Election Selection : Week 7

As we enter the final week of what has been an interminable general election campaign in the interest of political balance we’ve made some changes and additions to our original post.

Gone West

caldeira facebook.jpg

One of our readers has heeded our word and undertaken some research on local candidates before they cast their vote. As they themselves say it’s not exactly a ‘leak’ (as it’s all in the public domain if you know what to look for). The candidate in question is Tony Caldeira the prospective parliamentary candidate for Wirral West .

Our source writes :

Tony Caldeira over in Wirral West runs on the ticket of being a successful businessman  https://www.tonycaldeira.org.uk/about-tony. His Facebook page (1) states that he “will always be a champion for local business.”  (see pic) 

Looking at his business accounts, it seems that his principal business is Caldeira Holdings with, until last year, 5 subsidiary companies.

Picture 2 is from Caldeira Holdings most recent accounts (2).  Now I’m not experienced at looking at these things, but it seems to me that:

 – his main business (Caldeira Ltd) is losing a lot of money

 – his overseas subsidiaries seem to have accrued big debts,

 – one of his businesses (Caldeira Retail) went into voluntary liquidation

Caldeira Retail appears to have gone into liquidation owing £6.7m to employees, and small businesses, etc (3).

I just think that if being a great businessman is his ticket, he should be transparent about his own struggling business. And if he says he “will always be a champion for local business”, then people should know that he liquidated his multimillion pound debt to dozens of small businesses last year – not much of a champion for them, then?

Links are:-

(1) https://www.facebook.com/TonyCaldeiraWW

(2) https://www.thegazette.co.uk/company/07102829/filing-history/MzE3Mjk3Mzg0MWFkaXF6a2N4 , taken from https://www.thegazette.co.uk/company/07102829

(3) https://www.thegazette.co.uk/company/06576230/filing-history/MzE0MzUxOTgzOWFkaXF6a2N4 , taken from https://www.thegazette.co.uk/company/06576230

Perhaps Mr Caldeira could comment as to whether our source has given a fair reflection of his current business interests?

Mass Debate

Before the rains came 023

We don’t know about you but we feel this general election campaign has been going on for most of our lives. Debate after debate after debate. And all of them signifying nothing. But at least we should be grateful that Wirral had a prominent audience member at last week’s televised debate.

A few people contacted us to say they recognised DASS manager Peter Ferguson – particularly someone  who had dealings with him during the infamous ‘4 week delay ‘scandal. They weren’t impressed. However with the news that 220 DASS social care assessment staff are being ‘integrated’ with Wirral Community NHS Trust we can only hope that Wirral Community NHS Foundation Trust CEO  Karen Howell  delivers on her promise that ‘As one organisation, we will deliver a fully integrated social care assessment and health service to local residents – helping to deliver the right care, in the right place, at the right time.’

One thing that has occurred to us as Wirral Council slough off yet more staff that we can’t understand that with less and less services and fewer staff to manage as to why there isn’t a corresponding cut in pay for Wirral Council’s most senior managers?


Finally we’d just like to comment that judging by recent events and the divisive nature of general election campaigns that whichever way you cast your vote (or not as the case may be) that political debate and dissent is set to continue long after Thursday’s election result……..



21 thoughts on “Election Selection : Week 7

  1. The vacuous female NHS manager was very proud in announcing in her welcoming speech to the DASS staff that they can get a discount at Nandos!!!!!!!

  2. G’day Leaks

    Looks like he might have gone to the “Philly Liar” school of economics, accounting and regeneration.



    Gazza me new bff, I will continue to rubbish the rubbish that is Davies, Davies, Foulkes, Jones, Jones, Tour, Armstrong, Adderley, Basnett, Crabtree, Burgess, Wilkie, Norman, Garry, Robinson et al whilst I still have breath.

    Read something else.


    Your obviously not one of them anymore Gazza or you wouldn’t be piping up.

    It won’t get you any brownie points either.

  3. Perhaps our two qualified accountants James G & Nigel H could give an opinion on the above accounts?.

    • As far as Mr Sykes is concerned
      He does have two aliases oncompanies House

      In Livesound he owed 35015 to his own company..a fact pointed out in notes as this is illegal. I will look up Companies House reference to section. It means he drew out some 40000 BUT DOD NOT PAY TAX NOR Ni thereon. The inland revenue should see this on ct600 return and treat is as a dividend until it be repaid or extinguished by paye and ni ed employment

      • But and but a company with reserves of 12 at Nov 2016 cannot award a dividend in excess of the 12 accumulated reserves that wd be straight illegal.

        Thereby if company law were adhered to Mr Sykes ought to have paid tax and ni on the income of 35025 -12 viz 35013.

        But who will enforce the law??

  4. It’s about time I posted something that was on message, so here goes…

    Thanks to a tip off from a resident… it’s another local MP candidate, with business dealings that didn’t quite bear scrutiny. In this case the area is Wirral South, with a Labour majority of 4,599. So that would be “do-able” with a decent campaign.

    Sadly, although I helped him to get his house in order prior to the election, he didn’t show any appreciation and has now blocked me on Twitter.


    • Mr Highbrow’s expert opinion would be appreciated in the case of Councillor Adam Christopher Sykes. He possesses two different identities on the Companies House register. If the attached companies were live, could this cause difficulties?

      • Unfortunately this slight alteration of names is common on Companies House. The miscreant Lee Owen of wirralbizz notoriety was known by several variants on companies house.

        Clearly a miscreant could create distance between a new venture and an old liquidated simply be entering or omitting a middle name.

        Mr Caldeira obviously does not enter all his other directorships in his returns and thereby makes it difficult to dot the I and cross the t.

        Being suspicious from experience led me to the

        229072 debtor in liquidated company Caldera retail Ltd

        229072 creditor in caldera properties Ltd

        But you had to look and follow the trail.

  5. Extraordinary ..or business as usual? Mr Caldeira record on Caldeira Properties ltd omits to mention two of his other companies.

    In the Statement of affairs an intergroup debtor of #229,072 is ranked as irrecoverable and yet the company owing the money is Caldeira properties ltd which has a healthy Balance sheet with a capability to pay.
    All on Companies huse website. I do hope the liquidators have followed through this #229,072!!!

    • Nigel I knew with your forensic skill you would uncover hidden assets so &6.7million worth of companies have been fleeced And Wirral west candidate walks away scot free. What a disgrace.

      • He is the truly the mighty Highbrow….. drinker of Russian tea and great avenger….

        And another interesting court case coming soon…..

      • Another observation..with 100% shareholdings in up to 4 companies Caldeira holdings ought by now to have filed group accounts. It looks be six months overdue

        Last group accounts were filed in December 2015 with overall losses of over one million pounds.

        A businessman who has probably suffered from BHS demise.

        Facts that need to be known re a bloke who clearly has entrepreneurial flair

  6. The Simplistic vat scam of the copy family trio is the end result of this laissez faire attitude to companies, their accounting and their reports to companies House.

    Who runs the hmrc for gawd s sake to be caught out when tax returns were made by the copps which should have been correlated with the main company..

    Forensic attention to detail is essential and a rigorous application of laws which are weak enough already

    • A warren of companies none nor all of which combine to anything like the £20 m turnover on the vat returns.
      I can see on companies house so why does the hmrc allow 45m to be stolen

      Strong and stable governance my ARSE

  7. Livesound software solutions Ltd and A Sykes

    This is what 280216 accounts might look like if the law was observed

    Now. Corrected

    Fixed assets. 1,796. 1,796

    Debtors. 35,655. 630
    Bank and cash. 33. 33

    Current creditors. (37,469) (56,669}

    Net assets. 15. (56,006)

    Share capital. 2. 2

    Other reserves. 1. 1

    Profit and loss. 12. (54,213)
    Shareholders funds. 15. (54,210)

    A dramatic difference and lucky for us no big funds to apply for!!! The difference includes £19,200 tax and ni that should be paid but does not seem to be at all.

    Very Conservative except insofar as reducing the National debt by paying dues on time

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