Election Special: Leading with the Left


Southpaw v Glass Jaw

Call us the ‘Imp of the Perverse’ if you must but we were delighted that the Labour Party did much better than predicted in the General Election.

Of course this was mainly because that after Birkenhead MP Frank Field’s continual sniping and undermining of Labour leader Jezza Corbyn and Wallasey MP Angela Eagle’s failed leadership coup against him , both of them now look rather foolish, duplicitous and frankly out of touch with their own Labour Party members (no change there then!)

Election Selection : Week 6

Of course we know that Corbyn was assisted by the calamitous campaign of the Conservatives and he’s getting a bit carried away with himself when he says ” It’s pretty clear who won the election”  . Sorry to have to tell you Jezza it wasn’t you or the Labour Party in terms of votes cast ,seats won or percentage of the overall vote (44% – 41%) and let’s not forget the Conservatives – with the dubious assistance of the Democratic Unionist Party – are still in power.

Nevertheless it was a jolly good show – and after Brexit and Trump yet another two finger salute from the public to political pundits.

It must be galling for Frankenfield in particular, to have to say through gritted teeth and prissy pursed lips :  “This is real success for Labour and Jeremy Corbyn”

After all,could it be that only on May 16 Frankenfield became the first Labour politician to call for the party to split after the election following what The S*n  described as an ‘expected election thumping’. Described by this disgraced organ as “the respected Labour grandee” ,they reported that Frankenfield had called for MPs to form the “People’s Labour” bloc in the Commons if Jeremy Corbyn refused to quit in June.

We’ve got news for you Frankenfield, Jezza ain’t goin’ nowhere ( although we can’t say the same about Tory leader Theresa May!)

So tell us Frank – do they serve humble pie in those foodbanks of yours?………..







9 thoughts on “Election Special: Leading with the Left

    • They will be mortified. The only dancing will be a frantic jockeying for position behind the new, wonderful leader.

      I emailed all Labour councillors a year ago to ask who they were supporting in the Labour Leadership battle. Only Louis ReeceJones responded to say Corbyn. The rest stayed mute or preferred to use media channels to express their support for either Angela Eagle or Owen Smith.

      The list of shame / embarrassment is as follows:

      Matron McLaughlin (Rock Ferry)
      Warren Ward (New Ferry)
      Bernie Mooney (Liscard)
      Denise Roberts (deceased)
      Phillip Brightmore (Pensby & Thingwall)
      Paul Stuart (Seacombe)

      Others we can confidently assume detest Corbyn and everything he stands for:

      Philip Davies (Toffsville)
      George Davies (Claughton)
      Steve Foulkes (Claughton)
      Ann McLachlan (Bidston)

      Finally, others will be claiming to “support” Corbyn now, whereas their voting record going back years and years and years (and years) suggests they despise the bastard and his meddling with a status quo that’s been channeling ready cash into their bank balances:

      Too many to mention (infecting pretty much everything, everywhere).

      So apart from Louise Reecejones, er… that’s it.

  1. G’day Leaksy

    I think the best thing out of this and other recent results is that the public are finally waking up to the vile crass actions of government people, false news and the fact that when they quote numbers, if they can remember them, they are bullshit anyway.

    Even in little old wirral, with a small w, “Philly Liar” like his heroine Tess would no way in the world debate anyone, let alone the likes of Martin Morton or Nigel Hobro because they would do to him what Corbyn would do to her.

    Did you see “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING, Dill” do a runner from the ridiculous Improvement Board when Martin got up to speak colliding with his fellow LIAR AdderleyDadderleyDooLally.



    What will the next disaster be at wirral Lordsville?


  2. My Lord,

    I hope it is ok to assume that the excellent ‘Southpaw V Glass Jaw’ image will be included in next years Wirral Leaks Calendar?

    Will you be taking orders soon?

    (Please don’t say you don’t take orders… haha)

  3. How Mrs.May could go into a poker game holding four Aces, with another tucked up her sleeve, and come away losing money baffles me.

    We live in interesting times.

    • G’day Chas

      She is a lot smarter than “Philly Liar”, “Phil the Very Very Very Very Slimy, Elusive, LYING, Dill” can make BIG Fund disasters sound like a success in his own DELUDED mind.

      The man should not be allowed to get away with publicly lying his bits off.

      Maybe that explains his florid pink cheeks.



      See Chas they are playing silly buggers with two more of their tragedies of BIG Fund files making “Highbrow” go to his bff The Information Commissioner yet again.


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