Bank Holiday Bonus

Brucey Bonus
A much valued Wirral resident has sent us the following message. We’d like to think the bank holiday bonus tale they’ve been told is bogus – but then again this is Wirral Council and as everyone knows they’d pay anything to shovel up their shite!
‘I was talking to a bin crew today who tell me that for every bank holiday they work they get 7x normal pay per day.  And as we know there are a quite few bank holidays each year…..I was almost 100% SURE that the guys were telling me the truth…FFS who on earth would agree to that ! Talk about money to burn….
On a separate note Blue Flag inspectors are looking at parks next week hence every green space in Hoylake, West Kirby has had all the crews thrown at them to make them look good!
You might also investigate that over £125,000 has been spent on Dee Lane toilets in last 3 months!! But now they are considering selling the lot! What a f waste of our money!
Am sure FOI will confirm.
We’d like to enjoy but we can’t…..mainly because we’re paying for it! And we leave FOI requests to others – as life is far too short to wait for Wirral Council to respond in a timely manner!
However we’d appreciate any spotters who witnessed the Blue Flag inspectors in motion! Or indeed anyone who’s been hanging round the Dee Lane toilets!

1 thought on “Bank Holiday Bonus

  1. Absolutely nothing to do with this article but something I thought worth passing on.
    In a report about the first Professor of Lego appointed to Cambridge University, it said that the salary was £84,000 a year which is the norm for a Professor at one of our leading Universities.

    Compare that with the outrageous amounts we pay our Local Authority senior staff who seemingly have few brain cells between them.

    “Happy” Halliday would not cross the Pennines for such a pittance.

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