Portrait of a Gobshite

Brazil 2

Of course we’re in favour of leaks. So we applaud the leak of troubleshooter Eleanor Brazil’s resignation letter to Wirral Globe . 


Having said that we can’t help feeling that after reading her letter she’s like all those local government gobshites who have gone before ( take your pick – there’s a long list of leeches who have taken our money for mealymouthed public pronouncements)

Delicate flower Eleanor claims to be ‘shocked and appalled’ by the treatment of outgoing Head of Children’s Services ,Julia Hassall by Wirral Council . Note she didn’t mention she was ‘shocked and appalled’ by the victims of Child Sexual Exploitation.

Of course she wasn’t. In her world ‘poor’ Julia matters – vulnerable working class girls don’t.

As for the use of the word ‘shoddy’  – how about trying  ‘shitty’ to describe how the shite who govern Wirral Council treat people. How many times have we commented about how senior managers are tossed into the gutter – whilst the real trash remains in place like shit on a shoe ?

It’s simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH that to come out with statements like:

However we know that the service faces many challenges and there are also clearly some significant corporate issues hindering the ability of the service to be more efficient.

We’re sorry to have to tell you Ms Brazil  but the people of Wirral paid for your expensive gig and accordingly you’re answerable to us. No, really! – and you need, NO WE DEMAND, that you break down exactly what you mean by ‘significant corporate issues’

Name names ,  break down for us what the issues are – or are you just another local government gobshite who takes the money and runs and leaves us all ( and particularly vulnerable people) in the doo-doo ?!



17 thoughts on “Portrait of a Gobshite

  1. They have an unsettling manner of communicating with each other don’t they?
    There’s something distinctly unsettling and “inhuman” about this when seen in context. Where do Wirral’s kids figure?

    It must be great when you can ‘resign’, wait for the cheque to clear, knowing the phone will ring soon, then put it behind you and take up your next opportunity.

    It makes you wonder which factor is driving these enquiries. Is it a requirement to enhance the pool of investigators’ reputations while keeping them busy? Or is it the need to repair the torn window dressing of the basket case council and restore the illusion of ‘safety’?

    Or is it something else, because there appears to be no urgency on the part of anybody to address the abuse and help children still under threat.

  2. So, this serial butterfly who flits from one highly paid post to another without, in the case of her short stay on the Wirral achieving anything much, is “shocked and appalled” by the treatment of poor Julia Hassall.
    Ms. Hassall after all was only the Head of the Department that was severely criticised by Ofsted which was followed up by the trial of the two Asian Birkenhead child predators whose victims were all known to her Department and one being in care.
    So, in the apparently convoluted thinking of Ms. Brazil, she had no reason to resign.

    I am equally “shocked and appalled” that Davies, Robinson and others did not follow Hassall out of the door.

    • G’day Chas

      Keep up the great work but I believe the butterfly you refer to is a filthy dirty moth feeding and greeding on the dark filth that is the like of wirral BC.

      They actually still behave in the manner that is BC.

      God Bless them as nothing will save them, they are scum.



      I used to go to an orphanage near my school to play football etc these people at wirral don’t seem to understand or even care.

      Respect Chas X

  3. G’day Leaks, “Interested” “Wirral In It…..” “Wirralbizz” “Doc” “Chas” and the rest of The Wirral Leaks Posse

    I’m back from my sick leave and my whistleblower tongue is repaired and loaded just like “interested’s” boomerang.

    And do you know what?

    Davies is still a lying, cheating, mamby, pamby. pink cheeked, mummy’s boy from Caldy.

    Simply a lying scumbag.



    You leave town Leaksly and you look back and wonder


    Does he get a kick out of making fools out of the whole wirral population?



    • Real trouble shooters don’t up sticks for reasons listed above; I sense the reason she departed was more to do with the damning evidence that was about to be unravelled…..this so called ‘expert’ as they say doesn’t live up to her name….. you’d be better drafting in a turnaround expert from the ‘private sector’ none public related with full autonomy to take drastic measures more realistic, they would identify the dead wood, identity the real failings and make the changes happen, not produce a 1000+ page glossary that no bugger would read and tells us sweet fa. That fact remains this council is in need of a huge shake up regardless of any report being done.

  4. G’day Leaksly

    Now I am back the early word on the street this morning, apart from where the next lump of lucre is coming and when is………..

    There will be more standings down next week after Robinson and Tour have cleaned up at the polls.

    I don’t mean cleaning up all the donkey votes with pictures of donkeys dicks like “Philly Liar” drawn on them and not put in the dodgy vote box.

    I mean their thousands of £££££££££££’sssss bonus for turning up and joining the party.

    Wear blue ties boys.

    Just sayin.



    Guess who’s going?

    Luv you more Lordsville after not sending missives last week XXXXXXXXXXXXX

    History didn’t change they are still scum.

  5. In my comment yesterday about Ms.Brazil`s resignation, I suggested that she had accomplished little in her short, but no doubt lucrative, stay in Wallasey Town Hall.

    I did her less than justice.
    I now know that she was part of the interviewing panel for “Ichange management skills analysis”
    Wow! That is a step forward in sorting out the shambles of the Children`s Department.
    Parents can all sleep safer in their beds knowing that staff management skills shave been analysed.
    Did the “analysis” include interviewing Davies and Robinson? Probably not as their skills, apart from self preservation, are beyond scrutiny or reform.

    • Let’s not forget David Armstrong – the Deputy CEO.
      Everyone seems to forget about this nonentity but his background was in Children’s Services too.
      You’d think with all that expertise around Children’s Services would be a shining light of Wirral Council.
      We know of one ex- Children’s Services senior manager who they ousted who won’t be surprised by recent revelations.

      • That Angry Little Man Legweak

        He is up there with “The Shyster”.

        Just grab any acting any overtime any……

        wirral has a special pair

        a pair of massive arseholes.



        Coming up six years Leaks I am getting very angry.


        Wirral Funny Bizz, Big, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods

      • Hey James,

        Nearly 6 yrs and bugger all happened, what more can you do moan for another 6yrs and still comeback with the same old tripe. Your views and other political views mean jack shit albeit it’s a little lite reading for the not so people in the know who reside in Wirral. I see no action at the town hall steps, no stand point in and just you ranting on about the same old.
        I don’t work for Wirral before you ask, I don’t have any political view on any of this but the words time and time again have not done anything – action, action, action get yourself in order enjoy life and stand proud that you and Charlie boy are just mearly small pawns in a large game of chess.

  6. Well here is the BOOMERANG to make the Aussie a bit more angry… ha ha

    Welcome back… (look here is a little xx for you)

    No I am not Boris Johnson.

    ‘We have given them almost six years to own up and say it was all wrong, they’ve lied, cheated, hidden stuff, obfuscated and told bare faced lies.’

    • As a chess player – but not a very good one- I have known small pawns to be instrumental in toppling the King.
      Without Wirralleaks and its contributors beavering away, the Council panjandrums would have even more opportunity to get away with their many malfeasances without criticism.

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