The Inadequates

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So it would appear like many before her  , Wirral Council has driven top notch Children’s Services troubleshooter Eleanor Brazil , nuts .

As we know Ms Brazil was brought in to share her considerable expertise in an attempt to turn round the deeply troubled council department.  We understand that Ms Brazil was fully prepared to challenge the powers that be.  As we know the powers that be don’t like that. They much prefer to be in denial. We can remember Michael Frater, the last straight talking troubleshooter Wirral Council had to call in when their Department of Adult Social Services (DASS) had brought them in into disrepute through a multitude of failings . He didn’t last long either.

It’s such a great shame government commissioners weren’t called in then, but as we know, Frank Field did his string pulling thing to spare the blushes of bent,incompetent councillors and the rest is history. And of course, as we all know, if people don’t learn from history – they are bound to repeat it. And so here we are again – not only in Childrens Services, but also it would appear in DASS.

We’ve previously chronicled  that the parlous state of safeguarding of the vulnerable is not confined to children:

Carry On Matron

Indeed it is astonishing to think that whilst Children’s Services is subject to inspection of their safeguarding arrangements by Ofsted there is no equivalent for DASS.  The Care Quality Commission (CQC)  are now just responsible for inspecting individual services. Of course the last time CQC did check on Wirral Council’s safeguarding arrangements for adults – they were found to be ,yes you guessed it, inadequate!

Following an inspection by CQC the latest addition to the long list of inadequates goes to Acrefield House,  a care home for people with learning disabilities run by Mental Health Care (MHC) Ltd.

After reading CQC Inspection report which records that :

“There were repeated and targeted physical altercations between people living at the home. Many of these had been documented and there was a clear and recognised pattern that had not been investigated, or resulted in any safeguarding referrals being made. This meant that people were not safe living at the home.”

Reference is also made to staff inappropriately restraining residents and that there was in -fighting between the staff team. Overall the report is a horrorshow and once again we have to ask whether DASS actually monitor the services we pay for and why does it take a CQC inspection to discover that vulnerable people are not safe?

Could it be because they’ve previously ignored concerns  raised about Acrefield House. We’ve been informed that a member of the public did just that and nothing was done about their safeguarding concerns. And please,please ,please don’t tell us it’s about ‘cuts’ . Time to wake up to the fact that the calibre of people who are supposed to safeguarding the vulnerable either directly or indirectly on Wirral  – is INADEQUATE. We’re convinced that Eleanor Brazil recognised this. Therefore we’d invite her to comment on why she has quit and whether she endorses our view that Wirral is ‘ No Country For Old Men/Women/ Children & the Vulnerable. ‘   

Inadequate 010

Acrefield House : No -one knows what goes


6 thoughts on “The Inadequates

  1. The real sorry sorry story behind all this must be the welfare of the children under the duty of care of WBC administration. With salaries that reflect huge responsibilities, especially regarding the care of our most vulnerable young people, somebody somewhere needs to be asking what the hell is exactly going on? Whilst they try and play at being corporate business people, making soundbites and talking up investment in Wirral which never seems to materialise, their real core duties are clearly being neglected. Anyone who is a parent should fully understand the great responsibilty that comes with delivering children into our society. When it comes to kids who’ve had a pretty rough time in their formative years and have been surrendered to the mercy of a local authority to deliver stability and security into their troubled lives, this should go way, WAY before any other ideas, such as vanity-project golf resorts or trips abroad in the name of procuring investment. We need to be able to trust our council to look after the weakest and get that right first, before going off on other tangents into business ideas. Whilst I will accept all councils are struggling with reduced revenues, I would have thought some sort of ring-fencing for the delivery of the best possible childrens services (and disabled – Girtell Court comes to mind) would be a priority. God knows what they must be doing with our money – though it’s clearly documented on this site which is why I’ve ended up following the posts here in the first place. Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto the care of Wirral Borough Council, for of such, is the kingdom of nepotism.

  2. Once again Wirral Council descends into chaos.

    I feel sorry for the majority of the Council staff who must look at their arrogant and overpaid Leaders , who display no Leadership other than when covering up their own inadequacies, with contempt.

    The “bubble” which contains the panjandrums at Wallasey Town Hall seems to exist mainly to profit those few lucky, but hapless, individuals who inhabit it.
    Lavish salaries and expenses, covering each others backs when events show how incompetent they are, stifling dissent amongst the staff and accepting responsibility for nothing.
    Council Leader – a misnomer if ever there was one- Davies seems determined to cling on to power and even increases his position, and probably income, with his elevation to the new Liverpool Area Board.

    The useless Chief Executive Robinson, who, amongst other scandals, failed to oversee the appalling mess in the Children` Department as he he boasted he would do, also clings on to his salary and the expenses that go with it. Maybe just biding his time until he can move seamlessly to another Council or L.G.A. appointment.

    But where does the real problem lay?
    It can only be firmly in the hands of out elected Councillors who, for several decades, have failed to supervise and control the excesses and incompetence of the senior staff.
    Truly, the amateurs have had rings run around them by the professional ,but substandard, staff they employ.

    Meanwhile, the Council Tax payers of the Wirral soldier on as best they can with no opportunity for change until May 2018. Even then, as we know, a change of political control keeps the same incompetents in power.


      It does amaze me that households who must pay £30 per week to Wbc overtly. Pay indirectly for the welter of licence charges. The business rates charged to those privately operating to meet our daily needs and by taxation for the Erdf funds and Dwp funds that arrive at the council offices ( to be squandered)…are so passive in the face of the squalid succession of failures together with overpaid public servants.

      In France the Town Hall would be surrounded by an angry throng

      • wirralbizz.

        How right you are Sir/Madam.
        Sadly, we are far too complacent at the inadequacies , waste and corruption of our politicians both local and national.

        Forums,such as Wirralleaks, do a sterling job in revealing the many Council scandals but, sadly, will have only a relatively small group of readers.

        I think that the great majority of Wirral residents able to vote will merely shrug their shoulders, proclaim that “they are all the same” and either not bother to vote at local elections or vote in the usual tribal manner (My Granddad voted Labour/Conservative all his life so do I)

        I know from my contacts with erudite citizens of York, who are as incensed about the Halliday scandal as am I, report that the same situation occurs on York City Council although there are a handful of Independent Councillors who are not frightened to rattle the cages of the establishment.

  3. She appears to have gone over the shoddy way that Julia Hassal was treated. As the CE and Eric and others looked desperately for scapegoats once the trial was over, they ‘resigned’ Julia before even she knew it. They must have promised her something special as they stood over her while they dictated her resignation letter. I understand that she has already contacted her solicitors now that the story is out.

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