Another Blank Halliday

Tranformers 1

Lord Leaky’s Bullshit Detector is fully engaged.

Wirral Council workers must be breathing a huge sigh of relief as the second long weekend of May beckons. Shame it’s going to piss down tomorrow . But hey folks ! – at least you’re not in work on Monday.

We thought we’d leave this story for this weekend as it neatly book-ends the first May bank holiday story we ran and because that’s how we roll at Leaky Towers !

Blank Halliday

Accordingly this follow up is prompted by indomitable Wirral citizen Charles Nunn who’s still on the Stewart Halliday case. A Freedom of Information request about who exactly has the power to sign off a £188,000 employment contract whilst leaving the background checks to a recruitment agency  Matrix , who it would seem believe everything that’s written on a CV but don’t know how the interweb thingy works. This means they didn’t spot that the transformation guru had a chequered past with his previous employer – City of York Council (CYC) –  before hotfooting over the Pennines for a high chequed future in the desperado haven that is Wirral Council.

Needless to say Wirral Council rather sneakily failed to answer Charles’ seemingly simple question . He asked who ‘authorised’ the shameful Halliday appointment. However they answered who had ‘overseen’ the appointment and , of course, failed to provide a name. Because we can’t upset Wirral council most senior snowflakes – after all we’re just here to pay their wages!

Consequently Charles asked us if we knew who could be the ‘ Council’s Senior Manager Transformation & Resources’  , but to be honest there are so many blighters with ‘Transformation’ in the title it could be any number of them. They’re like the ‘Transformers’ movie franchise but without the benefit of Megan Fox astride a motorbike. Children’s Services may not be able to recruit and retain staff but the ‘Transformers’ are everywhere.

We’d pin our money someone called Michele Duerden being Halliday’s authorisee as she is described as ‘Senior Manager Transformation and Improvement’ but we could be wrong . It could easily be Stephen Butterworth or Alan Evans . However we do note that Ms Duerden has just finished recruiting for a ‘Programme Manager ‘ ,  a post which is described thus:

This is an exciting new opportunity for an experienced programme manager to play a central role in delivering Transformation within Wirral Council. We have committed to the modernisation of services, and the delivery of improved operational efficiency and effectiveness. We are investing in digital infrastructure and capability to support business transformation as well as establishing a new change and business improvement capability.

The post-holder will be accountable for the management and development of programmes ensuring agreed outputs and outcomes are delivered. The role will ensure quality levels of delivery in line with the standards developed by the Programme Management Office (PMO).

As a PRINCE2 Practitioner you will drive an integrated, consolidated and consistent Council-wide approach to programme management, supported by the appropriate governance arrangements, processes and stakeholder engagement.

After reading that BS we’re no clearer as to what a Transformation ‘ Programme Manager’ actually does. Just as our friend Charles is none the wiser who’s signing the cheques for this latest expensive exercise in Emperor’s New Clothes. But hey ! – let’s not forget it keeps a lot of middle class no marks in gainful employment ……..and yet at the same time it’s everything that’s wrong with local government!


24 thoughts on “Another Blank Halliday

  1. For some reason the Council love this PRINCE2 malarkey. You can be a complete c*nt but as long as you have PRINCE2 you’re ok!

  2. As usual , a job description rammed with corporate BS jargon that nobody in the real world would actually write or waste their time trying to understand. Maybe that’s the secret, maybe this is a regular ploy used by recruitment agencies to seek employment for a tier of corporate failures, unemployable in a normal world, yet seemingly perfect for the dysfunctional breeding grounds that council executive officers seem to thrive within. I am subscribed to Charles Nunn’s ongoing FOI request and can see they’re really having to work a few extra hours on this one, probably because they have never had to face up to this level of questioning over their inept recruitment procedures. It seems they create new problems for themselves out of their careless stupidity or blind arrogance in the belief that no one would actually bother to question their rationale. I look forward to this one escalating to the ICO.

  3. Four DELIVER(y) (ing) (ed)s from Michelle Duerden in 8 short lines.

    How heartening now to think that my council career came to an early end 8 years ago, just before the demented language of Common Purpose Speak (see the Halliday presentation you linked to some time ago) took hold and invaded the brains of every blank slate lackey who couldn’t and wouldn’t resist it.

    People’s hearts and minds are willingly offered up now so they can ingratiate themselves, become one of the gang, brown their noses – with the unfortunate side effect of being rendered bland, controlled, malleable and dominated, slaves to your salary and powerless to resist.

    Done also because employees are desperate to please, to gain advancement, prepared to jettison their personalities and run a white flag to the top of the pole. And because they’re wary of looking s t u p i d if not seen to be compliant and marching in step with every other nodding dog automaton frantically preening themselves, wanting to measure up and keep pace with the breakneck speed of the changing lingo.

    Then there’s the now ubiquitous and completely incongruous starting of every sentence you utter with “So………..” beloved by those public sector wannabes, knocking each other out of the way for a chance to be interviewed in public, and who have at some point handed their body, mind and soul over to C P. Do they know how sad they look? No. But that’s another story.

    Long live the strong and the rebellious and the inquisitive, who stand up to this steamroller of homogenous mind numbing. They are the most valuable employees, the future whistleblowers !

  4. G’day Leaky

    I am just overwhelmed as a whistleblower as to why people tolerate this shite and language.

    Mine included.

    Leaky I am taking next week off on sick leave.

    Whistleblower lip is the ailment.

    Come back Stewie and Stephen and tell us next week in my absence anything good about Davies, Tour, Davies, Jones, Jones, Foulkes, Adderley, Basnett, Armstrong, Robinson, Robinson and Judge Robinson.



    The scum, crud and dross above could also comment but the cowards won’t because they know they are stinking filthy liars and cheats.


    • What a load of dribble; again no substance to your moans, entertaining as it is and laughable while I pour the fizz

      • Hey Bozo

        I have £2,000,000.00 worth of knocked off substance to moan about you muppet.

        Or, should that be Ms Muppet?

        I presume wirral has provided your fizz.



        Did you pay for it….and how?

        Supporting the cheating lying scum bags makes you stink.

        Whatever your gender.

      • Fiona, think a little, construct a thought, develop it into an idea and then express it in words that are interesting to the reader. Get their attention by being original!
        Simply popping on here and expressing a conclusion that something is boring and then ending your written offering with a less than funny quip about a drink isn’t what a political blog is intended for and, despite what you think pleases those you are keen to please, they can’t, unless they’re as dull as ditch water, possibly think that you’ve been of any help to them in ridding the Wirral of The Leaks.
        My dear Fiona, truly, if you and your thinking process and writing style are representative and typical of the Wirral Council, then it’s a sad look out for the poor people of the Wirral who fund and fuel the madness that allows you to float toward the top of the public service food chain and get to creep around searching for a suitable anus to burrow into.
        When they task you to ‘pop on The Leaks and stir them up’, then at least, the very least ,do it and do it well and allow the brain that God equipped you with to think, to act as your tool to achieve a thoughtful and cleverly crafted offering that makes us think, ‘hi up. That’s original’.

      • Hello Fiona
        Are you on the same ‘fizz team’ as Stephen Rogers, as he has a ‘thing’ about limited vocabulary.
        The word you really should have written is ‘drivel’…but you probably couldn’t read the predictive text for dribbling. ‘DRIVEL’, not DRIBBLE…Stephen will be so cross with you!
        DRIBBLE is what you get down your front while you are are slurping the fizz, which is probably a familiar sight amongst the fizz team.
        No class…

      • Like I said ranting on here about everything in life rather than doing something about it – are you mad, good, are you frustrated, good!!!! Well do something that will make people listen rather than this drivek ‘Tiff Slopes’ that slope by nature!!! ‘Bobby47’ dazzler – utter shite.

      • Hi Fi
        Drivek? – is that a neologism? You’ll have to look up the word ‘neologism’ obvs.
        What is spectacularly sad is that you challenge people to listen to our drivel and yet you’ve spent your bank holiday bonus spouting off on Wirral Leaks on cheap Cava from ‘The Asda’.
        So tell us Fi-fi what are you doing to change the world? Opening a foodbank?

      • Being part of helping out within Wirral community is one of my traits; yes I help in foodbanks; Tomorrow’s Women to name a few; what I don’t do is harp on about how Wirral Council conducts business – like it or lump it there is nothing you or anyone one in here can do about it. Nobody is listening anymore.

      • No, you don’t harp on about how Wirral Council conducts its business. No doubt because you benefit from it.
        You’re best sticking with being self righteous and drinking ‘fizz’
        Tell us Fi-fi – do they serve fizz in the foodbanks?

      • Hello Fiona Phlegmming…or Jeanette…or fizzle, or whoever.

        This following quote is from a video I saw “Say no to oppression, prejudice and exploitation” – does it look familiar?

        That is exactly what we all do here, on Wirral Leaks, “Say no to oppression, prejudice and exploitation”.

        Slopes by name, Slopes by nature… I’m just inclined that way…

  5. For God`s sake. ANOTHER Programme Manager?

    We already have at least two. One on £181,471 a year and the other, of course the disgraced Stewart Halliday, on £188,192..
    As your august column says, we are cursed with many highly paid Public Servants ( what a misnomer that is) with Transformation in their titles and now a seeming determination to recruit an Army of Programme Managers.

    My Freedom of Information requests re. Halliday were my first foray into this murky world of “openness”. Initially, Wirral Council could barely bring them selves to admit that Halliday existed and, in follow ups, gave me a long bureaucratic list of why my requests were refused.

    At my advanced age I do not think I have enough years left in this world to carry on with referrals to the Information Commissioner.

    Meanwhile, the denizens of Wallasey Town Hall seems to exist in a bubble totally divorced from the realities outside its walls,
    Children`s Services is in an appalling mess with an inability to recruit and retain staff.
    The Council Leader clings on to his position by his fingertips and our beloved C.E.O., Mr. Robinson, continues to draw his salary and election fees.
    Was it not he who, after the devastating Ofsted report into Children`s Services, announced that he would take personal oversight of the department because of his past experience with Children`s Services in Staffordshire?

    A good job done there Eric as you can see from the recent Court case involving eight young girls, all known to Social Services and one in care, and two predators in Birkenhead.

    • G’day Chas


      Keep it up mate I know it is tiresome but that mamby pamby mummy’s boy from Caldy “Philly Liar” deserves all the irritation we can give him he doesn’t realise how very very evil it is to lie to honest decent people.

      Ecca is a pathetic looking and acting feeble individual with a massive fat arse like the rest of the scum, dross and crud that is wirral.

      They luv a purdah so they can be paid to walk around posing and nothing else and Ecca will roll in some overtime for nothing.



      I wish them all what they deserve.

      You to Chas you are a great man. X

      They really don’t care.

    • He did indeed claim personal responsibility until it went wrong! Now once again we hear nothing from the CEO. I don’t know much about Robinson but I do know he’s not worth the obscene amount of money he earns that’s for sure.

      The senior officers at Wirral are a poor bunch. Don’t just take my word for it. Look at how the Council performs and ask yourself are you satisfied?

      I remember when being a Council officer was something to be proud of. Now it just seems to be a load of shysters!

  6. And while you’re there doing your valuable work Charles, let’s add another brewing scandal into the mix. This one is also serious, impacts upon Wirral citizens directly, and one which they’ve been denying, obfuscating and fending off for a couple of years. But it’s finally reached that familiar stage where the flannel has been dropped, the associated FOI request is no longer being responded to and it’s being appealed to the ICO.

    They’ll dip even further into the coffers, probably to call in Robin Hopkins, armed with his expensive weasel words. Last time I did this, he spewed out 26 pages of A4, beating me into submission. The story behind this one was genuinely dumbfounding.

    I know for a fact they’re struggling internally to turn back the rising tide. But as usual, it’s self-inflicted, the product of the basket case’s own folly, and the end result of promoting and empowering bullies. A papering over of the cracks. All too little, all too late.

    What we don’t know is whether any struggling families who relied upon Wirral Council’s impartial ‘professionalism’ have actually been evicted.

    But it’s looking highly likely because the unrepentant abusers knowingly breached statutory law for 18 months. And a failure like that – unaddressed – tends to have dire consequences pretty much immediately. Landlords are not exactly famed for their flexibility where struggling fellow human beings are concerned.

    The local press were tipped off ages ago, but have chosen to sit on their hands.

    • Another obstacle is the expenses claiming CEO who coins in many £thousands and his protector the dishonest leader from posh West Kirby would class these unfortunate people as scroungers.

  7. The interview panel for the 2 programme managers was Stephen Butterworth (interim) and Michele Duerden. Michele herself “managed” the budget and is indeed the person who signs off the timesheets for Stuart and Jane Clayson (the other programme manger).

    Michele reports into Paul Satoor who replaced Stephen Butterworth as Director of Transformation. It was Eric’s decision to retain Stephen once Paul started much to the disbelief of everyone who had come across Stephen.

    It is very funny Michele talks of delivery as the only thing she has delivered is disharmony and disunity. Her only success has been appointing Stuart, who actually, apart from being an egotistical prick; is good at his job and is delivering results like the energy company. The other programme manger, well; please Charles FOI the deliverables of Jane Clayson and watch them run for the hills. See how little £180k actually gets you unless you are close drinking buddies and occasional room mates with Michele Duerden.

    Also ask about the experience the PMO manager actually had apart from being good friends with Ms. Duerden. You’ll find out qualifications actually count for nothing.

      • “Bat out of hell”…..sounds like you know these scoundrels like your drinking partners, the insight into how these people get these jobs and retain them is astonishing!!! Many moons ago jobs in councils were of a prestige nature but these days it seems that you could be anyone off the street willing to take money from residents, scandalous the lot of them and seems to be if your in bed with the big wigs with the odd back hander here and there then your retained however shite you maybe .

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