norman was lying.

    If your actions don’t match up with the publicity and the media statements and you’ve got secret shenanigans going on behind closed doors, then there cannot be any accountability and you are storing up future scandals and catastrophes.

    This is payback time, and it will all happen again until we have that long overdue clear out.

  3. My information comes from the very shaken bowels of Chidrens Services itself, Julia Hassel was told that she would be leaving, and if she left appearing as resigning etc. a pay off would be forthcoming. Hence positive resignation letter. Department in utter meltdown at this news as workers begin to realise they may be next. Be forewarned, a pay off is due for not embarrassing her masters even more that they already are. This is becoming very smelly already!

  4. A Top level cull is what should happen next – accountability, wrong doings, all would have been party to the Ofsted report in some form or another – remove that layer without huge payoffs – incompetence and Capability I’m sure there is some form of employment Act that could be used to oust these freeloaders out……

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