Old Boy’s Network – No Girls Allowed

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Rotheram’s lot = Not a lot of ladies!

We note Liverpool Echo are late to the party yet again – as they suddenly raise questions about the newly announced male dominated Metro Mayor cabinet.


Not only was this picked up elsewhere beforehand


but Wirral Leaks picked up that it was testosterone-a-go-go when it comes to Liverpool City Region politics a long time ago. November 2015 to be precise. Clearly the newly installed Metro Mayor Steve ‘The Brickie’ Rotheram thinks that ‘Diversity’ is a dance troupe from Britain’s Got Talent.


However we had to laugh that Rotheram has confirmed that Wirral Council ‘leader’ Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies will be his cabinet member for ‘Economic Development and Culture’.

Although Pip seems incapable and/or unwilling to tackle the toxic culture afflicting Wirral  Council no doubt the appointment will help Pip in his attempt to box off the Hoylake Golf Resort scheme!

Needless to say a place was found in the Cabinet for  (M)Asif Hamid, who is the chair of the Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) . So that’s at least one diversity box ticked !…..

10 thoughts on “Old Boy’s Network – No Girls Allowed

  1. I thought old Corbyn was very brave today to enter a Lions Den of Diversity du Jour!

    • I did read that somewhere in the fastness of the Himilayas all political decisions were made by consulting a form of dice.

      That certainly would appear to be as rational as the holders of the cabinet positions in Wirral and Liverpool City Region are capable…but it does remove self-interest.

      If we examine the electoral process it is a set of loaded dice far worse than actually casting proper dice to answer the questions of the day.

  2. Hello Steve Rotheram,

    Here is the BOOMERANG……

    ‘We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.’

    The Aussie, on the Wirral Biz/Council scandal.

  3. Presumably the new appointment will give Councillor Davies another nice little earner.
    I wonder if he will be able to “create” another well paid post for his acolyte Liptrot?

    Maybe Ms. Greenwood can be a token female on the periphery of the Cabinet if she loses Wirral West next week?

  4. Hello Wirral Leaks

    I see that Eleanor Brazil has departed from the Child Safeguarding Board. Talk about Phil Davies fiddling with the Metro-mayor’s Cabinet while all is falling apart in Wirral.

    I’ll bet Eleanor Brazil has never worked in any more poisonous an environment than the current Wirral Council. She has obviously seen the writing on the wall for her future credibility.

    Phil Davies, and CEO Eric Robinson who is paid over £200,000pa (and who declared “my experience is in Children’s services”), are laughing at everyone, while children and others are suffering the most appalling abuse and disadvantage.

    This is no joke, but Phil Davies and Eric Robinson are; and a bad one at that.
    But just look at who is laughing all the way to the bank, because they think they are untouchable.

    • We knew this was coming.
      Ms Brazil is a smart cookie, knows her stuff and was prepared to challenge them – everything they hate.
      Being told by a woman doesn’t help either.
      They much prefer denial….and they do think they’re untouchable because they have an influential local MP who can always come to their rescue.

  5. If ever there was a photographic image collected by a camera lens that confirmed the dull and ugly do gravitate toward politics it’s this one.
    My God ain’t they ugly! Every single man and woman on Gods good Earth have the inalienable right to be unattractive members of our species but this bunch are taking the piss out of the privilege.
    Mind, as for the one on my far right and Joe’s far left, I salute the fella! Yes I do. At least, the very least, he’s looking like the rest of us. Fuckng miserable, disillusioned and full of bitter lament and regret that he was required to fix his smile upon his red rosy cheeks and celebrate the bollocks that these two neatly bound folders reoresent therein.
    Clearly unable to join the other eight and smile like fuck, this fella hung onto his pride and gave the lens a glimpse of his true feelings that are, ‘I’m desperately pissed off’.

  6. Phil making moves before he moves? New friends, new challenges, same old incompetence – but that doesn’t seem to matter at that level where recruitment agencies can look over the truth in favour of their big fat finder’s fee.

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