‘Ask not what the whistleblowers have done for themselves – ask what they have done for Wirral ….’

Nick Warren 017

The ‘whistleblowers’ in this particular case being those curious specimens who seem to be ‘courted and feted’ by the most powerful political figures on Wirral and still don’t seem to be able to cut themselves a lucrative deal . What’s that about?

Nick Warren 017

We say this as an even more curious Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request has been brought to or attention.

We note that Wirral Council’s nemesis Martin Morton is still – after all these years – on their case. We also note that Wirral Council have been forced to release parts of what seems to us to be the flimsiest report of all time.


Nick Warren 017

Regular readers will know that the Nick Warren report (aka ‘The Warren Commission’) is the means by which Wirral Council (or more specifically the Labour administration) hope to extricate themselves from the most damning scandal in Wirral Council’s history.

Yes, just think about that for a moment.

Nick Warren 017

Whilst friend of Frankenfield , Nick Warren, invites us to consider what these particular whistleblowers have done for Wirral , we’re not allowed to find out what their magnificent achievements exactly are because it would appear that Morton ,in particular, and the people of Wirral in general, are not allowed to know. Apparently we’re just expected to shut up and stump up the shush money!

Nick Warren 017

So based on what we know if Warren is posing the question what these particular whistleblowers have done for Wirral we’d have to answer : ‘ FUCK ALL’ because as far as we’re concerned there is ‘FUCK ALL’ available in his report to base our answer on!

And so it would seem we’re a long way from the JFK ideal of selfless idealism. But then again he was a shady character wasn’t he? And let’s face it he was a politician!

We can only think that the ‘establishment’ must know that the publication of the Warren Report would lead to a metaphorical political assassination and therefore the cover up must continue . Where is our man on the ‘grassy knoll’ ?

12 thoughts on “‘Ask not what the whistleblowers have done for themselves – ask what they have done for Wirral ….’

      • G’day Wizzy Bizzy and The Lord

        I thought they had just ran out of paper, not because “Douche Head Davies” had put in a super duper flusher, because they had used all the paper on BIG, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods 600+ pages report that to date has been ignored or lied about.



        What shit is “Philly Liar” going to spout today?

        the golf resort has gone quiet or are they just quietly spending spending spending?

        He will have to get tickets to Birkdale as they won’t be cheap.


        In a not “Sir Git” and “Pig Flu” way.

  1. G’day Leaksy

    If Uncle Nick Warren thinks they were awful for ten years or more and the esteemed

    Lord Leaks
    John “Tarrantino” Brace
    Paul Cardin in it
    The Great Martin Morton

    and the rest of the Leaks posse

    Dr um Doctor
    et al


    They are a pathetic, sick, diseased organisation.



    There needs to be checks and balances and sackings rather than them all sticking together whatever the disaster.

    Sure as eggs are eggs there will be more and more disasters if they can continue with this, what I consider criminal activity.

    People will wake up to this contracting stuff out to the wrong people as they did with BIG, ISUS and Working Neighbourhoods.

    Luv you and all your posse Leaksly XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. G’day Leaks

    Six years on and “Douche Head Davies” “Philly Liar” is still hiding BIG information when he is not lying about it.

    BIG Fund Merseycare transport and Aspire creative enterprises

    Internal review request sent to Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council by nigel hobro on 24 May 2017.

    Awaiting internal review.


    LEClight ltd formerly Sign Lights ltd- BIG fund

    Internal review request sent to Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council by nigel hobro on 24 May 2017.

    Awaiting internal review.

    They don’t care who they give dosh too and ask Colas whistleblowers what they think.

    Any sort of tragedy can occur and do they give a toss when they are bigging themselves up?



    Not saying these are wrong in any way.


    Why hide them for six years?

    Oh Lordy how many tragedies will we have before clowncils become truly accountable?

    Luv your efforts Leaky XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    What the fuck would they be up to without you?

  3. There seems to be a lot of heavy use of “personal data” in the get-outs for denying information. So I guess, somebody ‘personally’ has to do a job in public office with other people, yet they can remain unaccountable on the grounds of ‘personal data’ which means noboby is accountable past a certain point! Makes you kind of want to give up asking….

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