Bernie The Bruiser Plays The Blame Game

Bernie in White

Bernie’s glare makes grown men weep.

The latest instalment in the scandalous Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) case which is mainly being played out by press release to the Liverpool Echo involves the new Cabinet lead for Children’ Services and also the new- frighteningly – Deputy Leader of the Council, Bernie Mooney.

Anyway Bernie the Bruiser has gone all gung ho on us and told us that she ” will leave no stone unturned” in finding out how opportunities were missed to protect young girls from abuse and “if that means heads will roll ,so be it”

Oh give over,love, we all know that’s never going to happen with Wirral Council’s senior managers . As we can see from the ‘resignation’ of  Director of Children’s Services, Julia Hassall . Now in the real world ,if someone resigns , they resign and go on to ‘greater challenges’, ‘spend time with their long suffering family’ or take up gardening/golf/alcoholism  and that’s the end of it. Not with Wirral  Council . Oh no – ‘resignees’  get a pay off to make sure that none of the culpability for myriad failures can lead back to the self serving power elite. Somewhat like a slug trail. Yes, best put the stone back in place and keep the slugs out of the glare of the sun. Has anyone noticed that after all the high profile departures in the officer ranks these past few years (and at our expense) that the same old incompetent,dishonest and corrupt councillors are still running the show?

And as for the claim that ‘heads will roll’  – that caused our eyes to roll.  Because if Bernie the Bruiser was true to her word she’d have her Labour colleague Cllr Moira McLaughlin’s head on the chopping block for starters. We have to await the publication of the forthcoming Serious Case Review into the CSE horror story to find out where agencies and which particular personnel let abused girls down.

However we know already that there has undoubtedly been a failure of scrutiny by Wirral Council. We also know that the Serious Case Review goes back to a time when their governance arrangements were found to be wanting  and which contributed to a series of damning reports involving Adult Social Services. So what did subsequent administrations decide? – give the scrutiny of BOTH Adult Social Services and Children’s Social Services to the political lead previously responsible for failing vulnerable adults. Step forward Matron McLaughlin! You really couldn’t make this shit up!

Told You So

Accordingly might we suggest that Bernie the Bruiser needs to go easy with the threats for now because if she’s  prepared to  batter already battered staff into submission and play the blame game she needs to ensure that the stone she’s unturning doesn’t get chucked back at her.

5 thoughts on “Bernie The Bruiser Plays The Blame Game

  1. After seeing her perform for the cameras alongside Jane Kennedy at #Brickgate and after seeing her suggest that Wallasey member(s) had branded Angela Eagle “a dyke” – one of several dubious charges that have now collapsed in their entirety – I’d suggest Phil Davies may have promoted an unsuitable person.

    • It is we all agree soundbites.


      They represent very few persons and they escape accountability.


      They are to be mocked certainly but it does not arrest the progress of the charivari

  2. In a desperate attempt to keep himself in power, the hapless and totally incompetent, Councillor Davies, has not only thrown Councillor Smith to the wolves but has now come up with yet another “cunning plan” to sort out the multitude of problems the council faces.

    Wholesale sackings? Get rid of Robinson, Liptrot and Halliday?
    Not a bit of it. The creation of no less than three new Cabinet posts with the promotion of three fellow numpties who can enjoy the enhanced allowances and status that come with the posts.

    “Delivering Difference” which, in Wirral Council speak, means more of the same.
    “Transformation”. which in Wirral Council speak, means even more of the same.
    “Finance and Income” which in Wirral Council speak means “how much more green belt land can we flog off? How much more can we screw out of the Council Tax payers.?”

    So, as we move forward to the sunlit uplands, under the benevolent guidance of Councillor Davies and the wonderful inspirational leadership of Chief Executive Robinson, Wirral residents can sleep easily in the knowledge that everything in Wallasey Town Hall is under control at least on the surface.
    Underneath they are peddling like mad to cling on to power.

  3. Heads will roll! I’m sure they will. Sadly, unless we’re very wrong, the heads that do eventually roll, won’t be the heads we’d like to see lopped off and laid in the basket. More is likely, if a head does roll and ends up severed from the scrawny neck, it’ll be the head of a face who, before they lost their head, we don’t recognise but once worked on the coal face managing an In Tray that was four foot high and hadn’t got a hope in hell of ever successfully being managed to make way for another four foot high mound of case files that’ll ensure that the poor case worker trying to manage their In Tray will have a pretty good idea that they are on the culling line and it’s their head that’s soon to be lopped off.

  4. Bernie M. sounds like she is setting herself up to become some sort of Witchfinder in General but I bet she herself ends up taking the 5th ammendent herself….

    (Yes there is a little pun in there for the Aussie) Ha ha

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