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After yesterday’ s story about the Standards Panel meeting to be held on 15 June we questioned whether openness and transparency would prevail in the matter of this particular councillor Code of Conduct complaint . And true to (bad) form Wirral Council have today published the laughably named ‘public reports pack’ on their website.

First of all you will see that Agenda Item 4  is what can only be described as Kafkaesque as the press and public are excluded from presumably discussing whether the press and public will be able to attend the rest of the meeting !  I think we all know the answer to that already don’t we boys and girls?

Agenda 5 is concerned with an investigation report and its 12 appendices which are allegedly attached. Needless to say they’re not – all we get is pages 45-211 marked either Document is Restricted’ or ‘This page is intentionally left blank ‘ .

We imagine some town hall power abuser (take your pick!) rather enjoyed instructing some lowly , downtrodden clerk to upload every single page marked in this way rather than just state that Wirral Council will not publish the documents before the meeting.

We can imagine this pathetic power trippin’ specimen looking in the mirror of the town hall bogs and fist-pumping as if to say : “That’ll show ’em who’s in charge”. It’s just such a shame the vainglorious vampire wouldn’t be able to see their own reflection!

8 thoughts on “Restricted View

  1. I wonder if it is the disgraced Stewart Halliday flexing his muscles and pretending he is worth his £15,000 we, the Council Tax payers, bung him every month?

    I look forward to the 15th.June and hope that Mr.Brace will have more success in attending the meeting.

  2. G’day Leaks

    You say

    Restricted View

    Its not just the view is it Leaksville?

    The only reason I pipe up on here is because they insulted and offended me when I pointed out their failings to them.

    I was only telling them for the honest people of wirral.

    I have baited and baited them for nearly six years and these useless wannabes have not commented.

    They are not allowed to.

    AAhh bless.

    They are just yes yes yes yes men/women.

    They will be thrown out of the gang like Stuart Kelly was when he piped up.

    They are pathetic human beings, both senior officers and elected members when they won’t speak up about lies, cheating and obfuscating of the few scum bag arseholes like Davies, Adderley, Basnett, Jones, Jones, Tour, Foulkes, Davies, Armstrong that will just go along with shit, shit and more shit just to stay in the gang.




    • Pipedown Jamesboy you’d love to be in that gang, you have tried for the last 6 years and failed, unlike my good self I escaped the clutches of the shite they harp on about least with my time I produced the goods and gave them the start they needed only for it to come tumbling down around them due to incompetence much to my detriment.

      • G’day Batou

        I haven’t piped down in the last six years I can’t see that happening any day soon.

        They could convince me by doing the right thing.



        Would luv to hear your story Mr Hell.

        I voted for you today Leaksly XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • Dear James I totally agree with your comments and always I am cheered up when I go to the leaks pages.
      The sooner these councillors realise that they are public servants paid to serve us, they are not the masters we are and the sooner the public get off their backsides and vote out these freeloaders and democracy restored the better.

  3. G’day Leaks

    Guess where the Davies, Adderley, Basnett, “Fartin Lobsterpot, Ecca, annual Halliday (Junket) is this year Lordy?

    In their ex-local rubbish propaganda sheet

    Welcome to Chicago – your next city break



    They will be going to see you know who, first class no doubt, after the REDS win the election tonight.

    Luv you and our halliday in wallasey Lordy on the BLUE BADGE they bought at the awards.

  4. G’day Leaks

    Another day and nothing at all will change on Merseyside.

    wirral can still carry on cheating, lying and obfuscating and I can continue to moan about them not doing the right thing over

    Wirral “Funny” Bizz, BIG, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods



    You will always be my winner Leaksly XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Who will be standing down?

    • Well good on you Aussie… and I will keep throwing the BOOMERANG ……with your wise and inspirational words…

      (To be continued)

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